Cielo Breez Plus Review

Smart AC controllers use infrared technology and allow you to control your AC without you moving from your place on the couch or bed. All you have to do is command Alexa or Google to adjust the temperatures or you can use your smartphone device to do so.

Furthermore, these controllers help you to add many different smart controls like geo-fencing and schedules to enhance the productivity of your AC unit. The best thing is that most of them can connect with the smart home technologies that you have at home!

After getting to know the many ways that an AC controller can make your life easier, I went on a search to find out one that would work with my mini-split. After a week of looking through various models, I finally came across Cielo Breez Plus that ticked all of the boxes off my priority list and worked perfectly with my AC.

In this article, I will explain all the different aspects of this unit and why it might be one of the best Smart AC controllers in the market. So let’s begin!

Things to Consider Before Buying a Smart AC Controller

The following are a few of the aspects that helped me chose this smart AC controller and I am sure these will prove to be useful for you too. If you are on the hunt for a Smart AC controller, make sure you evaluate the following aspects of a device before making a purchase.

1. Compatibility

The first thing you need to check about any device is its compatibility with the AC as well as the smart devices that you have at home. So make sure that the unit you are purchasing works well with the AC that you have at home.

Furthermore, most Controllers have a smartphone application that can be used to access the various features of the unit. While some devices offer versatility and are compatible with windows, android, apple, and other brands, others are not.

Lastly, if you own a virtual assistant then you might want a unit that can easily connect with the assistant.

2. The Set-Up

Most AC controlled can be installed in two ways; you can either set it up on a table or desk or you can mount it up on a wall. Always read the instructions manual or read the reviews by verified users so that you can judge if it has an easy setup or not.

3. Interface

The interface is one of the most important factors that you need to check before purchasing an AC controller. You need to see whether the data displayed on the screen is easy to read if the buttons or the touch screen works efficiently, and how easy is it to control the device using the interface.

Cielo Breez Plus

Cielo Breez Plus is a Smart AC Controller that connects to the Wi-Fi and lets you operate the ventilation of your house via your smartphone! The device helps you set weekly schedules and also possesses location-based controls so that it can operate automatically when you are not around which will help to reduce your electricity bills up to 25%!

Furthermore, the unit also has a smart application that you can download whether you are using Android’s OS or Apple’s iOS. This application works wonders and gives you the entire timeline of the activities that have been performed or are scheduled.

This way you will always know what is happening at home, even if you are in the Bahamas!

One of the most notable features that really impressed me was the fact that you have to register the unit via Wi-Fi only in the beginning. After that, you can control the Air Conditioning units connected to this controller without the need for Wi-Fi!

Moreover, it contains numerous features that just make this one of the best Smart AC Controller you will find in 2020. You can set the fan speed, different modes, swing position, and much more!

Who is it for?

The Cielo Breez Plus can work with any type of air conditioner that has a remote control. So, if you have a mini-split, cassette type AC, Window AC, Portable AC, Free Standing units, PTAC, Floor standing units, or a dehumidifier and you wish to control them without getting up from your couch, then you will love this controller!

It can be controlled using your smartphone, Google Home, Amazon Alexa, Siri Shortcuts, and Samsung’s SmartThings!


  • Can be controlled using your phone or any virtual assistant.
  • You can control and monitor usage history.
  • Temperature range control helps to save energy.
  • It is easy to install.
  • The sleek and elegant prototype that displays data in large, visible digits.


  • You cannot set the temperature and humidity rules simultaneously.
  • The signal gets blocked when you stand between the unit and the mini-split.
  • You have to install the device right in front of the mini-split otherwise the signals will get distorted.

Features & Benefits

Now that we are done with the basic review of the Cielo Breez Plus, let’s talk about the numerous features that this small device possesses.

1. Connectivity

Like I mentioned above, my favorite feature is how you have to connect the device to the Wi-Fi-only once! After that, you can manage the device even if you do not have a Wi-Fi connection.

I have noticed that the unit works instantly and abides by the instructions that you gave. However, if there is one downside of this is that this controller needs to be placed right in front of your AC unit.

Though given the fact that I can control all the features, set schedule, and turn the unit on and off using the device’s touch buttons as well as remotely through my phone trumps over this small disadvantage.

2. Managing different Operations

Another feature that swept me off my feet was how the unit gives me precise information about almost everything. It lets me monitor the humidity, temperature, schedules, fan speed, and the different modes without any trouble.

Moreover, I can also apply location controls, check the condition of the air filter, and evaluate the usage history from anywhere!

3. Temperature Range Control

This AC controller lets you pre-set values for the temperature as well as humidity of the room. This feature is great because as soon as the temperature of humidity falls below or rises above the set values, the unit changes the settings of your AC and brings it back to the optimal setting.

The range that you have selected gets locked in and cannot be disabled unless the authorized user does it via the smartphone or the buttons on the unit. No matter the time, you will always be welcomed home to the most optimal conditions that are defined by you.

4. Installation Process

The unit comes with all the different tools that it needs to be installed ‚Äď A table stand, a wall mounting kit, a user manual, and a 100V-240V USB adapter with cable. As you might have guessed, the unit can be placed on your coffee table and can also be mounted on the wall.

So the choice is yours! Moreover, the entire process of setting the device up is extremely easy. The instructions in the manual are clear and comprehensive which makes the process a lot faster.

However, if you are thinking of mounting it on a wall, power the device up using the 12 volts or 24 volts wired connection from the wiring of your existing thermostat.

5. Set Schedules

The device lets you set a personalized schedule of the temperature levels for an entire week!  Scheduling is one of the major aspects that help you conserve energy and keep the electricity bills low.

6. Geo-Fencing

Geo-fencing is another feature that helps to conserve energy. A geo-fence is an invisible circle around your smartphone (and thus, you) that the unit makes by using the frequency signals from your smartphone. This geo-fence helps the unit to detect your location and manages the unit accordingly.

If you are coming back home, the unit will detect your movement and turn the AC on so that you can be welcomed to a cozy home.

7. Zones

The Cielo Breez Plus also lets you create zones that further increases the efficiency of the unit. The Heating, Ventilation, and Cooling (HVAC) zone controls are perfect for space temperature efficiencies. It allows you to set different smart controllers in different HVAC zones.

What do users say about Cielo Breez Plus?

One of the things that I always research before buying any products is the reviews. I always check not only the positive but also the negative things that the users have to say about the specific product.

Why do I go through this trouble you may ask? Because the reviews help me judge whether the unit I have chosen will benefit me or not. Furthermore, the negative comments make me evaluate if the unit is reliable enough.

So, before purchasing Cielo Breez Plus, I read various reviews which helped me make a sound decision.

Most of the users seemed to be pleased with the product and its features. Many people complimented how instantly the features operated. Users also appreciated that it was versatile and worked ideally with many different brands of ACs and Dehumidifiers.

A user also commented that the Temperature Range Controls were very convenient and one of their favorite features. However, they were disappointed by the fact that you cannot set the temperature and humidity parameters at the same time.

Some customers praised that you can easily control its various features; the modes, fan speed, swing, and power, remotely without any problem. However, a few customers complained that the unit does not function accurately if it is not placed right in front of the AC.

Although most people were happy with how uncomplicated and quick the installation process was, some claimed otherwise. They found the installation tricky. They recommend calling up a professional to mount it on the wall.


The following three units are the leading rivals of the Cielo Breez Plus. Let us discuss how they are different from each other.

  • AirPatrol Smart Air Conditioner Controller
  • Atomi Smart AC Controller
  • Sensibo Sky Smart Air Conditioner Controller

AirPatrol Smart Air Conditioner Controller

The AirPatrol Smart Air Conditioner Controller works flawlessly with two of the most popular virtual assistants; the Google Home and Amazon Alexa. The unit gives you the option to set up a few IFTTT commands. So that it operates without you having to say anything!

 Furthermore, you can manage its different features by using its official mobile application using a Wi-Fi connection. The application is available for both Android and Apple users.

It helps you set up a schedule and helps to save as much as 25% off your electricity bill.  It can also switch on or off depending upon your location!

Click here if you want to find out more about AirPatrol Smart Air Conditioner Controller.

Atomi Smart AC Controller

Atomi Smart AC Controller lets you manage and monitor the different features of your AC from anywhere and at any time. It lets you set the temperature, modes, and fan speed via your smartphone.

The smartphone application is compatible with iOS as well as android. Furthermore, you can control it using Alexa and Google Assistant which makes using this unit extremely easy.

The unit can also set daily and weekly schedules depending upon your preference. The best part is that the unit requires no installation! All you have to do is plug the AC wall plate into an outlet, use a USB cable to connect it with the controller, and then download the mobile application. It is that easy!

Find out the various features Atomi Smart AC Controller has by clicking here!

Sensibo Sky Smart Air Conditioner Controller

Sensibo Sky Smart Air Conditioner Controller is a phenomenal small device that lets you adjust the humidity and temperature of your place via a mobile application. You can monitor as well as manage all of its features 24/7 and from anywhere.

The unit allows you to set schedules for an entire week. It also gives you reports about the filter so that you know exactly when to change it. Also, the unit is compatible with almost all types of smart devices. You can control it via Android, iOS, Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, Bixby, Web, and even your laptop/desktop.

It has a user-friendly interface that displays all of the important data in readable digits. Last but not the least; the company claims that the unit can help you reduce as much as 40% of your current electricity bill!

Click here if you are curious about Sensibo Sky Smart Air Conditioner Controller!

Final Thoughts on the Cielo Breez Plus

Cielo Breez Plus is an ideal Smart AC controller that gives you almost all of the features that one expects from a similar device. It is small, compact, and reliable.

It offers various features like; versatile compatibility, local and remote control of the device, easy installation, energy conservation methods, and geo-fencing which makes it stand out from the many different AC Controllers and thermostats that you will see in the market.

If you think that Cielo Breez Plus might be the device that you have been looking for then click here and purchase it right now!