Lux Geo-WH-003 Smart Thermostat Review

With the advent of smart technology, the world around us is being revolutionized. One of the many things that are powered by smart technology that enhance the comfort levels in our homes is a smart thermostat.

Smart thermostats run on wifi and are beneficial because they can be connected to our smartphones and smart assistants.

This essentially means that we can make changes to the thermostat without getting up and turning the dial or configuring the settings on the thermostat display. If you have an HVAC system, then investing in a smart thermostat will be beneficial because it can help save energy costs by a lot.

Wifi-enabled thermostats come in a lot of variety, different price ranges, and features. Some of the top brand names in the market are Lux Geo, Nest, Johnson Controls, Emerson Sensi, Ecobee, etc.

Choosing one requires a lot of research into whether your system will be compatible with the thermostat you choose. Not only that, but you can also integrate your smart home ecosystem with the thermostat, although you need to make sure that they are both compatible with each other.

I too did minimal research before purchasing mine, only to realize that my smart assistant was not compatible with it.

That’s when I came across the Lux Geo-WH-003, a budget-friendly smart thermostat, that provided all the basic features that I was looking for in my HVAC system. This review will guide you about all that you need to know about the Lux Geo-WH-003.

Who should buy smart thermostats?

Most people who wish to invest in smart thermostats are mostly looking to save up on their energy costs. Smart thermostats, especially the ones that have “away mode” adjust the temperature automatically when they know that no one is home.

Thus, you no longer have to worry about turning your thermostat off before you leave your house because it does the job itself.

Moreover, if you want different temperatures in separate rooms of the house at different times, then getting a smart thermostat is a good option. However, not all smart thermostats come with the ability to have different temperatures in all rooms, but almost all of them do have a scheduling feature.

This allows you to create custom schedules based on different times of the day. Some also have the option to schedule for the weekdays and weekends separately.

A smart thermostat is best for those people who already have HVAC systems installed in their homes along with high-speed, continuous functioning wifis. Thus, if you have these then getting a smart thermostat will help you save up on costs in the long run.

Factors to consider before buying Wifi Thermostats

As mentioned before, choosing a smart thermostat that is best for you requires you to know a few things in advance:


This feature is especially sought-after in smart thermostats. If your thermostat has geofencing, once paired with your phone, it will detect whether your mobile phone’s GPS is within a certain range.

If it does not detect it, adjusts the temperature in a way that uses less energy, inevitably helping you save up on energy costs. This feature is now found in almost all smart thermostats, but there are still a few exceptions.

Remote Room Sensors

Similar to geofencing, but instead of using the phone to know whether you are at home or not, it has sensors that detect occupancy and the temperature settings of the HVAC system. They automatically adjust the temperature to suit you better and help save your energy costs.

Learning Capabilities

This is a feature not commonly found in many smart thermostats. It mostly comes in the high-end, more expensive one. The learning capabilities automatically detect and make changes to the temperature.

They learn your scheduling instead of you having to create one. You only set the temperature in the first week, and the thermostat learns your patterns and makes changes according to them.


The display screens of thermostats have evolved from the simple dial thermostats to the fancier touchscreen displays nowadays. However, there are still digital screens in the market. So if you want a touchscreen, then make sure the thermostat you are interested in has one.

Lux Geo-WH-003 and its Alternatives

The Lux Geo-WH-003 smart thermostat is one of the good value thermostats out there. It does not have a touch screen or advanced features found in other high-end models. However, it has all the basic features you look for in a smart thermostat.

It has geofencing, can set up schedules on it, and most of all it works without a C-wire. There are three ways to run this thermostat. You can use a micro-USB cable (purchased separately).

Or you can use 2 AA lithium batteries (come with the thermostat). Additionally, you can use a 24V C-wire.

As it is affordable, it lacks the high-tech learning capabilities found in Nest or Ecobee thermostats. The Nest Learning Thermostat is the most recommended smart thermostat that has learning capabilities. However, it is almost $150 more expensive than the Lux Geo.

If your budget allows you to buy a smart thermostat in this price range then theEcobee voice controlthermostat is a better option as it costs the same as the Nest one but also has remote sensors.

The Ecobee 3 Lite is much like the same Ecobee voice control thermostat but it is more affordable ($50 more expensive than the Lux Geo), but it lacks geofencing and sensors.

The Honeywell Lyric T5+ is also the same price as the Ecobee 3 Lite, which has geofencing technology and other basic smart features found in these thermostats. While these alternatives also have great features, what the Lux Geo offers in the price it comes for is rare. 


  • Compatible with Cortana Voice assistant, Alexa, and Google home
  • Budget-friendly
  • Easy to program
  • Wheel made for adjusting the temperature from the display
  • Gives temperature and air monitoring alerts
  • Available in black and white


  • Does not support Amazon Alexa or IFTTT
  • No support for remote sensor
  • The device is quite bulky


1. Radius Geofencing

Once your phone is within the predefined radius, it automatically adjusts the temperature to make it more comfortable for you (high or low).

2. HVAC compatibility

The Lux Geo-WH-003 works with heating and cooling systems of up to two-stage heating/cooling. It also works with three-wire systems (hydronic systems such as baseboard, radiator, and hot-water).

Last, but not least it is also compatible with gas heaters (millivolt). It does not work with 120 or 240V systems and heat pumps that have 2 compressor stages.

3. Usage reports

The Lux Geo-WH-003 generates pretty meticulous usage reports that help you to see how efficiently your thermostat works. They also help you to know when the filter needs a change.

What users think of the Lux Geo-WH-003 Thermostat

When I was looking for reviews on the Lux Geo-WH-003, I came across many positive ones. these reviews encouraged me to buy this thermostat. Many users raved about how easy it was to install the thermostat.

They also really liked that you could mount the device either vertically or horizontally on the wall. Depending on what you prefer. Many people also appreciated how smoothly the phone app worked.

Also, it allows for easy scheduling without having to go up to the device. Surprisingly some users appreciated that it did not have a touch screen. It minimizes the chances of fingerprints and was perfect for someone with toddlers or children in the house. Users also liked the fact that they could choose from almost 4 options for powering the thermostat.

Also, it has no restriction for the c-wire. Overall, the users loved that all these features were available for the price that it came for. Especially since most thermostats cost almost twice as much.

Final thoughts on the Lux Geo-WH-003

The Lux Geo-WH-003 is one of the most affordable and good-value smart thermostats out there. It has a simple design, offers geofencing, has a reliable smartphone app. In addition to that, the optional c-wire requirement and the ability to be mounted vertically or horizontally set the thermostat apart from other models in its range.

However, the thermostat lacks compatibility with smart home ecosystems, which can be a bummer for many. Especially if you are someone who wanted to give voice commands to the thermostat.

There are other alternatives (mentioned above) that are almost the same price but offer smart home integration. So you should consider those if this is a deal-breaker for you. Overall the Lux Geo is a reliable and simple smart thermostat that does the job well.

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