iDevices IDEV005AND5 Thermostat Review

Do I even need a smart thermostat? Is it worth buying?

From someone who recently switched from a manual thermostat to a smart thermostat, yes, you do need a smart thermostat and yes, it is totally worth it and I’ll tell you exactly why.

Smart Thermostats can make your life 10x easy. There is no more the need to go up to the thermostat and adjust the settings. You can do it by Alexa or your smartphone!

Secondly, these small devices let you set different automatic heating schedules throughout the day. Lastly, it helps to reduce electricity wastage and who doesn’t love to save some money on the bills?

So, without any further ado, let me introduce the exceptional iDevices IDEV005AND5 Thermostat! It’s smart, it’s small and it has everything you want.

Things to consider before buying a thermostat

Though these devices may be small enough to fit into our palms, these can have several features that can either make it the best smart thermostat that you have ever purchased or the worst. So let’s start!

1. The Set-up

The first and foremost thing to evaluate while purchasing a thermostat is its c-wire requirements and the kind of HVAC system it supports.

· C-wire

One of the major dilemmas that you will get while purchasing this unit will be its power source. Almost all of the smart thermostats require more power than a set of batteries can provide.

However, it cannot be connected to a power source because that will probably overload or overheat the unit.

So, these devices rely solely on the power that the Heating, Ventilation, and Cooling System (HVAC System) provide. The ‘C’ in the c-wire stands for common.

It is a small wire that gives the thermostat the power it requires from the system.

Another type is an r-wire (power wire) which uses a secondary source to give the device the voltage it wants to operate. However, these types of wires are not effective and often cause irreversible damage to your HVAC system.

So before installing a smart thermostat, look at your existing thermostat’s wiring. If there is no c-wire, I recommend you to get one installed beforehand.

· HVAC System

The type of HVAC system will largely influence the thermostat you will buy. While some devices are compatible with multi-stage systems, others might only work on single-stage ones.

2. The Design of the unit

Nowadays, the thermostat’s come in various shapes and sizes. While some possess a large display touch screen, others include an LED screen that has buttons on either side. Though this is a personal preference, you might want to check out the size of the touchscreen.

Can you easily read everything that the screen displays? Is it visible? Does it have a night-mode? Are the buttons on the device easy to use?

Ask yourself these questions and then search for the unit accordingly. An ideal thermostat, in my opinion, should be the one that gives you all of the necessary data at a glimpse and should be uncomplicated to operate.

3. Mobile Access

One of the prime reasons why I threw my manual thermostat out and installed a smart one was because of its remote accessibility! Now, I could get updates and control the device even if I’m sitting in a cinema and eating popcorns.

So, make sure that you invest in a smart thermostat that can easily be controlled using your smartphone. Though, you might need to read the user’s manual to see whether the thermostat you have your eye on can work with the operating system (OS) your smartphone uses.

While some work with iOS, others work with Android. However, many devices work perfectly on both OS.

4. Installation Process

While some thermostats have all the labeled wires and a comprehensive manual of where each wire goes, others don’t. So, make sure that you ask around or read the instructions and the reviews to find out how easy or complicated it is to set-up the particular device.

Though, if you do not understand the installation process, call a professional right away and have them fix it to your wall.

iDevices IDEV0045AND5 Thermostat

iDevice’s device is one of the most compatible units that you will find in the market. It works requires a 24VAC c-wire and works with almost all types of heating and cooling systems.

The device is compatible with the three most used virtual assistants; Google Assistant, Amazon’s Alexa, and iPhone’s Siri so just stay in your bed and change the temperature by calling out to the assistant!

You can control and change the settings of the gadget from anywhere in the world. All you have to do is connect it with your smartphone and download the iDevices app! That’s all!

It allows you to set personalized schedules and scenes which greatly help to reduce electricity bills.

Who is it for?

This unit is perfect for everyone who is looking for a small, easy to use, and inexpensive gadget that lets you offers voice commands, customize schedules, and can easily be used remotely.

 If we talk about specifics, it can work with 1 and 2 stages heating and cooling systems and heat pumps that have an Aux or Emergency heat. Besides, it needs a common c-wire to operate so make sure that you have installed it before investing in this unit.

Last but not the least; it works with smart devices that have iOS 8.1 or Android 4.3 and later devices.


  • Quick to set-up and use.
  • Has a visible display.
  • Customizable schedules and scenes.
  • Performs efficiently even when you are controlling it remotely.


  • Does not have geofencing.
  • You need to buy the voice assistant devices separately.
  • The ‘auto’ mode does not work well when you set unequal temperature ranges.

Features & Benefits

Now that the introduction is done, let’s talk in detail about all the features and advantages that iDevices IDEV005AND5 Thermostat provides.

1. Ease of Use

Like I mentioned above, the unit gives you the choice to control your unit remotely as well via a virtual assistant. In working, both of these features are quick and precise in action. These features are also useful because you can set the temperature on your way back home and be greeted with the perfect temperature.

2. Size and Style

The unit has dimensions of 5.12 x 0.8 x 3.35 inches which is a pretty standard size when it comes to thermostats. It has a white prototype and a colored LED that makes sure that all of the information is visible to you even during the brightest day.

3. Pause the settings

It is often common that our routines change and we are coming back home or leaving it at odd hours. So, if this happens, all you have to do is override the schedule! The best part is you can both pause and change your schedule for the day as well as an entire week!

4. Keeps the house at an even temperature

One of the first aspects that I noticed after using this device was how fast it corrects the temperatures all around the room and makes sure that each room has the same temperature as the other rooms.

5. Temperature Range

Though you can set the temperature range according to your preference, I will suggest you set it in equal ranges. As mentioned above, when the temperature ranges are unequal, the unit might not work efficiently.

What do users say about iDevices IDEV005AND5 Thermostat?

If you are still unsure whether to buy this particular unit or not then this section is made particularly for you all! After reading through many reviews on Amazon, Facebook, Instagram, and personal blogs, I have found out that I am not the only one who is obsessed with this product!

One of the most common praise that this tiny, elegant device gets is on its simplistic design and uncomplicated installation process. Users say that it is basic but does everything a smart thermostat is used to do.

A lot of the users also complimented the performance of the application as well as its compatibility with different virtual assistants.

A user updated their 10-month-old review and said that event after all the different updates of the application and the software, the unit works just as ideally as it did when it first arrived. So, we can deduce from this that iDevices IDEV005AND5 Thermostat is durable and will probably work for years!

However, a few users were not happy with how the unit makes you choose a single temperature range and then asks you to use the buttons on the interface to set the temperature range. You cannot set the range yourself and only have to stick to the rigid settings that the unit provides.


The following are three of the main competitors that iDevices IDEV005AND5 Thermostat has.

  • ecobee3 2nd Gen Smart Thermostat
  • Honeywell Home RTH9585WF1004 Smart Thermostat
  • Emerson Sensi ST75W Smart Thermostat

ecobee3 2nd Gen Smart Thermostat

This device effectively reduces energy wastages and helps you reduce almost 23% of your annual electricity costs. It has smart sensors that maintain the optimal temperature at every corner of the house at all times. Moreover, you can control it from anywhere and everywhere.

It has a specific function called the ‘vacation mode’ that gives you the entire control of the device even if you are going abroad for a small getaway.

If you want a more in-depth feature breakdown and reviews of this device, click here

Honeywell Home RTH9585WF1004 Smart Thermostat

The unit is a small programmable thermostat that does not only let you customize the schedules but also the display. So, if you are someone who wants to match their thermostat with their room, this unit is perfect for them.

The touchscreen is bright, vibrant and displays everything in easy-to-read digits.  You can control the unit using their ‘Honeywell Home App’ or the ‘Total Connect Comfort App’. Moreover, it is compatible with Alexa!

To know more about Honeywell Home RTH9585WF1004 Smart Thermostat, chere.

Emerson Sensi ST75W Smart Thermostat

Saving up to 23% of your HVAC system’s electricity bill, the Emerson Sensi ST75W Smart Thermostat offers changeable scheduling, geofencing, and remote access. Moreover, it has a built-in level, terminals, and a user’s manual that helps you to install the unit as quickly as possible.

The device can work with most of the HVAC systems that people have at home, over you should check your system’s compatibility by visiting their official site. Moreover, it works well with Apple’s HomeKit, Google Assistant, Samsung SmartThings, and Amazon’s Alexa which makes operating the unit easy.

Click here if you are curious about Emerson Sensi ST75W Smart Thermostat!

Final Thoughts on the iDevices IDEV005AND5 Thermostat

Buying the perfect thermostat that is compatible with your HVAC system, your smartphone, and the virtual assistant (if you have), is the best thing ever. In my case, it is an iDevices IDEV005AND5 thermostat that has made my life much easier.

Not only does it offer all the main functions that I wanted in the thermostat (the alerts, remote controlling, and overriding the normal schedule, it also offers ease while operating as well as installing.

Though, finding the perfect device for yourself might seem like a very tedious task, if you follow the above instructions, I am sure you will stumble upon one soon enough. If you thinking of buying iDevices IDEV005AND5, here