Bill Robbins

Bill Robbins is a home automation enthusiast and general gadget geek who loves to share his knowledge with others. He also loves to learn from readers so if you have a question or comment, let him know!

Nest E Smart Thermostat

Nest E

How many times have we considered changing our thermostats because they kept breaking down and the extra money spent on the repair could have been used to buy a new one? Well if you are someone going through the same problem then you are in the right place.  I had my electrician repair my traditional …

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Honeywell Home T5+

Honeywell Home T5+

Smart thermostats are replacing the traditional dial ones these days. What sets them apart is their ability to synchronize with your other smart devices such as smartphones and smart home systems. There are now a variety of wifi-enabled thermostats in the market and picking one that is ideal for you can be a tedious job. …

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