Best Smart Thermostat for Daikin Mini Split

Best Smart Thermostat for Daikin Mini Split

Cooling and heating your home with Daikin’s Mini Split is a great way to save money. Not only can you control the temperature in each room independently, but you can look forward to lower energy use, as well.

However, those looking to go the smart thermostat route may find it to be a challenging venture. Thankfully, we’ve done all of the legwork for you and compiled the best smart thermostats for your Daikin Mini Split system.

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Best Smart Thermostat for Daikin Mini Split

Flair Puck


It’s no secret that the selection is rather limited among smart thermostats designed for mini split systems. So when we discovered Flair’s highly-compatible Puck, we were elated. 

Not only does it work seamlessly with Daikin, but it has no trouble with Sanyo, Fujitsu, Mitsubishi, LG, Panasonic, Hitachi, and more.

We’re big fans of the Puck app. Simply download it to your smartphone and enjoy total control of your Daikin Mini Split. Not only can you easily control the temperature of your system, but you can also keep track of valuable data and information.

From air pressure to humidity, this app does it all. And any room that has a Puck installed can be set to display its built-in ambient lighting for added mood. We also like the geofencing feature and are glad it is included. 

With this, your Puck will “see” when you’re getting close to your house and adjust the temperature so that you come home to a comfortable environment.

Scheduling is made easy, too, thanks to the robust features found in the Puck. With up to 7 days to work with, you can choose which room is active and for how long. 

Want your bedroom to cool down during the night while your living room stays warmer? No sweat.

At any hour throughout the day, you can set your Pucks to activate and deactivate at any time you wish. It’s a handy feature to have, to be sure. 

If you plan on going away for a while, like on vacation, you can rest easy knowing that your Daikin Mini Splits are only functioning when you want them to.

Want to control your Puck without having to mess with your smartphone? Thanks to integrated Alexa support, you can! Simply voice your commands and enjoy hands-free temperature control without lifting a finger.

Pucks are humble little units. But don’t let that deter you. Their simplicity is by far one of their strongest draws. Their display isn’t the most informative, only showing the time and temperature. If you want more data, you will need to turn to the app.

With that being said, we appreciate its ease-of-use. The dial works really well and has satisfying feedback. 

Without a lot of bells and whistles to concern yourself with, it’s a cinch to walk into each room, adjust the temperature, and forget about it.

What’s more, those with existing smart thermostats will be pleased to know that Pucks are compatible via the Mirror Mode. This ensures that your mini split always mirrors the settings of your smart thermostat.

We also like that Pucks can be powered with AC power or AAA batteries. No messing wiring and far less hassle. Simply put, these are incredible little units that come with loads of convenience. 

Best of all, you don’t have to worry about breaking the bank on them.

Costing less than many traditional smart thermostats, Flair’s Pucks are solid investments that are sure to serve you well.


  • Compatible with other smart thermostats
  • Simple, effective user interface
  • Robust smartphone app
  • No messy installation
  • Affordable price


  • Limited display

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Now here’s a clever little unit. The Sensibo Sky excels in convenience and affordability. It is sleek, stylish, and a breeze to set up. 

Controlling your Daikin Mini Split from afar doesn’t have to be a challenge when there are quality devices like the Sky available.

Much like the Flair Puck, Sensibo’s smart thermostat lets you adjust the temperature via an easy-to-use smartphone app. Want to set certain times that your mini split shuts off? Done. 

Need to set an extended schedule throughout the week while you’re away from home. Piece of cake.

Sensibo simplifies operation so you can focus on more important things. And thanks to its cost-saving features, you can look forward to using less energy. 

What’s more, the Sky comes with the ever-handy geofencing function.

This lets the thermostat detect when you’re nearing home and will kick on your Daikin before you arrive. It’s nice being able to come home to a comfortable temperature, and the Sky makes it possible.

We appreciate that there are integrated alerts that let you know when our mini splits’ filters need to be changed. It’s features like this that go above and beyond to ensure that your systems remain operating at their best.

We also like seeing that Sensibo included support for more than just Alexa. Apple’s Siri and Google’s Home are implemented, as well. 

And although it isn’t officially supported, Samsung’s SmartThings works on occasion, too. So you have plenty of voice control options at the ready. 

With this, you can easily say your commands and adjust the temperature without getting up.

And it’s not just limited to one room. You can tell the Sky to change the temperature in any room that has a Daikin Mini Split. Don’t have a smartphone? No problem. You can command the Sky using Bixby on your laptop.

You also get an easy installation process that takes less than a minute. All you need is a nearby power outlet to power the Sky smart thermostat.

With its affordable pricing and ability to save you up to 40% on your energy bill, investing in Sensibo’s Sky is a win-win that won’t disappoint.


  • Easy installation with C-wire
  • Sleek and stylish design
  • Robust voice control
  • Built-in geofencing
  • Easy installation


  • Limited SmartThings support
  • No display

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Buying Guide

Not sure which smart thermostat to invest in? Stick around for valuable information that will help you determine the best unit for your needs.


Finding a smart thermostat to control your Daikin Mini Split is admittedly rather limited. We tested a few different models, but only Flair and Sensibo delivered the goods across the board. 

As such, you have two main options if you want to invest in a quality unit.

We’re pleased to report that both Flair and Sensibo work flawlessly with Daikin’s Mini Split. At no time did we have trouble with compatibility. These thermostats deliver on their promises and provide for a seamless user experience.


How important is a display for you? If you prefer to have a smart thermostat that readily displays the current temperature, you’re going to want to stick with Flair’s Puck. As previously stated, it shows you both the time and temperature.

Sensibo’s Sky, on the other hand, does neither. All you get is an LED light that lets you know the unit is on. If you’re the type who always controls everything from the smartphone app, this is a moot issue.

Both thermostats’ apps do a fine job of giving you control of your Daikin Mini Split. But if you want to control the temperature directly from the thermostat and be able to see what changes you’ve made, Flair’s Puck is the better option of the two.

What kind of warranties do these smart thermostats come with?

Both Flair’s Puck and Sensibo’s Sky come with a one-year limited warranty. Furthermore, both brand’s warranties cover defects related to workmanship and material. 

If you have any issues within this period of time, contact the manufacturer for information on how to proceed with a fix or replacement.

Is geofencing really a good feature?

Thanks to the advancements in technology, geofencing makes it possible for your smart thermostat to prepare for your arrival by adjusting the temperature in your home to your liking. Not only does this feature bring added value and convenience to owning a smart thermostat, but it also helps you save money.

And that is always a good thing. Since your Daikin Mini Split won’t start consuming more energy until just before you get home, you won’t have to worry about needlessly wasting power. 

This is a great addition for anyone wanting to lower their out-of-pocket expenses.

Why do these thermostats include humidity monitoring?

Knowing the humidity in your home allows you to make the necessary adjustments so you can avoid potential illnesses. If the humidity in your home is too low, for example, the ambient air gets dry as a result.

When this happens, you can become sick, wood in your home can warp, and you are likely to notice increased static electricity or even nosebleeds.

Too much humidity can also make you sick, attract insects and pests, and ruin your furniture, walls, and carpeting. Having the ability to readily monitor your humidity is a great feature that you should take advantage of.

Wrap Up

While there are a few other smart thermostats on the market that work with Daikin’s Mini Split, none of them come close to the quality and reliability found in Flair’s Puck and Sensibo’s Sky. If you want the best of the best, you won’t be disappointed by investing in either.