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How many times have we considered changing our thermostats because they kept breaking down and the extra money spent on the repair could have been used to buy a new one? Well if you are someone going through the same problem then you are in the right place. 

I had my electrician repair my traditional dial thermostat so many times but it would keep malfunctioning after a while. Thus, began my research for a new thermostat for my HVAC system.

Nowadays, wifi or programmable thermostats are gaining a lot of popularity. As long as you have working wifi, you will benefit immensely from this purchase. 

They’re a great option to go with if you want a more convenient and easy-going lifestyle. I learned that they were not only easy to install but you also do not have frequent wiring issues. 

In fact, in most cases you don’t even have to get the wiring redone, you can simply plug the new one into your old wiring.

The Nest E thermostat is one of the most recommended budget-friendly wifi thermostats. This review will help you know all that you need to know before making a buying decision.

Nest E Smart Thermostat


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Things to consider before buying a wifi thermostat

Who should buy it?

Wifi thermostats are great for the following types of people:

  • People who travel a lot
  • Want to create customized schedules instead of manually changing every time
  • Want to be able to change the temperature wherever you are
  • People who want an aesthetically pleasing system in their homes

Factors to consider before buying Wifi Thermostats

Before you decide to spend on a wifi thermostat, it is important to consider a few things:

  • Wifi: The wifi strength and speed should be sufficient for the system considering it relies heavily on it. One way to check it is to stand next to your existing system and stream a video online. Chances are that if the video runs smoothly without any pauses then your wifi is good enough. If it doesn’t then you might want to consider upgrading your wifi.

  • Wiring: After turning it off check the wiring of the existing system. If there are 2 wires then you probably have a 220V heat, which isn’t recommended for wifi thermostats. However, if there are thin wires of 18 gauge, then it has a lower voltage. Although if there is a C terminal, then that means that any thermostat will work for you.

  • Type of HVAC system: Not all thermostats are compatible with all kinds of HVAC systems. You need to determine the number of heating and cooling stages so that they are compatible with your thermostat. The easiest way to find out about this is by researching the model number written at the back of the unit online.  

Presenting the product

If you are someone who fits the above criteria and would benefit from wifi thermostat, while remaining under a budget, then you should consider the Nest E thermostat. The reason why this model is cheap compared to other Nest thermostat models is that it has a plastic body instead of a glass or stainless steel one. 

Despite being made of plastic, it still has a modern and attractive design. The interface is simple and has a frosted screen.

Moreover, it is easy to replace it with your old thermostat and simple to plug into any HVAC system. The Nest E is compatible with almost 85% of 24V HVAC systems. 

Much like any other thermostat, it is compatible with Google Home, Amazon’s Alexa, but is not compatible with Apple HomeKit. What’s more, is that you can choose from a range of heating and cooling modes.  

Additionally, Nest E can alert you once the filter or furnace needs to be replaced. It also generates reports that summarize the energy use of your house and sends them to you via email.

While Nest E offers a great lot of features under the price that it is for, but a lot of people also prefer the Ecobee 3 Lite in the same price range because it works well if the rooms are far away from the thermostat. Moreover, the Nest Learning thermostats, which are a bit more expensive than this offer more features and have a glass and stainless steel device that is compatible with almost 10% more HVAC systems. 

Also if you want a cheaper alternative then the Honeywell Home T5+ is a good option that is compatible with the Apple home system as well.


  • Compatible with Alexa and Google Home
  • Cheaper than other Nest models
  • Simple installation
  • Simple installation
  • Generates reports


  • Not compatible with Apple Homekit
  • The remote monitor does not have occupancy
  • The frosted screen can be hard to read

Features & Benefits

Let’s see the features that the Nest E has that make it a must-have:

1. Compatibility with HVAC systems

Even though it has lesser inputs than other Nest models, it is compatible with quite a few HVAC systems. Nest also at times provides a tool that determines if your system is compatible with it or not.

Frozen pipes in winter are very common especially when your thermostat has been sitting idle. The safety mode in the Nest V3 activates itself if the temperature drops below the pre-set one. You also get notified when the temperature returns to the normal one.

2. Eco Mode

This allows the thermostat to automatically deduce if you are home or not. If no one is home, then it goes into the eco mode to save your energy consumption.  

3. Multiple Heating & Cooling

The efficiency of the thermostat is great because you can enable the Eco temperature mode in which the thermostat adjusts to low temperature when it gets hot and high temperature when it gets cold.

4. Auto scheduling

Similar to the Nest Learning thermostats, this too learns your temperature settings on its own and automatically replays that schedule without you having to reprogram it.

5. Airwave

This is a great power-saving tool. The AC shuts off the compressor when the temperature reaches a specific point. Once the temperature starts getting warm it automatically switches off the fan and turns on the air compressor.

Social Proof

Before I bought the Nest E thermostat, I studied tons of customer reviews, so I knew what I was getting into. Most of them praised the price factor and appreciated the fact that it had most of the features that the high-end models did. 

Many also complimented its design and instead of complaining about the plastic material, they appreciated it for its simplicity.

Moreover, many found that the installation was very easy and was compatible with most HVAC systems. Many found that this was a very affordable thermostat especially since these people were the ones who had bought similar models in this price range which weren’t as advanced as the Nest E thermostat.

The following are some of the reviews:



The Nest E thermostat overall is a very budget-friendly thermostat that offers quite a lot in its price range. It can learn your schedules, instead of manually programming it. 

The installation is very easy and it is a must-have if you have Nest temperature sensors. Its design, despite being made of cheaper material is still sought after because of its simplicity and modern design.

Although it’s true that it lacks some features and is not compatible with Apple homeKit, it is still a good purchase. It is essentially a junior form of the Nest Learning thermostats – that are a bit more high end – but has similar learning features as them. 

If you still feel you would prefer other models then this article recommends some as well.

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