Honeywell Home T5+

Honeywell Home T5+

Smart thermostats are replacing the traditional dial ones these days. What sets them apart is their ability to synchronize with your other smart devices such as smartphones and smart home systems.

There are now a variety of wifi-enabled thermostats in the market and picking one that is ideal for you can be a tedious job. You need to make sure the heating and cooling systems of your homes are compatible with your thermostat amongst many other factors. 

I made the mistake of getting one that kept on malfunctioning and thus, I began on my journey to find a reliable one.

The Honeywell Home T5+ is one of the most recommended smart thermostats nowadays. It is known for its simplicity and energy efficiency. 

While it’s cheaper than most smart thermostats, it offers the basic features that these thermostats offer. It has geofencing capabilities and can integrate with you your smart home ecosystems. 

It connects with most HVAC systems and comes with a c-wire adapter in case you don’t have a c-wire connection.

This review discusses all that you need to know about the Honeywell Home T5+, in addition to other alternatives. Let’s begin.

Honeywell Home T5+


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Things to consider before buying smart thermostats
Who should buy it?

When you have an HVAC system, you also need a thermostat for you to be able to control the temperature inside. Smart thermostats become quite useful as you can operate them with a simple touch of a button. 

If you have working wifi that is high speed then a smart thermostat is a good investment. It uses wifi to connect to your smartphones and home systems. 

Likewise, if you have a smart home system like Amazon’s Alexa or the Apple HomeKit then you can also benefit from a smart thermostat as you can command Alexa or Siri to adjust the thermostat.

Moreover, if you are handicapped or don’t like getting up in the middle of the night to adjust your thermostat then a smart thermostat is the perfect fit for you.

Factors to consider before buying Wifi Thermostats:

You should consider the following before you purchase a wifi-enable thermostat.

  • Compatibility with HVAC system:
    The first thing you need to make sure is that the smart thermostat is compatible with your HVAC system. Most HVAC systems are low-voltage and so the thermostat should have the same voltage for it to work properly. 

  • Smart Sensors:
    Many wifi-enabled thermostats now come with motion, humidity, and proximity sensors. However, most of these thermostats are more expensive than the ones without the sensors. Thus, if you are someone who wants the sensors to detect different kinds of activity then you should opt for a smart thermostat that comes with sensors. 

  • C Wire:
    Most thermostats have a c-wire that ensures continuous power for it to be connected. However, you need to first get a c-wire installation done if you buy a thermostat that comes with a c-wire. Therefore, you should make sure you either already have a c-wire connection or if you don’t then you buy a thermostat that does not have a c-wire. Although, many thermostat manufacturers now provide a c-wire adapter as well.

Presenting the product

The Honeywell Home T5+is similar to the Honeywell Round Smart, but is slightly cheaper because it lacks some advanced features offered by the latter. The Honeywell Round Smart uses technology that automatically adjusts the temperature after it learns your routine. 

That being said, the Honeywell Home T5+is good value for the price it comes for. It has a touchscreen that is quite convenient for its users and you can connect it to other smart home devices.

If you do, however, want a thermostat that can automatically adjust to the temperature then perhaps the Google Nest Learning thermostat is a better pick for you. Although, it is much pricier than the Honeywell Home T5+. 

The Honeywell Home T5+ in comparison is a budget-friendly smart thermostat that has all the basic features that one needs. While it does not have sensors like that in the Google Nest Learning thermostat, it still has geofencing.

It is also compatible with other smart devices such as the Apple HomeKit, Google Home, and Amazon’s Alexa. Its predecessor, the Honeywell Lyric T5 in comparison does not support any smart home ecosystems apart from Apple HomeKit and Amazon’s Alexa. 

Moreover, the  Ecobee 3 Lite falls in the same price range as the Honeywell Home T5+ and it offers compatibility with many other smart home systems. The T5+ while it does not have motions sensors either, still has far greater touchscreen options on the device.


  • Compatible with Apple HomeKit, Google Home, and Amazon’s Alexa
  • Touch screen display
  • Attractive display
  • Budget-friendly
  • C-wire adapter included
  • Easy to install
  • Sends alerts


  • Does not have G wire extension
  • Smartphone App a little complicated
  • Connectivity to the wifi seems to be a problem for many

Features & Benefits

The following features make the Honeywell Home T9 a must-have:

1. Voice control

Since it connects to most smart home systems, you can command your voice agent like Alexa or Siri to change the temperature as per your liking.

2. Geofencing

The Honeywell Home T5+ knows when you’re home when it detects your smartphone in range. This feature helps the thermostat to automatically adjust settings when you’re not home, thereby saving on your energy costs.

3. Alerts

It also sends alerts to the screen or your smartphone app once your filter needs a change or if the temperature is unusually high or low. Apart from that, it also sends alerts for when the wifi isn’t connected or working. And also when the heat pump needs service.

Social Proof

While I was researching the Honeywell Home T5+I came across many reassurances from its previous users. Many commended the ease with which they installed the thermostat and how it is compatible with almost all kinds of HVAC systems. 

Apart from this, a few users also compare it to the Nest models. They highly appraise its geofencing feature that helps them save a lot on energy costs. Some also said that they preferred geofencing over setting up a schedule.

Its design is also a big plus for this thermostat. It is quite modern, has a square shape, and is black which complements most homes. 

Moreover, many customers found the programming of the schedules quite easy and were just what they needed.


Overall the Honeywell HomeT5+ thermostat is a budget-friendly, simple to use, aesthetically pleasing, and reliable investment. Its geofencing feature and its ability to connect with the majority of the smart home systems make it a good value thermostat. 

While it still has a few hiccups, like it does not have advanced learning abilities like the Nest Learning Models. Also, it does not support IFTTT or Samsung’s SmartThings. 

It still offers noteworthy features that most people need when buying a smart thermostat.

Another good thing about this thermostat is that the manufacturer gives a money-back guarantee and tech support in case you encounter some hiccups. If you believe the Honeywell Home T5+ is not a good fit for you for some reason, or if you want sensors to be included in your wifi-enabled thermostat, then you should check out the alternatives mentioned above.

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