Rv Thermostat Replacement Guide

RV Thermostat Replacement Guide

Whether you are an enthusiast or being on the road is your home, none of us buy an RV with any intentions of being uncomfortable with the temperature inside. Time has passed or maybe you happened upon a used trailer and the thermostat doesn’t work well with your needs. 

Yet RV thermostat replacement is far out of your realm and similar to trying to understand a foreign language. May it be time for an RV thermostat upgrade? Let us help with our comprehensive RV thermostat replacement/upgrade guide. 

The four thermostats we provide in this article cover a variety of different needs and supply you with different options for different scenarios.

Quick Recommendations

Best Overall Option

Honeywell Focuspro 5000 Thermostat

Honeywell Focuspro 5000 Thermostat

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This digital RV thermostat is equipped with largest backlit display in it’s class. Heating and cooling options for making your own ideal temperature conditions. This model works in RVs as well as homes and is widely trust among HVAC professionals.

Upgrade Option

Dometic Comfort Control Center

Dometic Comfort Control Center

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The commander of cool air is in town. The comfort control center has all the stops. Thermostat replacement just got a whole lot more worth while. Control fan speed, heating and cooling, and program it how you want so you can set it and forget about it.

Value Option

Heagstat Non-programmable Electronic Thermostat

Heagstat Non-programmable Electronic Thermostat

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Change the temperature of the air in your RV without breaking the bank. Heagstat thermostats are known for their easy install and cost-effective options. Simplicity and glowing user reviews, this model is the perfect value option.

Alternative Option

Coleman Mach RV Camper Thermostat

Coleman Mach RV Camper Thermostat

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This is the perfect RV thermostat replacement for the consumer who wants to stick with the simple analog system that is already compatible with their heating and cooling system.

Let’s make a tough decision easy

Choosing your thermostat prompts a bunch of “what if” scenarios into your head. This is quite like being a new home owner that is understandably worried about their next purchasing decision. 

What if my RV is not compatible with my new thermostat, can I install it myself? What if it doesn’t fix my issue? Lets put most if not all of that to rest so we can get back to what matters, our comfort. 

This section will cover the common questions that we ask ourselves concerning RV thermostats.

Can you use any thermostat in an RV?

First things first, your traditional home thermostat will not just magically work in your RV. Most home thermostats run on 24V and RV thermostats run on a 12V power supply. 

That being said, it is very possible to get that same thermostat installed into your RV but for the sake of simplicity and ease-of-use, we will be focusing on thermostats specifically meant for RVs. Temperature in the RV will be controlled by your new upgrade so think of it as your access to comfort. 

Your air conditioner and RV temperature are so important for your comfort that when choosing a new thermostat, we need to keep in mind that there is a specific model that will cover the issue we might be having.

Types of Thermostats

Analog thermostats vs. Programmable digital thermostats is a great place to start . Analog thermostats are simple to use and cost-effective on the front end but they will cost you money down the line seeing as they aren’t very energy efficient. 

If your bills are running high and you suspect the thermostat to be the issue, consider a new thermostat as an investment that will pay itself off. While a programmable thermostat does offer a high level of convenience than other models, each holds their own merit. 

Not all digital thermostats are programmable either but they do provide more clear readings than analogs.

How do I know if my RV thermostat is bad?

Lets talk about some of the issues that cause us to make the switch to a new thermostat. Many of the positive user reviews that come with these four thermostats above can be reversed to the issue they were facing before the switch. Obviously comfort is the number one issue but let us delve deeper. 

Flexibility is another issue that directly ties in with programmable thermostats. The switch to a newer programmable models will provide you with a range of settings to meet your needs. 

Most older RV units are equipped with analog thermostats and for many, that controls temperature perfectly for them. If you do notice your air conditioner isn’t operating at the levels set by your thermostat, you have an issue. If the thermostat will not power on or the AC/heater wont turn on, there is an issue. 

Similarly if the unit runs constantly and never achieves the target temperature/won’t stop running for other reasons there are issues. One thing to keep in mind is that some of these issues can be beyond upgrading the thermostat.

Can I replace my thermostat myself?

We wish we could come install your thermostat for you but how about the next best thing? RV thermostat upgrade is not rocket science and so we should not treat it like so. While all four of these thermostats offer some unique value, the one factor they all share is an easy install. 

Each with their own guides online and plenty of community support to make this process as painless as possible. That being said if you do face any difficulties, check in with an expert from the respective company or an HVAC professional. 

Now to get a little technical and look back at what we talked about earlier, there are ways to make thermostats not meant for RVs into thermostats for RVs but this should be done by a professional who knows what they are doing. You do not want to cause harm to yourself or your RV air conditioner unit.

What is the best RV thermostat?

The best RV thermostat will be directly linked to your personal needs! We believe that certain products fit the needs of a wide variety of consumers. 

There is merit in the metrics of energy consumption when speaking on which RV thermostats to choose. Once all personal needs are met or even possibly before, energy consumption should be taken into consideration. Which do your prefer? 

A battery powered system or hard-wired? Extra wires is sure to have an impact on the install time and provide complications especially if there is a compatibility issue. 

Picking an upgrade that will save you more than the current model you are using is part of the appeal and we understand that price is a factor in this buying process. More popular among users is a programmable RV thermostat so you can set it and forget it as they say! 

Most of all, we want something that is user-friendly and works to our specific comfort needs. We checked many indicators while researching these thermostats but we always refer back to “the big four“. How easy is it to install? 

How easy is it to operate? How accurate is it? And last but not least, how durable is it? Let’s take a look at these upgrades and figure out which best suits your specific needs.

Does the unit control heat and air?

Most smart thermostats for RV control both heat and air. However, some cheap models will control only heat. Carefully check the device specifications before buying to ensure that it offers both hear and air conditioning control.

Again, there are digital thermostats that are not programmable but come with a horde of features and buttons to confuse buyers. Check that your unit can be programmed.

Top Smart Thermostats for RV

Honeywell Focuspro 5000 Thermostat(Best overall option)

During our deliberation of which RV thermostat would take the place of best overall option, four things were taken into consideration: accuracy, temperature control, install/ease of use, and durability. Oh and don’t think for a second we didn’t check consumer reviews. 

Anyways, think back to our previous section “What is the best RV thermostat?”. Our best overall pick is a practical heat/cool digital thermostat. RV temperature control is key and this digital thermostat is accurate within +/- 1°Farenheit. 

Installation is aided by online video and manuals with plenty of community help. Users online have seen better energy bills after switching to the Focuspro 5000. This system brings the necessities and hits the big four, making it our top choice.


  • digital backlit display
  • versatility(home or RV)
  • easy install
  • ease-of-use


  • non-programmable

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Dometic Comfort Control Center(Upgrade Option)

When they say control center, they are not messing around. Dometic thermostats are one of the main players in the game and there is good reason why. This thermostat comes with a digital, bright blue backlit display, that is fully programmable. 

RV temperature controls at that tips of your fingers. Amazon users rave about the easy install so you aren’t losing out on any camping time. Both heating and cooling options, this thermostat could magnify the way your air conditioner operates. This product comes with a manual and plenty of online help. 

This digital programmable thermostat is top of the line and perfect for your larger camper. The control center is not only digital/programmable but multi stage as well and controls fan speed. 

Change air temperature settings for your comfort needs. Designed to be compatible with your old Dometic RV thermostat system for easy install. Comes with choice of white or black color.


  • Programmable
  • Digital/backlit display
  • multi stage


  • Expensive

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Heagstat Non-programmable Electronic Thermostat (Value Option)

Sometimes we do not need all the bells and whistles but we do need comfort that is cost-effective. Makes sense and you are not the only one. 

Not as well-known as others on our list yet the reviews on amazon are glowing. This is the most cost-effective option on the market and you are not giving up any quality. 

Analog thermostats are more expensive than this model and can provide less comfort and energy savings. Beaming backlight display guarantees you make sure the temperature is set however you need. 

Installation is simple, and just like other thermostats, we recommend placing this unit on a main wall that will help read the temperature of the air accurately. This non-programmable single-stage thermostat has consumer reports reading a clear display and easy installation. 

This small unit might not be a digital thermostat but it can change air temperature just like the rest of them!


  • easy to install
  • clear display
  • cost-effective


  • non-programmable
  • less control

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Coleman Mach RV Camper Thermostat(alternative option)

RV Camper thermostat from Coleman Mach has over 250 reviews on amazon.com and the jury has reached a verdict. From quality to design and most important of all, easy install, this system was definitely made with the consumers needs in mind. 

We brought this option forward for the consumer who wants to stick with an analog thermostat but would still like an upgrade for the outdated one they are currently using. They hit all four of our pre-requisites but what shines out most of all is their super easy install. 

This alternative RV thermostat is perfect for the campers with an air conditioner and furnace. These thermostats are known for their durability.


  • easy install
  • reliable
  • durable


  • not digital
  • non-programmable

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Comforts Conclusion

The HVAC world can be a total frustration with many wrong turns along the way. Our hope is to make this transition stress-free as possible. 

Upgrading to a new thermostat will allow you a more comfortable way of living. Different features will dictate the best RV thermostats. 

Our final recommendation is to use your due diligence in choosing your thermostat and make sure that your needs will be met. Whether you choose a programmable thermostat or one of the other digital/analog options, you will have control over temperature in your RV. 

Digital has its pros but offers you as much as the others you’re looking to order. We do not think of the value option as a basic or low end option. 

These thermostats have many positive reviews working in their favor. The best overall option provides you with a perfect blend of features but if you require more control, try the upgrade option.