RV Air Conditioner Silencer

RV AC Silencer Buying Guide

Comfortability inside your RV starts and ends with your AC. As newer, more quiet systems come onto the market, some RV owners are left in the dust, sometimes literally, without many options. 

No one should be forced into buying a new pricey unit to combat a noisy system when there are RV AC silencers on the market. We know there is an issue if you must choose between sleeping with a quiet surrounding and sleeping in a temperature-controlled environment.  

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Best Overall Option

Wacko Products DA100

Wacko Products DA100

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The inventors of our overall option said it best, “Most common problems are solved with a new invention” and they did just that. Leading the market currently in RV AC silencers is Wacko products. Rest assured it does more than just silence the AC in your RV!

What You Need to Know:

There aren’t many user-friendly solutions when it comes to silencing your AC. Our goal is to shed light into some of the DIY options and other solutions our readers can utilize. 

Whether it is buying a new RV air conditioner silencer or industry insights on how to make your RV air conditioner quieter.

Why is My RV AC so loud?:

As we utilize the AC unit in our RVs, time will take its toll on the air conditioner. One thing we need to remember and understand is that nothing lasts forever and upkeep is needed for us to get the full life out of our products. 

Lets delve into some of the issues that are most common so we can diagnose this issue properly.

How can I make my air return quieter?

Try diagnosing the problem before going with other routes. Typically what we see is different parts of the air conditioner are either loose, or dirty. Excess noise can be caused by a build up of dust, lint, pollen, or even grease in the ducts. 

Loose bolts, bushings(a type of bearings), or even dirty or off-balanced fan blades can cause your unit to output more noise. Start with your air return, these tend to get clogged with some of the particulates in the air we mentioned earlier. This causes your air conditioner to create excess sound while operating.

Noise Reduction

Lets talk decibels(db) folks. There are some common misconceptions with how decibels are calculated and understood fundamentally. 

Decibels are on a log scale, meaning for every 3 decibels of noise your air conditioner move up or down that is either double or half the sound respectively.

Ducted vs. Non-Ducted

Is your RV outfitted with a non-ducted system( one possibly two air conditioners dropping down from the ceiling) or a ducted system that distributes air throughout your recreational vehicle? This will be an important factor in diagnosing the issue with your unit.

Is noise my only issue?

What else are we experiencing? Are there pollutants in the air as well as higher decibel levels? Have you removed and washed or replaced your old air filter? 

Usually air filters can be easily replaced and lets recall that even a slight reduction in decibels will help us reduce noise within our unit. If the air circulation is an issue as well then a deep clean may be in order.

Best RV Air Conditioner Silencers

Wacko Products DA100 and CA200 (top recommendation)


Leading the industry in air conditioner noise reduction for motor homes is Wacko productions. They have two different models for a Coleman(CA200) or Dometic(DA100) unit. 

One of the reasons this product is such a popular pick among enthusiasts is in view of the fact that it is completely DIY and only a 15 minutes install. Just buy the kit and grab a screwdriver! Upkeep on the RV A C silencer is convenient as well. 

Clean the casing with a damp cloth while the electrostatic air filter can be cleaned with a vacuum cleaner or in the sink. The air filter is a nonporous, mildew resistant model so do not worry your product will greatly degrade over time. 

Their website(https://wackoproducts.com/) is packed with helpful information and installation videos for both models.

The units silencer kit comes with a recycled cotton duct liner that not only provides superior acoustic properties but thermal resistance as well. Block pollutants and eliminate dust, lint, pollen and other particulates from your RV.

The insulation and the fire retardant facing are both treated with an EPA registered anti microbial agent. The insulation is made up of different fibers containing zero fiberglass which has concerned some enthusiasts as of late.

Reviews on both models claims of superior acoustic and thermal performance. In most cases, customers experienced approximately 10 decibels difference from their units. Recall that for every three decibels, we are either doubling or halving the noise.


  • noise reduction
  • upgraded air filter
  • easy to install and clean
  • increased airflow
  • sleek design


  • Only works with Coleman and Dometic units

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Wrapping it up(conclusion)

The Wacko AC Silencer only takes 15 minutes to install and has some of the best results when it comes to cutting down decibels. If your RV unit is either a Coleman or Dometic, this is your best bet for less noise from your air conditioner without having to break the bank on a brand new RV AC. 

There should never be a struggle for clean quiet air while on or off the road. We recommend this quality hardware as the best option to reduce loud noise and hear better but also to have a happy long life in your RV.