Flow Energy Smart Thermostat

Conventional thermostats have become a thing of the past. It is the time you opted for the smart thermostats that play an indispensable role in cutting your monthly budget. These thermostats are more advanced, lesser complex, and have a plethora of features that make them stand out. This is why their demands have skyrocketed overnight and it’s become a herculean task to make the right choice.

Let us save your day and present to you the Flow Energy Smart thermostat that has taken the market by storm. The company originates from the UK and has been one of the pioneers at introducing smart technology to thermostats. Hence, this thermostat has an unprecedented grade of energy efficiency that makes it a liable choice for homes and offices alike.

All this is just a drop in the bucket when there’s so much to explore about our favorite smart thermostat of this season. With no further delay, let’s dive right in.

What do We Mean by “Smart Thermostats”?

To cut the long story short, smart thermostats are the new way to save energy and money by putting an end to energy exploitation. They are a staunch part of the home automation structure and simply put, deal with the heating and cooling systems of the place.

Let’s give you a glimpse of how it differs from the old thermostats by starting first with the features. For instance Wi-Fi control, no matter wherever you are in the house, you can operate your smart thermostat with the internet connection without moving an inch from your seat. This especially goes for the offices where it can be hard to keep an eye on every thermostat, just connect it with your net device and see it work wonders.

When it comes to energy efficiency, a smart thermostat can be a tough rival. Its energy-saving feature comes forward when you have the freedom to increase/decrease the temperature as per the gathering in your home. The best of all is that they let you keep a check on your electricity and natural gas supply, a benefit that goes a long way. With time yearly, you may observe a significant decrease in your energy bill that proves the smart thermostat is a worthy purchase.  

It is also noteworthy that with these thermostats, you get a chance to make a home energy profile that updates you about each second’s energy depletion taking place.

Why Should You Go for a Flow Energy Smart Thermostat?

Now you have the basic know-how of how transforming a smart thermostat can be. So, let us bring you back to the Flow Energy smart  thermostat that has completely overtaken the market.

 The first thing that a potential customer might seek is the reputation of the company itself since this factor speaks a lot about the worth of any product. The Flow Energy group came into existence in 2013 when it started providing electricity and gas to a larger proportion across the UK. The manufacturer’s efforts bore fruits when just till 2015, they already had more than 100,000 customer accounts that were a shred of huge evidence for their credibility. This is the reason the company has bagged several awards throughout the years 2015 and 2016, by making its mark as one of the most trending focal points for British business.

The Flow Energy group not only makes smart thermostats but also outstanding energy consumption monitors that make it a hustle free process to check your daily energy expenditure. Their energy services have revolutionized smart technology in the discipline of automation and all these reasons make Flow Energy a potential choice for your new home’s temperature regulation.

What to Look for in the Flow Energy Smart Thermostat?

Since most of you might be a layman to all this discussion, let us share with you some aspects that you can rely on while investing your money in this thermostat:

Mode of Control

Amidst all the savings, we often tend to forget the mode of control also carries equal importance. What happens is that it’s regular to have a smart thermostat that you can use through your phone. The conflict arises when you can’t connect it with your PC for a more elaborated analysis. This is why when you go for the Flow Energy smart   thermostat, you have to make sure that it does show compatibility with your home computer system.

Motion Sensor

The motion sensor is also highly significant in making this thermostat a more relevant purchase. It is a huge help in coping with your hustling lifestyle by showing you the current temperature of any room you step into. This is what makes the Flow Energy Smart  thermostat a piece of irreplaceable equipment that outclasses all the traditional ones. One point to note here is that the motion sensor doesn’t only work for you, it also detects the tiny changes in the direction of the air itself.

Zonal Heating Mechanism

As the name depicts this factor has a lot to deal with the “zones” i.e. different rooms in your house. Instead of going for multiple random thermostats, investing in the all-rounder like a flow energy one can be more rewarding. For this aspect, you should consider finding the thermostatic radiator valve function that can control the temperature of many rooms at once. This bourgeons your comfort and you can spend your time in any room of your choice.

GPS Tracking

This is one of those features that customers do tend to find comparatively more interesting. It lets the thermostat learn your routine and be your companion irrespective of whether you’re in the house or not.

For instance, when you’re in the stifling heat outside, this feature lets you turn on the smart thermostat that would stabilize the temperature of your room in no time. This can also be a measure to sort out the utility of your thermostat. Let us emphasize that it’s an in-built function and doesn’t have to cost you a penny extra.

Key Features of Flow Energy Smart Thermostat

Hot Water Control

Although the company does offer rebates, yet it doesn’t mean that they are trying to compensate for any lacking. It is because this thermostat has full-fledged control over your home’s main water supply and can increase its temperature as per your mood. This is why you can rely on this feature in the freezing season and most importantly, when you are out, you need not turn it off. The automatic tracking feature takes care of your place till you haven’t returned and turns off all the heating and cooling mechanisms.

This is quite predictable since it’s a UK-based company where the supply of hot water is inevitably a big deal. Apart from this, in Asian countries where the season tends to get warmer, you can have an uninterrupted supply of fresh cold water that makes this thermostat a more relevant option worldwide. Unlike the old-time, you need not keep your eyes on the thermostat anymore, just connect it with your phone and let it take care of your energy consumption.

Flexible Configuration

Through the flexible configuration of this smart thermostat, you can use it through many devices, let it be your phone, tablet, or voice assistant. This flexibility increases its relevance to your lifestyle and helps cater to the demands of a larger proportion. One thing that we do like about this thermostat is that it doesn’t give you a hard time while connecting with your home PC. Just a few clicks and you have the full authority to search for all the deeper climate facts.

Climate Assistant

Here’s a reliable solution for all the forgetful people out there who always leave the windows open. The climate assistant feature, like a receiver, receives any tiny change in the indoor atmosphere and sends out operations for a normal regulation. With this one, you’re free to make any such mistake without fearing the consequences in the form of high energy bills.

This assistant also provides you with all the useful information regarding the weather outside, without having you step out of your threshold. Thus, the Flow Energy smart thermostat doesn’t leave any stone unturned to keep the peak of your comfort intact.

One thing that helps the most in reducing your power expenditure is that when it’s raining outside, the assistant would balance out all the necessary energy-related operation that helps save the extra money. Let us reiterate that all these features are in-built and won’t cost you more than the actual price.

Advanced Programing

The advanced programming of this smart thermostat makes its installation a walk in the park. If you aren’t used to thermostats, let us tell you that it might cost a little extra in the beginning. With time, this expenditure would be compensated in the form of lesser annual bills. The same function keeps a check on your daily usage of electricity and hot water supply. Implementing the advanced operations creates a schedule and ultimately, takes the reins in its hands in a smaller span.

A Quick Look at Benefits

Flow Energy smart thermostat saves more money with its sharp motion sensors and an adaptive inner configuration. It’s user-friendly and anyone can master it overnight, thanks to an easy-to-understand instructional manual. The higher levels of compatibility let you use it with any device of your choice and the remote connection gives you full freedom to operate it even at a good distance.

Flow Energy Thermostat’s Potential Alternatives

Now let us disclose some names that can serve as a potential alternative to Flow Energy smart thermostat.

1. [amazon link=”B06W56TBLN” title=”Ecobee Lite Thermostat” /]

This thermostat’s fame has also spread across the market like wildfire. It is compatible with Alexa and depicts the 2nd Gen configuration. Although it does have a backlight, yet the display isn’t as captivating as the flow energy’s thermostat. The black color gives it a monotonous tinge and might not go with your newly furnished home.

On a brighter note, it weighs only one pound so weight isn’t an issue with this one. It does have a brief designing. But the fact that it lacks climate assistant gives an edge to our favorite flow energy’s smart thermostat that knows the game when it comes to saving your money.

2. [amazon link=”B07KYN589K” title=”Nest Thermostat” /]

Since with thermostats, looks do matter, and in this regard, the nest thermostat has overtaken all the limelight rightfully. It has a very attractive design and compels the customer to invest every bit of hard-earned money in it. What makes this one a little disappointing is that unlike the Flow Energy thermostat, it doesn’t have a motion sensor. Despite having a concise body, easy installation, and striking silhouette, it lacks that one advanced feature similar to Flow Energy. 

3. [amazon link=”B00Y6M2OUC” title=”Honeywell Thermostat” /]

Honeywell thermostat can also be a good alternative to rely on. Since it depicts major functions like flexible configuration and greater compatibility to tons of devices. Like the flow energy’s thermostat, you may use it through your phone, computer, or voice assistant. It allows you to change the temperature even while sitting far from it. The only con it has is that unlike the Flow Energy thermostat, it has a more elaborate installation procedure. This installation might feel more time-consuming and less pocket-friendly.

What does the Feedback Say about It?

Switching to a new thermostat is a daunting task for every house owner. But it becomes lesser scary when one reads tons of positive feedback about it. Some found it rather helpful for its balanced temperature regulation while others prefer it for its easy-to-use setting. It isn’t as complex as the other thermostats. And is usually lauded among the people for its brighter and bigger display. A greater proportion tends to fall for its unparalleled features like motion sensors and climate assistants. Hence, such immense positive feedback does play an essential role in sealing the deal for this one.


This brings us to the end of our discussion. The crux of all our emphasis is that the Flow Energy smart thermostat does deserve at least one shot. Especially if you have given up on your home automation. The functions such as hot water control and flexible configuration set it apart from the rest of the others. While the better compatibility makes Flow Energy smart thermostat a great fit for all your devices.