Lux Kono Smart Thermostat Review

If you are tired of forgetting to turn the thermostat off on your way out and returning to a boiling hot house like I was then it is time to switch to a Smart Thermostat.

Smart thermostats use WiFi and GPS to keep the temperature inside your house at the perfect level all the time. They can turn themselves on/off according to your movements. They allow you to program different schedules throughout the day and offer remote access.

In a nutshell, Smart thermostats make your life drastically easy. So if you are looking for a new thermostat then continue reading!

Things to Consider Before Buying a Smart Thermostat:

1. Compatibility

The first thing you need to evaluate in any product that you have chosen to buy is if it is compatible with your devices and house.

In the case of a thermostat, you need to see if the unit can work with the heating, ventilation, and cooling system (HVAC system) installed in your house as well as the wire connections.

Also, since the thermostats in question are smart thermostats, you need to make sure that they work with your smartphone and virtual assistants.

·  HVAC System and wire connections

Before even starting your search-hunt, know the type of HVAC system you have. This will help you to look at the units that support your system ideally. Also, this will help you narrow down your options.

Another major component is the c-wire which is known as the common wire. It is a small wire that is connected to your HVAC system and delivers the required power to your thermostat to make it function properly. Thus, make sure that your current wiring has a c-wire.

If it doesn’t, you should either install the c-wire yourself or look for a device that comes with a c-wire kit.

The first and foremost thing to evaluate while purchasing a thermostat is its c-wire requirements and the kind of HVAC system it supports.

· Compatibility with Smartphones and Virtual Assistants

Different thermostats work with different types of devices. While some might work efficiently with Apple and Andriod, others might not. Sometimes, the unit does support the OS you are using but it requires a certain version for it.

2. Installation Process

Always read reviews or check the user manual to see how easy it is to install the unit. While some devices are fairly quick to set-up, others might require you to consult a professional.

3. Design and Interface

Another important feature is the design. Find a product that has a user-friendly interface. IS it easy to operate? Do you understand where to access the features? Does the touchpad/touch screen/ buttons/ knob of the device work well?

Ask yourself these questions and then chose the product accordingly.

4. Features

Each unit has its own set of unique features. So, you must list down all the important characteristics that you need in your device.

In my opinion, cost-efficiency, geofencing, usage reports, easy installation, utility cost estimator, and efficient performance are some of the most important features that you should look for in a smart thermostat.

Lux Kono Smart Thermostat

Lux Kono Smart Thermostat is a small, elegant-looking unit that uses cloud storage to give you the most precise functionality with voice assistants possible. Whether you have Amazon’s Alexa, Apple’s HomeKit, or Google Assistant, it works perfectly with all of them.

The unit has exclusive ISO and Android applications that will help you control the device from anywhere you want. You can set or change a schedule, adjust the temperature, change fan speed, and much more just with a few taps of your finger.

Furthermore, it has a ‘Home and Away Aware’ geofencing system that can recognize you when you are in the vicinity and turns the unit on. This also helps to cut costs as well as save energy.

Who is it for?

It can work with all types of furnaces; air, oil, electric, gas. Although, only up to two heating and 1 cooling system. Moreover, it works with Air Conditioning as well only if it has a connection via c-wire.

So if you have an HVAC system that has the above configurations then this unit will prove to be one of the best devices you have ever brought.

Besides, if you are someone who wants a thermostat that compliments the theme of the room you are thinking of installing it in, then you will be happy to find out that the unit is available in deep blue, hibiscus red, black, sea green, and true white outer cover!


  • Accurately working geofencing.
  • Has a sleek, minimalist, and sophisticated design with visible digits.
  • Easy and quick to install.
  • Offers smart scheduling, runtime usage report, and mobile application for convenience.
  • Has an air quality mode indoors.


  • It has a two-stage WiFi setup.
  • Takes time to get used to the interface.

Features & Benefits

1. The Design

The first thing that anyone notices in a product are how it looks. If we talk about Luc Kono Smart Thermostat, as you might have seen from the above picture looks pretty minimalist and neat.

Furthermore, as mentioned, it is available in a multitude of colors so that the thermostat matches with your aesthetics. The best part is that the covers are interchangeable!

If we talk about specifics, it is 6.5 x 2.8 x 6 inches in size and weighs only 14.4-ounces. Lastly, it is pretty easy to install. You can most probably set it up yourself but if you can’t, just call a professional.

2. Home and Away Aware Geofencing

This feature turns the thermostat on or off based on your location. A geofence is a small boundary that a smartphone makes around your location via GPS.

It indicates the thermostat where you are at all times and thus, when you step near your house, it will send signals to your device, turn it on and make the house the perfect temperature before you enter.

I liked this feature in Lux Kono Thermostat because it does not require me to continuously update the schedule frequently and gives me flexibility.

It possesses a ‘Set Away’ button and a ‘Radius button’ that helps you set a perimeter boundary. Setting the boundary puts the unit in Home Mode when you come home and Away mode when you leave.

3. Cost Saving Features

The thermostat includes several features that help you to keep your savings high and the electricity bill low.

Two of the most prominent features are smart scheduling which uses geofencing and utility cost estimator to maximize utility and minimize cost.

Another feature is the reports that the unit provides you. These reports revolve around energy usage as well as the run time so you know exactly what is happening with your device. Moreover, it gives you smart tips that further enhance the cost-saving factor.

4. Quick Performance

I was surprised by how quickly the unit responded to every command. Whether I used the web console, the mobile application, or the manual dial of the thermostat, it responded to the requests instantly and made changes accordingly.

Moreover, it works just as great when I used Apple’s HomeKit! Also, it is the Home mode and Away modes operate and detect your movements within seconds. So, if you are looking for a device that quickly reacts to all of your commands, then you should buy Lux Kono Smart Thermostat.

What do users say about Lux Kono Smart Thermostat?

One of the things that I research before buying any kind of product, especially if I’m purchasing them online is the reviews. I look for not only the positive but for the negative reviews as well. This helps me to judge whether the product I have my eyes on will suit me or not.

My research involves not only personal blogs, amazon reviews, or social media reviews but I also tend to watch a couple of review videos on Youtube. So, before purchasing any device, I’d suggest you do the same.

However, for this particular product, you do not have to worry. Below is the summary of all the reviews, both positive and negatives, that I read before finally purchasing this unit.

Most people like the simplistic and minimalistic approach the company took to construct this unit. Though it might take time to get used to the interface and know all of its features, it has a pretty straightforward design.

Another appreciable feature was its removable cover. With the numerous color options, it was easy to match it with the theme of any room.

Another complaint that many had regarding this unit was its two-stage programming approach. One user explained the process and said that to set up the WiFi, you need to connect it to your mobile and then connect it to the router, which they expressed was old-fashioned especially when many rivals directly connect to the WiFI.

However, on the other hand, a lot of people loved that the device could be accessed from their phone as well as their computers and laptops. Also, another notable feature is how fast it reacts to commands you give via a virtual assistant! They’re accurate, instant, and require no fuss whatsoever.


The following are some of the competitors that the Lux Kono Smart Thermostat has in the market.

  • The Simple’s Thermostat
  • Ecobee’s Smart Thermostat
  • Lennox’s 15S63 Smart Thermostat

The Simple’s Thermostat

The Simple’s Thermostat is a small energy star certified product that is proven to help you lower your bills. It has a mobile application that helps you to customize everything from the temperature to the schedules. Moreover, it has an ‘Away Mode’ which activates as soon as you move away from the perimeter boundary.

The thermostat comes with a c-wire kit so that if you do not have one installed, you can do it using this kit. The company provides comprehensive instructions via their support site. Moreover, it is compatible with Amazon’s Alexa so all you have to do is call out for Alexa and command her to adjust the settings.

To know more about The Simple’s Thermostat, click here

Ecobee’s Smart Thermostat

Ecobee is one of the leading brands when it comes to smart thermostats and it one of the top-tier competitors of Lux Kono. Ecobee’s Smart thermostat offers you a smart sensor that helps you to keep each room at the optimal temperature by judging the occupancy of the room.

Furthermore, it helps to reduce your annual energy bill by 23%. Moreover, it uses eco+ free software that increases the efficiency of the unit. To make things easier than ever, it has built-in Alexa and a user-friendly mobile application that helps to control the device using your phone, computer, laptop, tablet, and even your Apple Watch!

If you want a detailed review of Ecobee’s Smart Thermostat, then click here

Lennox’s 15S63 Smart Thermostat

Keeping check of the temperature and humidity indoors, the Lennox’s 15S63 Smart Thermostat keeps your place at the perfect temperature at all times. The unit evaluates the condition of the air and turns the fan on if it deems that the air is not clean.

Also, its system can automatically adjust the temperature and maintains the temperature that you have set. So, it offers you flexibility and helps to make things as convenient as possible.

Its ‘Smart Away Mode’ detects your movement and adjusts the temperature accordingly. Last but not the least; the unit can work with Amazon’s Alexa, Echo, Echo Dot as well as Tap devices!

If you are curious about the device then click here

Final Thoughts on the Lux Kono Smart Thermostat

If I were to describe Lux Kono Smart Thermostat in a few words, it’d be customizable, handy, reliable, and chic. It offers many features like compatibility with various virtual assistants, usage reports, geofencing, adjustable scheduling, and much more.

Though it has a few downsides I liked and would recommend this product despite them. Though it takes time to get used to the user interface, it isn’t something you cannot learn.

If you are thinking of buying this product then click here!