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5 Common Questions about Your Totaline Thermostat

A thermostat controls the heating and cooling system of your home from a central panel. It can save as much as 15% of your monthly power bill. Totaline offers a wide range of thermostats for both home and business. Let’s dive into some common questions asked about these digital thermostats.

Here are a few common questions people have about using their Smart Thermostats:

1. How Do I Unlock a Totaline Thermostat?   

2. How Do I Reset a Totaline Thermostat?

3. Do Totaline Thermostats Have Batteries?

4. Why Is My Totaline Thermostat Blank?

5. What Does the Red Light on My Totaline Thermostat Mean?   

How Do I Unlock a Totaline Thermostat?

The digital thermostats come with three basic configurations for use. If you need to unlock a Totaline thermostat, hold down the “MODE” button. Now, do not release the “MODE” button, and press and hold the “UP” and “DOWN” buttons together. Wait for the locked icon to disappear from the display.

How Do I Reset a Totaline Thermostat?

If your Totaline thermostat needs to be reset to the manufacturer’s settings, you will first need to find the model of the thermostat. Once you have recognized the model, you can reset them using the methods below:

Four-Button Thermostats

For a four-button thermostat, you will need to start by pressing the “MODE” button. Press it and hold it down. The “DOWN” key needs to be pressed at the same time. After two seconds, release both the buttons. Then Hold down the “FAN/OVERRIDE” button and wait until the display flashes or reads “Fd”. Release the “FAN/OVERRIDE” button and press the “MODE” button twice with a 1 to 3 seconds gap in between to complete the reset. 

Eight-Button Thermostats

To reset an eight-button thermostat, press the “MODE” and “FAN” buttons at the same time for seven seconds. Release them and press the “FAN” button again until the display blinks or the word “Fd” is displayed on it. Press the “MODE” button twice in 1 to 3 seconds gap in between to complete the reset.   

Battery Thermostats

For a battery thermostat, you will need to slide the “PROGRAM” switch to the “SET” option. After that, press and hold down the “NEXT” button. Release it once the setup opens. Then, press and release the ‘NEXT” button once. You will now need to hold down the “NEXT” button until each of the function icons display. Now, hold down the “NEXT” button again until the display says “Fd.”. It will not blink or flash this time. Once, the display shows “Fd”, press “NEXT” thrice in a row. Now slide the switch to “PROGRAM” to complete the process. 

Do Totaline Thermostats Have Batteries?

Totaline offers both battery-powered digital thermostats and wired battery backup models. A low battery alert on the screen indicates that it is time for battery replacement. It is recommended to change the battery once a year before the winter starts. You can change the batteries by yourself in just 5 to 10 minutes. In most thermostats, you will need to remove the front panel of the thermostat to access the batteries.  

Why Is My Totaline Thermostat Blank?

A Totaline thermostat may go blank for various reasons. It can be due to dead batteries, issues with the heating and cooling system, or any internal damage. 

  • Breaker Tripped: Sometimes, the thermostat runs on the home’s electrical system instead of batteries. In that case, the thermostat may be blank because of losing connections or any circuit breaker might have been tripped. You will need to reset the breaker. If it does not work, seeking professional help is advised to fix the problem or to replace the thermostat with a new one. 
  • Issue with thermostat batteries: Many times we forget to replace thermostat batteries. If the batteries have died, replace the batteries and see if it turns on. If not, call in an HVAC professional to look after the matter.
  • The Thermostat is damaged: The average life expectancy for a thermostat is about 10 years. Hence, there is a probability that your thermostat is old or damaged and needs a replacement. 
  • Issue with the HVAC system: Another possibility for the thermostat being blank is a problem with the HVAC system of your home or business. An inspection by a local HVAC professional can recognize and solve the problem and restore your Totaline thermostat. 

What Does the Red Light on My Totaline Thermostat Mean?

If the red light (emergency light) on the Totaline thermostat is flashing, it means that your outdoor unit has shut itself down due to an issue.  In such a situation, a few systems require shutting the power to the indoor unit off, and then back on. In about 10 minutes, check if the outdoor unit is functioning. If the light does not stop flashing or the outdoor unit does not work, consider calling a professional serviceman.  

Again, many systems carry a diagnostic feature. In that case, you may count the number of flashes that generally lie between 2 and 9, and then repeat itself. You can turn off the thermostat to reset the system. Then wait for 30 seconds, and turn it on. The system should restart in about 10 minutes by this process.  


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