10 Common Questions about Smart Thermostats

A smart thermostat can help your home remain a more comfortable temperature and save you money. However, despite the “smart” in its name, it requires understanding to use it effectively and receive all the benefits of one. 

Here are a few common questions people have about using their Smart Thermostats:

1. Which Smart Thermostat Does Not Need a C Wire?

2. Can a Smart Thermostat Unlock Your Front Door?

3. Can a Smart Thermostat Be Hacked?

4. Do Smart Thermostats Have Cameras?

5. Do Smart Thermostats Have Batteries?

6. Do I Need Multiple Smart Thermostats?

7. How Are Smart Thermostats Powered?

8. Why Are Smart Thermostats So Expensive?

9. Does a Smart Thermostat Increase Home Value?

10. Can a Smart Thermostat Receive Instructions from a Smartphone App?

Which Smart Thermostat Does Not Need a C Wire?

A C wire, also known as a common wire, connects the thermostat and heating or cooling system with continuous power. While it seems like all thermostats would need this, that’s not the case. Honeywell, for instance, all require a C Wire except for the Smart Round Thermostat. With Ecobee thermostats, on the other hand, you can get around needing a C wire. Each one ships with an adapter, so you don’t need to install a new wire. 

Certain Sensi thermostats don’t require a C wire, either. You, however, have to research carefully because they’re not all like that. The Sensi Wi-Fi Programmable Thermostat works on most combined heating and cooling systems without a c-wire. The Smart Thermostat, for instance, functions on most HVAC systems without the use of a C wire. You’ll need one for the Sensi Touch Smart Thermostat, though, but won’t need one for the Sensi Smart Thermostat, unless you use the Apple Functionality kit. 

Can a Smart Thermostat Unlock Your Front Door?


Yes, certain smart thermostats are able to unlock your front door. This is convenient if you want to let guests enter your home when you’re not there or want to open the door before you get home without the key. Think of how many times this could help you avoid setting down all your shopping bags you struggled to carry up. You’ll need to research the different options on the market because not all thermostats have this option. 

Can a Smart Thermostat Be Hacked?


Anything that connects over Wifi can be hacked, including smart thermostats. You might wonder why someone would care to know about the temperatures in your home and when your temperatures are higher or lower than normal. Is it really that interesting that you like to save money on your energy expenses by raising your temperatures during the summer while you’re at work?

The answer to why someone would hack a smart thermostat is simple though — the data can help a hacker determine when you’re sleeping or are home. On the contrary, the hacker can figure out when you’re not at home. This gives them information on when they could target your home. You can, however, reduce this risk by creating a strong password and hardwiring the device. 

Do Smart Thermostats Have Cameras?


Despite the rumors of hidden cameras in smart thermostats, they don’t have cameras in them. Therefore, your smart thermostat won’t spy on you. You can purchase a camera that goes inside your thermostat to hide it and watch over your home.

You can also purchase a camera separate from your thermostat to watch over your home.  

Do Smart Thermostats Have Batteries?

Many smart thermostats use C wires, which alleviates their need for batteries. The ones that require batteries work better with a C wire because this wire helps them to recharge. When it can’t recharge like this, it may draw energy from the HVAC system, which can possibly lead to problems with how the system operates. In some cases, some have replaceable batteries. You can look on the device’s screen, and it’ll show you how much battery the device has and possibly even alert you when you need to change it.

You may need to change a rechargeable battery at some point if it stops taking a charge because this type of battery can wear out over time.

Do I Need Multiple Smart Thermostats?

You don’t need to have multiple thermostats throughout your home. However, if you live in certain types of dwellings, you could benefit from having more than one thermostat. In most cases, if you need more than one thermostat, you’ll only need two. 

For example, if you have a two-story home, you’ll want two thermostats — one for each story. The same applies if you have an apartment that’s on two different levels. However, if you live in a one-story home or apartment or have a one-story business, you only need one thermostat. 

Besides floors, you should also take into consideration how many zones you have. Zones are created when you have dampers in your ductwork, which basically break a building into zones and alter the flow of heat or cold air to that particular area. If you have dampers, you’ll want to get one thermostat per damper. 

How Are Smart Thermostats Powered?


Many smart thermostats require a C wire, also known as a common wire, to power its display and functions. This is typically the best option because as long as your home has power to it, so does your thermostat.

Some thermostats offer the option of an adapter. On the other hand, you could opt for one with a battery, either a rechargeable or non-rechargeable one.

Why Are Smart Thermostats So Expensive?

When you start looking for a smart thermostat, you’ll notice you’ll have to pay quite a hefty price tag, especially when you’re looking at home with the most advanced features. 

Typically, the price of something new in the tech world is always costly initially. Once the craze starts to die down and the company receives the initial money to cover the expenses of research that it took to create the product, the prices will begin to drop. It doesn’t help that the parts require more expensive components to function than a standard thermostat.  

Additionally, smart thermostats have benefits, which make them more appealing to consumers. They can help people save money on their energy bills and make life easier. Businesses tend to keep things like this in mind when pricing them. This is why the price rises based on the features. 

Does a Smart Thermostat Increase Home Value?


A smart thermostat does increase a home’s value. People depend and thrive on the latest technology to make their lives easier and have everything they need at their fingertips available to control via their phones. Therefore, a home with the latest technology is more appealing to many, in particular, millennials.  

Appraisers have compared tech-enabled homes, such as ones with smart thermostats, compared to non-techy homes and discovered that ones with technology tend to sell for more. Additionally, they’re often easier to sell than a home without high-tech features. A study conducted regarding millennial home buyers and technology revealed that 86 percent of millennials were willing to pay more for a home with smart technology. 

Can a Smart Thermostat Receive Instructions from a Smartphone App?


That’s what makes a smart thermostat a smart thermostat; it can be controlled remotely through your phone or another internet-enabled device. You download an app on your phone that goes along with the brand of smart thermostat you have. Through the app, you sync your thermostat and your device. 

You can then control your smart thermostat from anywhere via your phone. You can turn up or down the temperature and set heating and cooling schedules. If you have a smart thermostat that also controls a smart lock on your door, you’ll be able to control it from your cell phone as well. 

Technology has come a long way throughout the years. You can now control your thermostats from anywhere with your phone. It makes life more convenient, can save money, and may even increase your home’s value, especially when you understand the technology and how to install and use it properly.