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What Is A Tado Smart Thermostat?

As homes become increasingly smart capable there is a growing number of smart integrated devices. One of the most popular devices out is the Tado smart thermostat.

Founded in Munich in 2011, Tado is a leading company in the smart thermostat market – offering top of the line products for the modern household.

Why Tado?

One of the biggest names in smart thermostat technology is Tado, below I am going to break down everything that makes them as big as they are today.

1. Easy Programming

Tado comes equipped with an all-around easy to navigate interface. Whether you want to change your setting at the thermostat or from your phone, you can set, or edit programming with ease and confidence at any time.

Tado allows you, the user, to program their heating and cooling system in time blocks. This allows you to adjust your home’s temperature differently when you’re away, or asleep for the night.

By programming your thermostat to operate at different temperatures when you’re away you create an opportunity to save money on your monthly energy costs. You can actually save up to 12% off your total energy cost by utilizing the energy-saving programming that Tado thermostats offer.

2. Local Forecast Consideration

Through wi-fi connectivity, your Tado thermostat takes the outside temperature into consideration throughout the day. By considering the amount of heat your house is getting from the sun outside, your thermostat is able to adjust its energy usage by utilizing this natural heat source.

3. Stay Up To Date On Air Quality

Tado smart thermostats send you reminders and tips on things you can do to improve the overall air quality of your home. It doesn’t stop there, Tado goes a step further by informing the user about the quality of the air outside. Apart from the weather, Tado also offers the user helpful information about the local pollen levels and overall air quality. 

Additional Perks

Your Tado smart thermostat works with you by adapting to your schedule to provide a comfortable and energy-efficient heating and cooling plan. It tracks your habits and sends you alerts and tips on extra things you can do to maximize efficiency.

One of the courtesies your Tado smart thermostat offers is that it alerts you whenever there is a window open. This can be beneficial when your HVAC system is running endlessly all because you weren’t aware that a window was open. Another thing that it lets its users know is when there is nobody in the house.

By alerting the user that nobody is home they are able to remotely decrease their home’s energy demands by shutting off or reducing their HVAC usage. This is where most of the money-saving comes into play when it comes to a smart thermostat.

Tado Models

At this time Tado only offers up one model, which is their smart thermostat v3. It comes in either a wired smart thermostat or a starter kit wireless smart thermostat. The starter kit comes with everything you need to get a smart thermostat installed in your home.

Apart from the obvious distinction, there is no difference in the functionality of the wired smart thermostat v3, and the wireless smart thermostat v3. You can purchase a starter kit directly from Tado’s website here.

While their smart thermostat is top of the line, my favorite product that Tado has to offer is their smart radiator thermostats. With one installed on each radiator in your home, you have room-specific temperature control – something previously unheard of when it comes to boiler and radiator setups.

They tie right into your Tado smart thermostat and can be controlled at the thermostat, radiator, or remotely from the Tado app on your smart device or computer. Tado’s smart radiator valve can be purchased [amazon link=” B01LXPJG23″ title=”here” /] or on Tado’s website.


With one of the best smart thermostat products on the market, it is no surprise that Tado has thrived in the last decade since its launch in 2011. Tado brings game-changing energy-efficiency to the table with its smart thermostats and smart radiator valves. If you are interested in getting a smart thermostat system for your home I urge you to consider Tado, you won’t be disappointed.