Does Ring Have A Smart Thermostat?

One of the most common smart home devices found today is the Ring video doorbell system. This allows the user remote access to their doorbell, which doubles as a camera.

At this time Ring does not produce any other smart devices, including a smart thermostat.

While the main goal of having a smart home is to have everything working together seamlessly, it kind of makes you wonder why one would need their thermostat connected to their doorbell.

Outside of just being a hobby project,  there is no real reason to connect the two devices, but there is a back-alley third party way to give the two some sort of co-functionality.

Connecting Ring to a Thermostat

The only way you can achieve any direct functionality between a Ring doorbell and a smart thermostat is by using a third-party IFTTT app. It stands for If this, then that, and it is used to further customize your smart home setup beyond the smart home’s limits.

With this app connected to your wi-fi and smart home, you can create a chain reaction between your Ring doorbell and smart thermostat. Despite its pointless function, I will highlight below how the process works with the IFTTT app.

  • If This

If somebody rings the doorbell.

  • Then That

The fan in the HVAC system kicks on.

The “Then That” step can be customized to whatever function you want. For example, you could have the heater kick on, the air conditioner, or any other function that your thermostat offers.

If you plan on trying to utilize the IFTTT app to achieve some kind of connectivity between your Ring doorbell and smart thermostat then you need to make sure your smart thermostat is compatible. Some smart thermostat models are not compatible with the IFTTT app. 

Compatible Smart Thermostats

1. [amazon link=”B08HRPDYTP” title=”Google Nest Thermostat”/]

Google’s Nest thermostat is one of the more popular options out there. It’s easy to see why, with their vast selection of colors, and modern stylish interface. It works flawlessly with your Google Home device. This thermostat is also IFTTT compatible so you can complete the final link to your Ring app.

2. [amazon link=”B07DS2KZSF” title=”Honeywell Lyric T5″/]

This is the same Honeywell that has been making thermostats since 1906. 115 years in the business means something, and if you’re not convinced yet, this top of the line Honeywell Lyric T5, IFTTT compatible smart thermostat should do the trick.

3. [amazon link=”B08BZTPMW1″ title=”Ecobee 4″/]

This was the first smart thermostat to hit the market and it has been going strong ever since. Now on the 4th edition, this model is IFTTT compatible so you can rest assured knowing it will work with Ring.

4. [amazon link=”B018RGK7UQ” title=”Carrier Cor 5c Thermostat”/]

In company for over 100 years, this carrier cor 5c thermostat promises to deliver the same Carrier quality you have come to know and love. Alexa app and IFTTT compatible this thermostat allows the last link connecting your doorbell and thermostat.


Some of us have become enthralled with all the possibilities that come along with having a fully connected smart home. If this is the case for you, it’s possible you have found yourself wondering how to connect your Ring doorbell to your smart thermostat. While the function of having these two devices is rather pointless, it can be achieved with a third party IFTTT application.