Best Line Voltage Thermostat

If you own a heater in your home, then a thermostat is essential. Not only will it aid you in regulating the room temperature with preprogrammed options, but it also allows you to minimize your power bills by maintaining the temperature at the optimal level.

The issue arises when considering which type of thermostat to buy. Line voltage thermostats are ones that connect to your power system so that they use electricity to work, in contrast to most other thermostats that typically use batteries. So, the power consumed is insignificant, making it the best thermostat solution.

To help you figure out what to look for in these thermostats, we’ll be discussing the best line voltage thermostats of 2021.

Best Line Voltage Thermostats

1. Mysa Smart Thermostat – Best Overall

Editor’s rating : 5/5 stars

Standout features:

  • App available on both iOS and Android
  • Reports power usage
  • It has a vacation mode for when you’re not home
  • Works on heating systems up to 3,800 watts

Mysa is a pretty popular company that provides first-rate thermostats, and their line voltage smart thermostat is one of their front liners. The thermostat is supposed to save up to 26% of your power costs over time. If you’re done with plain, neutral thermostats, you’ll likely appreciate the shiny and chic look of this gadget.

Besides its subtle structure, the Wi-Fi thermostat Mysa provides is decidedly useful. It can manage a temperature system of greater than 3,800W. And the best part is, it can be easily installed – you’ll appreciate this detail if you prefer doing things yourself.

The thermostat is ideally constructed for baseboard heaters. There is an app available on Android and iOS devices to allow remote control as well as provide a means to report power usage. It also provides convenient scheduling and even has a unique vacation mode that saves energy while you’re away from home. The device can be used with hubs like Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, Apple HomeKit, and IFTTT.

The Mysa smart thermostat, therefore, is overall the ideal temperature control solution for any smart home, with its wide array of features and incredible design.

2. Aube Honeywell Thermostat – Best Value Option

Editor’s rating : 5/5 stars

Standout features:

  • LED display
  • TRIAC switching
  • 7-day programmable
  • It has preprogrammed modes
  • Silent functionality

Honeywell is another extremely popular thermostat brand that develops a wide range of versatile products for heating and temp regulation. One of their feature-filled line voltage options includes the Honeywell Aube thermostat, one that works with electric baseboards, convertors, radiant ceiling heaters, and fan-forced air heaters.

The device comes with a simple push-button that can set a 7-day program designed to provide either customized or pre-programmed. Either way, you get the ideal temperature management, ranging between 400-800F, in each scenario. Another great thing about this is that the thermostat works silently, while also having an early-start option to help you calculate your optimal heating start period.

The thermostat uses TRIAC switching software which makes the operation both noiseless and precise simultaneously. It’s also ideal to use in your bedroom.  The best part is that at its price, it offers the highest accuracy on this list with a margin of ± 0.150 C and 0.270 f. So, if you have money to spare, definitely go for this device.

3. Honeywell TL8230A1003 Thermostat – Best Mid-Range Option

Editor’s rating : 4.5/5 stars

Standout features:

  • Programmable for 7 days
  • Electronic device
  • Soundproof
  • Backlit LED
  • Temp indicator

With its second product on our list, Honeywell now offers their TL8230A1003 thermostat model. It’s almost as effective as the Aube product, with a 20% reduction on energy bills as well as ideal regulation of heating in any house.

Like other programmable devices, this one is customizable, and you can choose from multiple pre-programmed settings for 7 days of continuous regulation. Also, the thermostat is built for a noiseless operation that removes the clicking sounds seen in similar devices. So, for buyers who prefer a quiet atmosphere, this feature is quite appealing.

Another great feature is that the device comes with a function indicator as well as a backlit display. This lets you know if your gadget is working properly, and you can also view temp readings easily and clearly. The device itself is electronic, offering an accuracy range of ±10F, which while not the most accurate is still good enough for normal households.

The thermostat works in 15-minute cycles and doesn’t require any batteries to work. The device also comes with power and standby buttons that allow you to manually turn off the device at the end of the season. So, for a good continuous heating system at a mid-range price, this is the ideal option.

4. KING ESP230-R MAX22 – Best Programmable Option

Editor’s rating : 4.5/5 stars

Standout features:

  • Simple dual button temp control
  • Large backlit LED
  • Compatible with most heating systems
  • Digital device

Next, we have the King electric thermostat. It is advanced, affordable, and robust, making it a worthwhile purchase. What makes the device easy to control is that it comes without any added buttons, along with a large and clear display, and a well-earned 22A rating.

The device is easy to install. It is line-powered and has three wires, so you can do it yourself or have a professional do it in no time. You just need a screwdriver along with a voltage tester to figure out the hot wires. Once done, you can quickly program the thermostat to set the day, time, and temp you need.

What’s amazing is that the set temp and room settings are well maintained, varying by only +/- one degree. It can also maintain temps for up to seven days and utilizes a memory backup so you don’t have to use the same temperature settings over and over again.

Another great thing not a lot of people know about the device is that you can set the device at 4 different times: morning, day, evening, and night. It works through all the times, and you can also change the timings for each one. The settings can also be changed each day, depending on your needs. So, for the most programmable options, this is the device to have.

5. Stelpro STZW402WB + Thermostat – Best Z-Wave Option

Editor’s rating : 4.5/5 stars

Standout features:

  • Remote control
  • Z-wave connectivity
  • Includes and ECO mode
  • Comes with a temperature sensor
  • UL certified

For people who want more stable connectivity, relying on Z-wave devices might be a good option. And that’s where the Stelpro thermostat comes in. Its stability is ideal, been responsive throughout the day. The device can be also connected to any smart hub, like HomeKit, very easily, with no chance of connection breaks, so you get a constant remote control.

The Z-wave device operates silently, unlike a lot of Wi-Fi enabled thermostats or devices that have a noisier operation when connected. The LCD is also not too bright, so light pollution is easily avoided in the house.

What’s more, the Stelpro Z-works on a 900Mhz frequency, which makes its connectivity more stable compared to other devices. Also, a lot of people could prefer the conventional LCD which keeps working all time even if there’s no touching of the screen to activate the backlight. You can also set the light to stay permanently on if you prefer it.

Since the device has a 2-wire design, the installation is also quite simple. You also get an ECO mode that saves a lot more energy, which reduces your energy bills effectively. Ultimately, for better Z-wave connectivity, this is the device to choose.

6. Honeywell Home CT410B – Best Budget Option

Editor’s rating : 4/5 stars

Standout features:

  • Metal temp sensor
  • Non-programmable
  • Controls up to 5,280W
  • Works with baseboards, convectors, and fan heaters

We’ve seen Honeywell’s high- and mid-range models. Now it’s time to view their budget line voltage thermostat that more people can enjoy if they don’t want to break the wallet. This device is one of the most cost-effective models on the market. It has a simple installation process, and is a high voltage thermostat, working with 120, 240, and 240V electric baseboard heaters.

Even at a smaller price, you get some great features. One of the most notable is its high power control, working on temp systems up to 5280 watts, which is impressive in this price range. Also, the thermostat is versatile with its non-polarized connectivity. What this means is that you connect it with both two-wire and four-wire systems.

However, with the price, you do get a programmable thermostat. The device has to be programmed manually, which means you have to set temperatures every day. This manual setup can be really hard to manage, so be sure before buying this device. But if you’re willing to put in the work for the price, it is the best option.

Line Voltage Thermostat Buyer Guide

Before perusing the list of products we’ve reviewed, you should know what exactly you’re looking for in a thermostat. Do you want it running constantly, what sort of interface do you prefer? Here’s a list of criteria you should know about before purchasing a line voltage thermostat:

i. Number of poles

A single-pole device is connected to the electrical system using two wires. You can’t turn the power off with this thermostat. The best workaround to this issue is setting a lower temperature on the device’s settings to avoid heat going up into your rooms.

Meanwhile, dual pole thermostats use four wires to connect to the electric mains. What’s more, is that the device can be powered off at any time you want. So, a double pole thermostat has this benefit over a single pole.

ii. Type of connectivity

Smart, Wi-Fi, and digital thermal devices have their benefits when working with electric baseboard heaters and other systems. A smart device has top-tier features such as voice control,  eco-friendly operations that reduce power bills by at least 10%, remote control, geofencing, auto schedules, and a lot more.

Meanwhile, a Wi-Fi device can itself be controlled remotely by your smartphones. While they lack some features such as voice control or geofencing, they make up for this in easy functionality and lower prices.

A simple digitally programmable device doesn’t come with any of these unique features, but they still manage to do a decent job of regulating temperature. The biggest advantage here is cost, so if you can’t afford a smart or Wi-Fi thermostat, you should opt for a programmable option.


What is a Line Voltage Thermostat?

A line voltage device works by regulating temperatures in houses. They can regulate and maintain the heating thresholds on electric heaters including space and baseboard heaters, furnaces, and convectors. Some of these thermostats are compatible with all kinds of heaters, while others have specific compatibilities.

As we discussed above, line voltage systems can come either as a single-pole or a double pole thermostat, and you decide which type of device suits your needs.

What is the Difference Between a Line Voltage a Low Voltage device?

A line voltage device works directly on your heating system. It can also work with a wider variety of large heater systems. This is because the device is a high voltage smart thermostat, working between 120-240 volts, which covers a larger heating system with higher power outputs, as seen in house heaters.

Meanwhile, a low voltage device is essentially a temp regulator that works on lower voltages, around 24-35V. These are used more than line voltage devices since they’re compatible with more basic heaters, consume less energy, and are more affordable.

That said, if you use them with the wrong heating system, they will end up causing more damage which can end up costing a lot more than getting a line voltage thermostat.

The Benefits of a Line Voltage Smart Thermostat

While line voltage devices cost more than low voltage thermostats and only work with specific systems, they do offer a lot of benefits you should know about:

1. Energy Saving

A line voltage thermostat can optimize the power you use to heat your house during the winter season. It ensures that your home stays heated without wasting any power. It also offers various settings that allow you to customize your heating preferences to prevent power overuse. This ultimately saves you the cost of higher energy bills in the long run.

2. Zone Options

Unlike low voltage devices, line voltage smart thermostats offer various zone options. What this means is that you can regulate and maintain the temperature in each room. So, not only does it cater to varying preferences, but it also allows you to reduce the heat settings in other empty rooms.

3. Remote Control

Line voltage smart thermostats are usually high-quality devices, with different models that can connect with your phones or computers. This means that you can control the temperature of your house wherever you are, whether you’re in different rooms or even outside the house.


Well, that’s it for our guide on the best line voltage thermostat. Hopefully, our reviews and answers will help you figure out the right thermostat option for you. For us, the Mysa smart thermostat stands out as the best line voltage smart thermostat, with its attractive design and reliable functionality. Its setup is easy and doesn’t need additional hubs.

The one flaw it has is the accuracy range, which is where the Honeywell Aube thermostat comes in. With similar features plus the added 0.15C precision, it’s a great choice if you can afford it. Our second runner-up is Honeywell’s TL8230A1003 device, which also offers the same features as the Aube model but at a more affordable price tag. If you want to check any of these products out, click our products linking to for more info.