Johnson Control Thermostat Override

Johnson Control Thermostat Override: How It Works

In the world of thermostats, one of the biggest name brands is Johnson Controls thermostats–they offer thermostats to fit all needs, including pneumatic, electro-mechanical, and digital thermostats. Unfortunately, if you’re not an HVAC specialist, figuring out your thermostat can be a little bit of a trick.

Johnson Control thermostats come with a lockout feature that prevents the user from accidentally or intentionally altering the climate control that was originally set for the thermostat.

If you want to change the temperature on a locked thermostat you have to override the system within the settings of the thermostat. Below are the specific steps to overriding your Johnson Controls thermostat.

The lockout feature that comes standard on many of the new digital thermostats on the market, especially the Johnson Controls thermostat, is put in place to prevent accidental or intentional changes to the originally set climate settings.

Johnson Controls Lockout Levels

Johnson Controls thermostats have six different levels of lockouts which serve to grant the user different permissions or access levels. The levels work as follows.

  • Lockout Level 0
  • Provides the user with the ability to alter any of the settings of the thermostat.
  • Lockout Level 1
  • This setting allows the user to change everything except the local override setting.
  • Lockout Level 2
  • The level 2 lockout allows the user to change the local override and occupied temperature setpoints.
  • Lockout Level 3
  • Level 3 lockout only allows the user to change the occupied temperature setpoints.
  • Lockout Level 4
  • Allows the user to change the local override function.
  • Lockout Level 5
  • This level provides the user with no access to any settings.

Now that you know the varying levels and the accesses that they allow the user, I am going to tell you what you need to do to unlock your Johnson Control thermostat, and have complete access to all of the settings.

Overriding a Johnson Controls Thermostat

If you don’t want a lock on your thermostat, keep reading below to find out how to reach and change the configuration and override setting on your thermostat.

In order to unlock your Johnson Controls thermostat, the first step, if you don’t already know where it’s located, is to locate your thermostat.

  • The first thing you want to do is to press and hold the C/F scale selection key for approximately 8 seconds, or until the configuration, a menu appears on the screen.
  • Once the configuration menu has shown up on the screen you want to cycle through the options by pressing the same C/F buttons until the screen reads “Lockout.”
  • When the screen is reading lockout you want to cycle through the various levels of the lockout with the up and down button until you find the desired level. For no restrictions, you will want to select lockout level 0.
  • Wait for approximately 8 more seconds and the new lockout level will be set and changes can be made to the climate control setting of your thermostat.


Thermostats are one of the most common comfort tools in homes and businesses to date. While they offer maximum comfort sometimes they can be confusing to work and understand. What I have covered today should allow you to override your Johnson Control thermostat so you can achieve optimal comfort for your home or business.