Is it cheaper to keep house at constant temperature?

Is It Cheaper to Keep Your House at a Constant Temperature? A Guide for Homeowners

No, if your system is constantly running at the same temperature, it’s using more energy (and wasting more money) than it would take to heat or cool down a house after being off for a while.

When it comes to controlling a thermostat, everyone does it differently. Some people like to set it to one temperature and barely change it from time to time, while others like to change the temperature of the thermostat constantly. 

Below, we’ll discuss the pluses when it comes to running your system less often.

Why Not Operate at a Constant Temperature?

The one advantage of keeping your thermostat at a constant temperature is the convenience it offers. Some people don’t like to put in the effort to change the air temperature of the thermostat, while others find the constant temperature comfortable and a warm house cozy. 

However, what we can’t leave out from what we mentioned above is that there aren’t many other advantages to keeping your thermostat at a constant temperature. By doing this, you will be inefficiently running your heating, ventilation, and air conditioning, also known as HVAC

Keeping the thermal heat or energy efficiency consistent inside the home is the aim of leaving the thermostat at a constant temperature. However, if the indoor temperature is higher when compared to the outdoor temperature, this means that energy will leak out more rapidly, especially when the system is running constantly. 

You can do serious damage to your utility bill if you maintain this energy leakage.

Is it cheaper to keep house at constant temperature?

How to Control the Thermostat?

One of the things you can do that is quite easy is to change your thermostat settings according to your work routine, or a routine that lasts 8 hours. What this means is that when you leave for work, you should change your thermostat to a setting that is more efficient, and then when you come back home, you can change it back.

Energy leakage is reduced with the most efficient settings. To put it in other words, try to get as close to the temperature of the outside, without making your house too hot or too cold. What’s even better is getting a programmable thermostat, so you can set your thermostat settings without needing to do any additional work.  

Final Thoughts – Is It Cheaper to Keep House at Constant Temperature?

Is it cheaper to keep the house at a constant temperature? No!

There isn’t a need to cool or heat your home if there’s no one in it. Running your system constantly will just waste your money and deplete your cooling and heating system. The better and more actively you manage the temperature in your home, the less money you will pay for your energy bills.