How do two thermostats work together?

How Do Two Thermostats Work Together? It’s Simpler Than You Think

Have you ever wondered how two thermostats work together? 

It involves a control panel that has multiple thermostats wired to it, and within the ductwork of your forced-air system, the panel operates dampers. The specific zone your thermostats are in is constantly being read by them, and according to the settings of the thermostat, the dampers open and close within the ductwork.

So, can two thermostats work together if you want a single furnace with multiple zones? 

Yes, they can! You need an additional thermostat to achieve this, as well as baffles that are electronically controlled in your heating system. Both thermostats can trigger the furnace to fire by calling for heat, and one baffle is controlled by each thermostat.

Using Nest Thermostats

You want Nest thermostats if you currently have two zones that are controlled by two thermostats, since they don’t need to be upgraded both at the same time. The auto-away settings won’t go into effect until your whole home is empty since the Nest thermostats communicate with each other. 

At night, when you come home, the Nest thermostat in your bedroom will let your Nest thermostat in your living room know, so before going to bed, you won’t have to go to the other room in order to adjust it.

How do two thermostats work together?

Having more than one Nest thermostat in your house means that they will work together to save energy in your home and keep you feeling comfortable. If your home has several thermostats, any or all of them can be replaced with a Nest thermostat. 

It is recommended that you replace one thermostat in your main living area if you plan on replacing only one of your current thermostats. This will automatically help you save energy since it will tell the best when you’re at home and it will easily learn which is the comfortable temperature that you like.

When it comes to the zones they control, each of the Google Nest thermostats has a separate schedule. Several Nest thermostats in one house don’t share the same schedule for preferred temperatures. For instance, your bedroom can be warmed up during the night, while the thermostat in your living room is turning down when you go to sleep and it isn’t hot upstairs. When you’re not home, all of your Nest thermostats that are located in your home can switch to Eco Temperatures, and once you’re back, they can also go back to your regular temperature schedule.

Final Thoughts – How Do Two Thermostats Work Together?

When it comes to controlling the temperature settings, having a thermostat in your home can create a lot of flexibility and convenience. Cooling and heating your home can be easier than ever with the right thermostat. We hope that our article has answered your question about how two thermostats work together.