can smart thermostats ruin your furnace

Can Smart Thermostats Ruin Your Furnace? What to Know

Many people worry that their smart thermostat is bad for their HVAC, or heating, ventilation, and air conditioning systems. So, are smart thermostats safe to use for your furnace and HVAC equipment, or are they going to damage it in some way?

Most of the time, your smart thermostat and furnace will play together nicely. However, malfunctions can happen and furnaces can be ruined. The reality is, these things are complicated.

The average smart thermostat is completely safe if it’s installed in a proper manner. Even though there’s a possibility of a hacker attack on a smart device, the chances are that no one will take over your air conditioner or furnace, since they have nothing to gain from it. In addition, smart and wireless modern thermostats don’t cause birth defects or other health problems.

Wiring Up The Smart Thermostat

If the wiring on the smart thermostat isn’t done correctly, then it could cause problems with your HVAC system. There are a handful of wires connected to every thermostat, or to be more precise, there are either four or five, and they lead back to your HVAC system’s electrical control board. 

can smart thermostats ruin your furnace

Each of the wires is in control of something specific. For instance, one wire is responsible for heating, while another wire is responsible for cooling, and there are other excess wires. There’s also a common wire, or a C wire, that powers the screen and does other electronic functions by providing electricity to the thermostat.

How do you know if you have a faulty thermostat? The home temperature and the setting won’t match after thermostat adjustment, there will be no change in the temperature, the HVAC will constantly run or won’t turn on without stopping, or the thermostat won’t have any power.

Smart thermostats don’t necessarily require a C wire. However, it’s recommended that they have one. You should connect your C wire to your thermostat if it includes one, since many issues happen because there is no C thermostat wiring.

Final Thoughts 

Can smart thermostats ruin your furnace? 

Yes, it can. That said, a proper smart thermostat will make your home a comfortable temperature, prolong the life of your furnace, and lower the energy bill. 

The wrong type of smart thermostat can cause some issues, including issues that will affect your furnace. When getting a smart thermostat, make sure that you do research and that you make the right choice.