What Is The Cost Of Installing A Smart Thermostat?

Installing a smart thermostat in your home is an investment and you should expect the average cost to have a thermostat installed to be around $250-$300. If you install it yourself it could cost as little as $120, or whatever the cost of the thermostat is.

The overall cost is highly affected by your method of installation. If you plan on installing the thermostat yourself then the only cost of the installation is going to be the cost of the programmable thermostat you buy.

If you hire an electrician or an HVAC technician then you can expect to spend around $300 for both the thermostat and the installation. This could vary depending on if you are paying them per hour or per job.

Best Smart Thermostats

The growing list of thermostats available on the market today can be daunting when trying to decide on which one is right for your home. There is a large selection of dependable and affordable options out there. If your question is how much does it cost then read on, below I am going to go over some of the best ones on the market today.

All of the models listed below are programmable, control both the heating and cooling systems in your home, and are wi-fi dependant. Thermostat costs vary depending on the type you decide to get, below are some of the more common ones in a range of different prices and styles.

1. [amazon link=”B08HRPDBFF” title=”Google Nest” /]

Google’s Nest programmable thermostat is one of the more popular options out there. It’s easy to see why, with their vast selection of colors, and modern stylish interface. It works flawlessly with your Google Home device.

2. [amazon link=”B075BF6V58″ title=”Honeywell Home” /]

This is the same Honeywell that has been making thermostats since 1906. 115 years in the business means something, and if you’re not convinced yet, this top of the line smart thermostat should do the trick.

They have come a long way and they continue to offer front-line innovations with this programmable smart thermostat.

3. [amazon link=”B01N3CEUDH” title=”Emerson Sensi”/]

Newer to the market is the stylish touch-screen model offered up by Emerson. No less a contender – this smart thermostat is compatible with all smart home devices, and it looks just as good as any other model on the market today.

4. [amazon link=”B07W6XVSGY” title=”Bosch Smart Thermostat”/]

Long-time toolmaker decided to get some skin in on the thermostat game, and I’m glad they did. This is one of the latest smart thermostats and the most affordable option on the list, and it comes with no sacrificed quality.

5. [amazon link=”B06W56TBLN” title=”Ecobee Smart Thermostat” /]

This was the first smart thermostat to hit the market and it has been going strong ever since. This model comes equipped with motion detectors, so instead of having to program the times you want your thermostat to shut off, it automatically shuts off when there is no movement detected. This makes it a great choice for those who are a little more forgetful.

Installing a Smart Thermostat

This step is going to make or break the cost of your smart thermostat installation. Installing a smart thermostat is pretty simple, especially when you follow the installation manual that comes with your specific model.

You can save a good chunk of change by installing the thermostat yourself. The wiring is simple and the complete installation can be done with nothing more than a screwdriver.

If you aren’t comfortable installing the thermostat yourself then you can expect to be set back an additional $100-$150 to have a professional come out and install it. But the extra cost might be worth the peace of mind that comes along with knowing the job was done right.


The cost to install a thermostat is dependent upon the model and method of installation that you choose. If you install the thermostat yourself then you can expect to spend nothing more than the cost of the thermostat. 

The additional cost comes if you decide to have a professional install your new thermostat. You can expect to spend a chunk of extra money having a professional do the job, but you can be assured that the job is going to be done right.

You should always call multiple places to find out how much the job is going to cost – get free estimates so you can be sure you are getting the best price out there.