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Best Aquarium Heater Controllers of 2021 Review

If you are an aquarium enthusiast, you’ll want to ensure that your fishes live their lives to the fullest inside their ecosystems. That’s where aquarium heater controllers come in.

Heaters do a fantastic job of maintaining a healthy ecosystem for aquatic life to thrive. But it can be tricky picking the right one for your aquarium. So, we’ve decided to provide you with a list of the best aquarium heater controllers of 2021.

Best Aquarium Heater Controllers Reviews

1. Eheim Jager – Best Overall

Rating: 5/5 stars

Key Features:

  • Power: 25-300 W
  • Temperature: 65-93°F
  • Fully submersible
  • Minimal design
  • Shock-resistant
  • Thermal safety control

The Eheim Jager utilizes its submersible design to provide a steady heat transference throughout your aquarium’s water. A modest and inconspicuous look also reduces any visible or visual issues typically found with other radiators.

The device is made with impact-resistant and pollutant-lacking materials which means you won’t have to concern yourself with artificial substances collecting n your tank water over time.

While searching for more powerful aquarium temperature controllers, you will have to reflect on the size restraints these can put on your fish tank. That’s one of the only discernable drawbacks to this heater. With increasing wattage needs, you’ll also have to deal with more extensive space requirements. Remember this fact if you want to maintain an exact look in your aquarium.

The primary safety in the heater is its Thermo Safety Control. It ensures that the device works without worrying about the tank running dry. As soon as it loses contact with the water, the heater shuts down; this is a foolproof way to maintain your tank, while also allowing for easy installation. If you decide to alter or adjust your aquarium at any point, the feature also protects against the heater’s potential being turned off on accident.

With a temperature choice ranging from 65 to 93° F, the Eheim Jager provides thermal conditions and climates that meet most aquarium standards. Strikingly clear readouts, internal temperature sensors, and an easily discernable LED display make the device pretty accurate as well. Its TruTemp dial also provides you with hassle-free and straightforward control within a half of a degree.

Ultimately, the EHEIM Jager is a fully-featured submersible fish tank heater that offers dependable functionality, smooth design, and extensive safety features at a reasonable price point.

2. Orlushy – Best Budget Option

Rating: 5/5 stars

Key Features:

  • Power: 100-500 W
  • Temperature: 68-89°F
  • Affordable
  • Suitable for both reef and freshwater tanks
  • Thick quartz glass for safety
  • Minimal design

For aquarium owners looking to save their wallets without giving up on protection or value, this is a valuable aquarium temperature controller option. The Orlushy’s shiny and nominal design makes it easy to install out of view in any fish tank. Excellent resources and wattage options also make it a versatile choice for all kinds of fish owners, whether they have fresh or saltwater tanks.

The biggest power size, which has a 300W heating element, is appropriate for tanks more than 50 gallons in size. With the 150W model being the most compact one available, the device may not be the ideal heater choice for individual tank owners based on size alone. People with smaller aquariums may be better off with the Orlushy Mini instead.

The excellent safety design of this aquarium temperature controller is characteristic of its materials and profile quality. The device is shockproof, designed using 2mm thick quartz glass. Its automatic shutdown option also avoids overheating. Both of these features provide you with a heat-resistant aquarium temperature controller that is both harmless and sturdy.

The heater’s thermal control and display don’t always deliver accurate figures. It is a likely concern for tank owners who have to be completely confident in their aquarium’s temperature. People with particular types of fish and exotic marine life might want to look for another aquarium temperature controller because of this fact.

Regardless, the thermal accuracy is substantial with this device. The controls provide temperature precision within a degree. The model’s thermal calibration system accomplishes accuracy without needing to change the dials repeatedly.

Overall, the Orlushy submersible tank heater is an inexpensive choice that’s ideal for both beginners and practiced aquarium enthusiasts alike. It offers some unique safety features and straightforward temperature controls that everyone can enjoy.

3. hygger – Best Premium Option

Rating: 5/5 stars

Key Features:

  • Power: 50-200 W
  • Temperature: 32-104°F
  • Titanium heater designed for durability
  • Pinpoint accuracy up to half a degree
  • Automatic shutdown safety system

hygger emphasizes “pinpoint” when describing their aquarium heater controller, and for a good reason. This saltwater tank submersible heater provides some remarkable temperature regulation which offers precision in any tank setting.

This corrosion-resistant titanium heater, with rights reserved, makes glass material obsolete, a feature found in most aquarium temperature controllers in this price range.

Most well-known in the category of safety is the device’s automatic shutdown feature. When the controller reaches the chosen temperature, it automatically shuts off without any input from the user. The shutdown averts overheating and reduces the likelihood of a shock. The model’s titanium design also protects against breaking and erosion.

The device has an inbuilt double LCD for pinpoint reading precision. That said, the real standout feature with regards to temperature is the aquarium temp controller’s temperature probe. hygger has thermal control ranging from 32 to 104 degrees Fahrenheit, outdoing every other contender on our list. On top of that, it also provides you with impressive temperature control of half a degree.

With all that in mind, hygger comes out to be a superb submersible heat controller, utilizing anticorrosive materials and precise thermal controls to give both durability and precision.

4. Fluval M50 – Best Looking

Rating: 4.5/5 stars

Key Features:

  • Power: 50-200 W
  • Temperature: 66-86°F
  • Reflective design for an adaptive look
  • Easy installation
  • Protective borosilicate glass

The Fluval M50 is an excellent submersible heater option for several reasons. First of which is that it uses reflective mirroring so that its build can meld in with the rest of your tank. It makes the device stand out from other competitors like the Cobalt Aquatics heater, which is harder to conceal.

The temperature dial is easy to work and provides you with an extraordinary thermal range that should be ideal for most tropical water tanks. The controller is also well-suited for both marine and freshwater tanks.

Since the aquarium temp controller is only available in power options up to 200 watts, people with larger aquariums may have to go with a heater that provides more wattage models. To put it figuratively, if your aquarium has a larger capacity than 150 gallons, then just the Fluval M50 won’t be enough. In such instances, an aquarium temp controller like the Eheim Jager is the better choice.

The backbone of this heater’s safety demand is in its materials. On its own, it comes without any unique safety systems like overheating protection or automatic shutdowns. Even so, it utilizes high-grade borosilicate glass and a dense ceramic, both of which provide excellent heat and impact protection.

Although not as plentiful as some other aquarium temp controller thermal ranges, this model can still meet the specific thermal aquarium temperature standards, ranging from 66 to 86 degrees Fahrenheit. The dial also makes it easy to set the temperature, so temp control is well-designed.

Ultimately, what stands out with the Fluval M50 is its thoughtful design that lets the heater blend in with the rest of your aquarium. Add in easy installation and outstanding safety features, and it’s a great aquarium heater controller.

5. Mylivell – Safest

Rating: 4.5/5 stars

Key Features:

  • Power: 100-300 W
  • Temperature: 65-93°F
  • Dual suction cups with grip safety
  • Clear and visible LED displays
  • Multiple safety features

Mylivell uses an automated thermostat to regulate the temperature in your aquarium. The temperature range is quite substantial, and the device is designed using high-grade material to add to its safety appeal.

The problem here is that the device has a design that can’t be missed. If you wish to hide your aquarium device entirely, there are better options. You’ll also find that certain fishes in your aquarium are even sidetracked by the device when it’s installed.

Even so, this heater excels in terms of safety. The double suction cup function disperses any worries about the device collapsing in the tank. Its structure is also quite sturdy. The controller uses robust quartz glass and has dual seals. Its plug is also highly polarized, so you won’t have to concern yourself with shocks.

This controller’s thermal range is 65 to 93 degrees Fahrenheit, basically covering the standard temperatures required to sustain a consistent ecosystem full of exotic fish. Its auto thermostat lets you see the current climate and adjust the settings as you continue checking.

In the end, safe and secure suction cups, along with their other safety features, make Mylivell an ideal choice if you want to lessen your concerns when maintaining your tank’s water temperature.

6. FREESEA – Best Adjustable Option

Rating: 4.5/5 stars

Key Features:

  • Power: 50-300 W
  • Temperature: 65-95°F
  • Automatic thermal control
  • One-year warranty
  • Shockproof design

FREESEA is available in a few main sizes, which is excellent for people who want a broader temperature range, more safety options, and automated thermal control. A smart thermal system guarantees that the radiator only operates if your tank’s internal temperature drops below the level you set. The heater also comes with a warranty for a year, completing the package.

The core features a shockproof design that guards against overheating and smashes. The automatic thermal control certifies that the device doesn’t make the water in your tank too hot. The device also has an auto-shutoff option to secure the safety of the model further.

FREESEA has a flexible temperature scale ranging from 63 to 95 degrees Fahrenheit. Some users have complained that the accuracy of the device isn’t always on point, so the temperature readings may not be the exact value shown. Surplus condensation can also make it challenging to establish the precise temperature reading on the heater’s display.

While not the most accurate, this aquarium temp controller is still a remarkable smart model that utilizes an automatic temperature regulation system, so you don’t have to worry about adjustments.

7. – Best Compact Option

Rating: 4/5 stars

Key Features:

  • Power: 10 W
  • Temperature: ~78°F
  • Ideal for smaller tanks
  • Shockproof
  • Affordable
  • Suction cups for mounting

If you’re delving into fish owing and aquarium maintenance for the first time, then it would be best to look for a smaller heater controller. The Aqueon heater controller is an excellent choice for people with small beginner tanks. Not only is it affordable, but it also does its job right by providing easy installation and a shockproof design. For fish owners with aquariums bigger than  2.5 gallons, you’re better off with a larger and more powerful heater.

The Aqueon comes with suction cups for calm mounting to avoid snags with accidents. Its radiator also uses toughened materials to defend against any unsolicited damage to both the heater or the tank.

You can’t expect this heater to be chock-full of features at its size. With just 10 watts of power, it provides heating and cooling capabilities for most compact tanks containing a few exotic fish. You don’t get any remarkable LCDs or indicators. The climate will keep at about 78 degrees, though the small capacity of the tank should also result in temperature variations of a few degrees.

In such cases, people with small tanks who want more accuracy may prefer heaters that come with digital displays, like the Orlushy Mini. Even so, the Aqueon is a brilliant entry-level heater for novices or those with compact tanks and less fish.

8. ViaAqua – Best Saltwater Option

Rating: 4/5 stars

Key Features:

  • Power: 200 W
  • Temperature: 68-93°F
  • Quartz glass protection
  • LED indicators
  • Fully submersible
  • Affordable

The build of this 100% submersible heater controller leaves a lot to be desired. ViaAqua uses first-class collision-resistant quartz glass, making the heater shatterproof. It’s compatible with both freshwater or saltwater tanks, and its suction cups add to the model’s easy installation.

In terms of safety, this quartz glass guards your heater against breaking during slips, falls, impacts or drops. Its material also makes it very sturdy, meaning that you’ll be investing in a healthy lifespan. The suction cups also provide additional safety when fixing the heater internally.

The heater’s temperature range is respectable, ranging from 68 to 93 degrees Fahrenheit. These values should be ideal for maintaining ideal conditions for most exotic fish.

Once mounted and fully inundated under your aquarium’s water surface, the heater controller utilizes an LED display that indicates when it’s working. Some customers have complained about inaccurate readings, but this might just be a fault of the heater’s installation rather than an issue with the controller itself.

Overall, the ViaAqua is a standard heater with fine glass and temperature options that adapt well in reef tanks, so it’s the best aquarium temperature controller for any saltwater tank owner.

9. – Best Option for Medium Tanks

Rating: 4/5 stars

Key Features:

  • Power: 50-100 W
  • Temperature: 65-93°F
  • Ideal for medium-sized tanks
  • External light display
  • External thermal control

Those with small to medium-sized aquariums will find it easy to get a low wattage heater for their tanks. But many compact heaters lack the features and systems that tank owners tend to expect from larger controllers. With the Orlushy Mini, you get the benefits of a large heater in a smaller model.

Along with being the optimal size for medium-sized tanks, the Orlushy Mini is also useful in other contexts, such as working as a hydroponic system. For instance, the heater has external temperature controls, meaning you won’t have to go through the hassle of fiddling inside your tank to change any settings.

Because of its smaller size, the heater’s additional layers may not be enough to protect it from damage over time. That said, since it’s a smaller device meant only for smaller aquariums, falls and impacts don’t pose as much a danger as seen in bigger tanks. The external controls and elongated power cord also prevent the potential of an electric shock occurring during installation and adjustments.

This model shows a remarkable temperature range for a compact heater, ranging between 65 and 93 degrees Fahrenheit. Furthermore, The device’s external LED display lets you easily view accurate temperature readings. An LED indicator also shows you when the heater’s in use.

Overall, this powerful but small tank heater comes is the ideal option for people with medium-sized tanks.

10. Cobalt Aquatics Neo-Therm – Most Durable

Rating: 3.5/5 stars

Key Features:

  • Power: 25-300 W
  • Temperature: 66-96°F
  • Available in multiple sizes
  • Flat and fully submersible
  • 3-year warranty
  • Impact-resistant and durable design

The Cobalt Neo-Therm is designed flat and nominal, setting it apart from other contenders in the market with a more tubular structure. Its flat, thin profile makes it ideal for people who might want to fit in more aquatic life into their tanks without the tank being too cramped.

This visual treat isn’t the only attractive thing about this model. It also functions well, providing precise temperature readings. It is also extremely durable, with a hard, shatterproof external casing guarding the heater’s more vulnerable internal components.

A liberal three-year warranty also boosts the user’s confidence in the heater’s durability and features. That said, all of these features and systems together make the controller a bit more pricey than other competitors. It’s certainly not the best choice for tank owners who don’t wish to break the wallet.

The device boasts an inner temperature modulating system that turns off in case of overheating. The method avoids the typical breakages you’d see in other aquarium heater controllers. With the added shatterproof casing, you won’t have to worry about any damage to your heater or tank in case of any falls.

The Cobalt Aquatics Neo-Therm device has a precision interval of half a degree. It makes temperature control easier for those who may have specific temperature requirements in their tank’s water. Conspicuous LED displays also make it easy to keep an eye on the internal temperatures of your tank.

Ultimately, a robust casing and superb materials, with the addition of a 3-year warranty, make the Neo-Therm heater a secure purchase for many tank owners.

Buying Guide: Aquarium Heater Controller

You have to consider many factors before purchasing an aquarium heater controller, to make sure that the internal of your tank is maintained correctly and efficiently with the right heater:

Type of fish

What type of fish are you keeping? Certain species, such as tetras, guppy fishes, angelfish, and betta fishes, enjoy their water to be very warm and highly consistent for long periods. Meanwhile, swordtails and barbs, are a little sturdier and can endure regular water temperature changes.

Tank size

If you own a large aquarium tank, you may need to consider installing two compact heaters to keep the water consistently warm. So, think about placing these devices at parallel ends of the aquarium to maintain ideal heat coverage.

Heater tube size

You have to ensure your heater tube’s length is compatible with your tank’s height or size. Heat rises, which means your heater should be able to cover both the height and length of the tank, respectively. The thickness of your aquarium walls also matters since they determine how slowly heat escaped into the surrounding air.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best aquarium heater controller?

When it comes to deciding which aquarium heater controller is the best, many things have to be considered. The contenders we listed above have the most features that would make different aquarium owners call them the best. Moreover, each manufacturer is entrusted and reliable, and has been tested by both customers and industry standards for years. You wouldn’t have any doubt in their operation, resilience, safety profile, heating, and cooling capacity or accuracy.

While all of them have their advantages, we picked the Eheim Jager digital heater as the best aquarium heater controller. Aquarists methodically verify it since being released for its exceptional heating with exactness and robustness. The device also comes with high-quality safety features, which would be the primary concern for most fish owners.

In conclusion, the best aquarium temperature controller for you may be completely different, which is okay. Every tank owner has different preferences and criteria; you should know what you need in your heater.

What watt heater do I need for my fish tank?

Choosing the heater with the ideal wattage rating is very critical. Below is a reference table you can look through to figure out which heating or cooling capacity you should own.

Size of an aquarium Heater wattage to increase 5F Heater wattage to increase 10F in gallons.

5 50 50

10 50 50

20 50 100

30 100 100

55 150 150

75 200 200

90 200 250

Heater wattage to increase 15F








Can aquarium heaters kill fish?

A: Aquarium heater controllers can burn your fish, but the incidence of this is sporadic at best. Depending on the aquatic life, different species can get stuck in the glass or the heater, or the case of a horizontal heater, they may think it is an ideal place to sleep. The heater glass can break against the tank walls, gravel, or ornaments, potentially killing your fish via electrocution. So, you can buy affordable heater guards to defend your fish against this possibility.

How do I control the temperature of my aquarium?

A: There are plenty of versions of aquarium heaters available today that come preset, while others may have a readout on the side of the heater with a control knob or dial to set the temperature. If you decide to go with a non-preset heater, look to see if its indicator is on. If it shows, the heater is on, turn your thermostat down cautiously until the LED light switches off. Let the heater be for about a half-hour and then return to check if you’ve reached the desired temperature.

If your tank still needs to be heated up, pause until the heater’s indicator turns off and then cautiously switch the thermostat up till the light comes back on. Once the light turns on, leave the device for half an hour or more once again. If the desired temperature is still not reached after this, repeat the process. If the reading is right, you are done.


The safety and well-being of your aquatic life should always come first when choosing what aquarium heater controller to get. Based on the list given, you should find the one that best fits your needs. In addition to that, you must also be sure that the heater is not merely about buying and setting it up, since you also have to sustain it so that its lifespan and the health of your fish are maintained for a more extended period.

We chose the Eheim Jager heater as the best aquarium heater controller since it offers such a wide variety of safety features, temperature controls, durability, and affordability all in one package. If you wish to research further, simply click the Amazon links for each product, or contact us through our email address. Hopefully, our list helps you find the right heater for your little aquatic friends!