Vine TJ-919 Review

Smart thermostats help you have control over your HVAC systems so that you can set the temperature that suits your needs best. What sets them apart from traditional thermostats is their energy-saving capabilities.

Smart thermostats are often Energy Star certified as well, thus ensuring maximum energy saving. Smart thermostats can often be confused with programmable or wifi-enabled thermostats, but smart thermostats are often programmable and wifi-enabled in addition to their smart features.

Thus, investing in a smart thermostat might be a hefty expense, but it is worth it in the long run. Smart thermostats have a lot of functions that can add more convenience and comfort to your home.

Smart thermostats often come with support for other smart home systems that allow you to give commands to the thermostat instead of manually or remotely controlling the thermostat.

Many smart thermostats support systems like Amazon Alexa, Apple HomeKit, and Google Home Assistant. Also, smart sensors detect activity at home and automatically adjust settings to more energy-efficient ones when the house is not occupied.

That’s not all, some smart thermostats also have advance learning capabilities and algorithms that help the thermostat recognize your thermostat patterns and then using those they make automatic changes in the schedules. 

Choosing the Right Thermostat

However, picking a smart thermostat is not an easy task. It is crucial that you pick one that is under your budget, is compatible with your HVAC and smart home systems.

Thus, simply going for a smart thermostat recommended by someone else may not be the best idea. I too fell prey to my cousin’s recommendation of his smart thermostat and ended up getting one that would not work with my smart home system. Thus, I researched smart thermostats again and that is when the Vine TJ-919 smart thermostat caught my eye.

By the end of this review, you will know whether the Vine TJ-919 smart thermostat is a good fit for your home.

Who should buysmart thermostats?

The first precondition to buying a smart thermostat is having a continuous connection to the internet. Smart thermostats allow you to connect with other devices such as your smartphone or smart home system through the internet.

Thus, if you have an internet connection you’re good to go. The next thing you must have before you purchase a smart thermostat is an HVAC system. Getting a thermostat without an HVAC system makes no sense, so if you don’t have one, you should consider getting that before.

Since smart thermostats can be remotely controlled no matter where you are from your smartphones, a person who goes on vacations a lot should invest in one. It will allow you to know whether the heating or cooling at home is running or not and if you can set the temperature to what you want before you come back home.

Moreover, handicapped people and visually impaired people can also benefit from smart thermostats as they can give voice commands to the thermostat instead of even having to find the smartphone to change the settings from that.

Smart thermostats are generally easy to install, so you do not have to worry about paying additional installation charges. If you have a c-wire connection then a smart thermostat is a good option to opt for, as most smart thermostats come with c-wires.

Factors to consider before buying Smart Thermostats


Electrically powered systems (non-battery), need a c-wire to be constantly connected to the wifi and thus, many smart thermostats these days require a c-wire connection.

If you do not have a c-wire connection and your smart thermostat needs a c-wire plugged in, then there is a chance your system will be damaged if you do not get the rewiring done. However, nowadays smart thermostats come with c-wire adapters and some don’t even require a c-wire connection, although it is highly recommended.


Smart thermostat installation is pretty simple and straightforward thanks to the manuals and guides they come with in addition to the vast number of YouTube videos out there. Most smart thermostats take 30-45 minutes on average to be installed unless the thermostat is more high tech because of its advanced features. In that case, you should get a professional installation.


Many smart thermostats are equipped with geofencing, which essentially is a feature that allows your thermostat to detect whether your phone’s GPS is in range. If it is out of the perimeter it adjusts the temperature to a more energy-saving one. Similarly, if the phone is in range then it lets the temperature stay where you kept it.

HVAC system compatibility

Most smart thermostats nowadays are compatible with a wide range of HVAC system types. However, if your system is anything but a low-voltage system then you should make sure your thermostat supports it. Most smart thermostat companies such as Honeywell and Ecobee now provide online compatibility checkers. This provides one with greater convenience.

Smart home integration

This is usually the feature that sets a smart thermostat apart from a regular programmable one. Many smart thermostats either come with smart home systems already integrated into them or they are supported by them. Amazon Echo, Google Home Assistant, and Apple HomeKit are the most common smart home systems compatible with smart thermostats.

However, this varies from model to model. So make sure to get a smart thermostat that is supported by your smart home system.

Vine TJ-919 Smart Thermostat and its Alternatives

The Vine TJ-919 Smart Thermostat is budget-friendly, programmable, and has a modern and traditional touch to it. The programmability of this thermostat is a bit advanced than others in the same price range.

Considering you can program it seven days a week, up to eight times a day. It is a smart thermostat that you can control with other devices. Such as the Amazon Alexa and the Google Home Assistant. It is available on both Androids and iOS.

Hence, the Vine app gives remote access to the user’s smartphones, tablets, or laptops. Moreover, it has a 4.5 inch LCD touchscreen which features a safety lock and LED nightlight. Furthermore, it is a 24V system compatible with standard 2H/2C, heat pump, and heat/cool only systems.

The Vine TJ-919, while it is a very economical and power-saving thermostat, it requires a c-wire connection. While it is a good fit for someone who already has a c-wire connection. However, you will have to get a new connection if you don’t. Alternatively, there are other smart thermostats in this price range that do not require a c-wire connection.

Emerson Sensi thermostat

The Emerson Sensi thermostat is a few dollars cheaper than the Vine thermostat and in addition to being compatible with Amazon Alexa, it can also connect with Wink. However, it does not have a colored touchscreen like the Vine and Emerson Sensi do not have geofencing features.

Nest Learning thermostat

While it is understandable that if you are investing in a smart thermostat then you want it to have all the basic functions of a programmable thermostat and also for it to have smart features. Thus, if you are looking for a thermostat that has automatic capabilities in addition to the basic ones, then the Nest Learning thermostat is highly popular.

Not only does it not need a c-wire, but it is a very expensive thermostat compared to the Vine. It has advanced learning capabilities that make it very smart. It learns the temperature patterns and automatically adjusts the temperature once it does.

Honeywell Home T5

However, if you are looking for another option that has more smart features than the vine, then the Honeywell Home T5 is a good option. It is overall a good smart thermostat that is more expensive than the Vine but less expensive than the Nest Learning thermostat. Unfortunately, it too requires a c-wire, features geofencing, is compatible with Amazon Alexa and the Apple HomeKit.


  • Compatible with Amazon Alexa and Google Home Assistant
  • Budget-friendly
  • Flame-resistant material
  • 480 x 854 pixels screen resolution
  • Compatible with 1 or 2-Heat, 1-Cool, Heat or Cool only, and Heat Pump Systems
  • 7 Day programmable
  • 23% Energy saving


  • The C-wire connection is a must
  • Does not have geofencing
  • Wifi connectivity issues


1. Energy Saving

The Vine guarantees about 23% saving annually on their user’s electricity bills. Also, it gives frequent usage reports and insights that can help you understand how to save more.

2. Warranty and Assistance

It offers a 3-year warranty and lifetime technical and customer support. Not just this, the Vine also comes with the option to return the thermostat within three months without providing any reason. Furthermore, they also provide manuals, video libraries, and on-call or live chat assistance.

3. Compatibility with HVAC systems

The Vine Smart Thermostat is a 24V system,. It is compatible with HVAC systems such as standard 2 heat and 2 cool systems, heat pump systems (with or without emergency heat), and heat or cool only Systems. Although it requires a c-wire to work properly, it can also use an AC-24V power adapter. You will have to purchase that separately.

4. Installation

The Vine thermostat is easy to install and most users say 30 minutes on average. Thanks to its useful user guide.

5. Compatibility with smart devices

By downloading the Vine app on your smartphone, tablet, or laptop, you can remotely control the thermostat without having to get up. Moreover, it is also compatible with the Amazon Alexa and Google Home Assistant. So you can also give it voice commands instead of finding your phone first.

What users think of the Vine TJ-919 Smart Thermostat

According to my research on the Vine thermostat, many users appreciate the ease with which they were able to install the thermostat. The software was also easy to install on the smartphone and smart home systems.

Many users also find that the smartphone app is easy to navigate than the actual device. Additionally, most users highly appreciate the programmability of the thermostat. You have various options such as different settings for the summer and winter, etc.

Generally, users appreciate its basic and simple features as it does the job well. And also helps add comfort to the users’ homes.

Final thoughts on the Vine TJ-919 Smart Thermostat

Overall the Vine TJ-919 is a simple, convenient, energy-saving programmable thermostat that can connect to smart home systems. Its easy installation, budget-friendly price, and compatibility make it a good buy for those who want simple features.

That being said, its c-wire requirement, unreliable connectivity to the wifi, and lack of support for Apple HomeKit may make a user opt for another alternative. Apart from that, it can let you change your home’s heating and cooling without being at home.

The Vine TJ-919 Smart Thermostat is energy-saving and the user-reports are quite insightful. However, if you are looking for a smart thermostat with advanced features then this is not it.

Moreover, if you do not want to get a c-wire connection installed, then you should go for other alternatives. At the end of the day, we should choose that smart thermostat that is within our budget. And one which is also compatible with our HVAC system.

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