Trane XR724 Programmable Thermostat Review

Manual thermostats are now being replaced with programmable, wifi-enabled, and smart ones. The reason for the shift is because they are easier to operate, can support other smart devices, or simply because they save energy costs. Smart thermostats learn your temperature patterns and adjust the heating or cooling based on those when you are not home.

While programmable thermostats also save energy but only if you have programmed them right. What’s more is most smart thermostats also generate reports on your energy-saving, so that you are tracking it as well.

 Additionally, Wifi-enabled thermostats allow you to have remote control access to the thermostat from your smartphone. It is thus important before you invest in a thermostat that you know which type you are buying.

We generally recommend smart thermostats because they can connect with your smart home ecosystem such as Amazon Echo, Apple HomeKit, and Google Home Assistant, etc. This allows you to control the temperature of your HVAC system with your voice. Thus, smart thermostats add to your convenience, comfort, and, the environment at home.

Picking a thermostat that suits your needs best isn’t an easy task since it requires you to know a few things beforehand. My knowledge was also very limited, which is why I also made the mistake of buying one that was based on someone else’s recommendation.

While I was researching for one that suits my needs more I came across the Trane XR724 Programmable Thermostat. This review will help you know all that you need to know about the Trane XR724.

Who should buy smart thermostats?

If you are someone who wants the ease of accessing your thermostat with the palm of your hands, no matter where you are, then a smart thermostat is a good fit for you. You will no longer have to worry about reducing or increasing the temperature inside before leaving because you will be able to do it from a smartphone.

If you are someone who doesn’t even want to do the hassle of adjusting it from your smartphone, then you can also give your home assistant a command to do so. Therefore, people who already have a smart home device should opt for a smart thermostat.

If you are going on a vacation and you worry about the temperature inside the house, then a smart thermostat will provide you remote access to your thermostat back home.

More importantly, if you are tired of paying hefty bills because of your HVAC system, then a smart thermostat will be a worthwhile investment. It will help you save energy costs because of their ability to adjust the temperature automatically by detecting when no one is home.

Most wifi-enabled thermostats also provide outdoor weather updates and have the ability to adjust the indoor settings accordingly. Thus, if you are someone who has an HVAC system, are tired of your old manual thermostat, and are looking for more comfort around the house, then a smart thermostat is for you.

Factors to consider before buying Smart Thermostats:


Most smart thermostats come with the c-wire, which means you need to have a c-wire connection installed before. Although, nowadays many thermostats also come with c-wire adapters so that you do not have to especially get a new connection for it. The c-wire essentially helps the thermostat to continuously connect to the wifi.


Before purchasing a thermostat you need to check whether it is even compatible with your HVAC system. There are many different kinds of stages for heating and cooling systems. You need to make sure that the thermostat you want supports the HVAC system you have already installed.

Similarly, it must also support the voltage. Many brands like Ecobee and Honeywell now also provide only compatibility checkers, so you do not have to go through the hassle of hiring a technician.


Nowadays people mostly install smart thermostats without the help of a technician.However, some models are more complicated than others because of their advanced features and thus require professional installation. If you wish to do yours yourself then you should get a smart thermostat which is known for its easy installation.

[amazon link=”B081FKMKQ8″ title=”Trane XR724 Programmable Thermostat and its Alternatives” /]

The Trane XR724 is a wifi-enabled, touchscreen, programmable thermostat which is also supported by Nexia smart home. It allows you to control the thermostat remotely whenever and wherever you are.

Moreover, it features humidity sensors, reminder alerts, and Z-wave technology that provides the ideal temperature that you want. It has a 4.3 inch LCD that comes in black and white colors and looks sophisticated in your house.

Additionally, it has upgradable software, screen lock, Energy Saving Mode, and alert service for your ease. Moreover, it is made for up to 4 stage heating and 2 stage cooling systems including heat pumps, boilers, and dual-fuel systems.

[amazon link=”B06W56TBLN” title=”Ecobee 3 Lite” /]

Trane is, however, a pretty expensive thermostat in comparison to others in the market. The [amazon link=”B06W56TBLN” title=” Ecobee 3 Lite” /], for example, is almost $100 less than the Trane XR724, has smart sensor technology, and is compatible with far more popular smart home systems than Nexia. However, it does lack the humidity sensors that are found in the Trane XR724.

[amazon link=”B01NB1OB0I” title=”Emerson Sensi thermostat” /]

The [amazon link=”B01NB1OB0I” title=”Emerson Sensi thermostat” /] is an even cheaper alternative to the Ecobee 3 Lite and Trane XR724, which also supports smart home integration with Amazon Alexa, Google Home, Apple HomeKit, Samsung SmartThings, etc. However, both the Emerson Sensi and Ecobee 3 Lite lack the humidity sensor which is what sets the Trane XR724 apart. That being said, the Emerson Sensi thermostat is much cheaper than both the other models.

[amazon link=”B0131RG6VK” title=”Nest Learning thermostat” /]

Another option is the [amazon link=”B0131RG6VK” title=”Nest Learning thermostat” /], which is around the same price range as the Trane XR724 because of its learning capabilities. The thermostat learns your schedule within the first few days.

Then, it automatically adjusts the temperature based on the patterns it learns. It too supports a range of smart home assistants and is popular for its energy-saving efficiency. While it does work with Nest’s temperature sensor, you will have to buy it separately unlike the Trane XR724. The Trane XR724 thus have the upper hand when it comes to the sensor technology.


  • 7-day programming
  • Upgradable software
  • Built-in wifi, and humidity sensor
  • Adjustable and continuous fan sensor
  • Supports up to 4-stage heating and 2-stage cooling
  • Nexia smart home connectivity


  • Expensive
  • Not reliable
  • Not compatible with other smart home devices


1. Z-Wave

This feature allows you to control the thermostat remotely and to set schedules from the drop-down menu or customize your own. It allows you to create up to 4 schedules in a day. You can operate the thermostat from your smartphone, PC, or tablet.

2. Alerts and Reminders

This thermostat sends you maintenance alerts such as filter change reminders that help keep your system as efficient as possible. It also sends humidifier servicing reminders whenever needed.

3. HVAC system Compatibility

This thermostat is compatible with a 24V heat pump, boiler, and dual-fuel HVAC systems. It generally supports up to 4 stage heating and 2 stage cooling systems. 

4. Energy Saving Mode

The ESM is a single button that allows the system to run in energy-saving mode by simply pressing it. This helps use minimal energy costs by maintaining a specific temperature.

5. Sensors

It has humidity sensors that allow for humidification and dehumidification when required. It, however, does not have indoor and outdoor remote sensors but they can be purchased separately.

What users think of the Trane XR724 Programmable Thermostat

While I was going through the reviews for the Trane XR724 Programmable Thermostat, I found out that users that had Nexia were satisfied with their purchase because of how easy it had become for them to change the temperature in the house. Nexia was easy to install and use.

The remote control access from anywhere via the smartphone app was also one of the raved features. Its humidity sensors set it apart from other thermostats. Also, users like that its dehumidification with the AC worked very well.   

Users also found that it was easy to program and set schedules based on their preferences and the z-wave technology proved to be quite useful.

Final thoughts on the Trane XR724 Programmable Thermostat

In short, Trane XR724 is a simple, useful, and programmable thermostat that supports Nexia Smart home system. Its humidity sensors set it apart from many other thermostats.

Apart from that, it is not as reliable a thermostat as others in its price range. Moreover, its lack of support for Google Home, Apple HomeKit, and Amazon Alexa is disappointing for many potential customers as most people have these in their homes.

Apart from that, it works well as a programmable thermostat with a humidity feature. Also, it is easy to use and set schedules. Moreover, it constantly updates its software which is rare for many other thermostats. It is perfect for someone who has a Nexia smart home system. However, if you do not have it then you should go through other alternatives mentioned above.

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