Smart thermostats are essential equipment for your home if you have an HVAC system. It lets you control and monitor your system without even being home. This was one of the primary reasons why I switched from a manual thermostat to a smart thermostat.

While searching through various smart thermostats, I came across one that has changed my life, no exaggeration. Trane XL624 Control Smart Thermostat is a reliable, compact, and efficient device that takes care of everything without requiring my interference.

In this article, I will discuss smart thermostats and if they are worth buying, the different factors that helped me chose my ideal device, the review of the mighty Trane XL624, and the many alternatives that you can buy if this one does not satisfy you. So let’s begin!

Smart Thermostats

A Smart thermostat is also known as the communicating or a connected thermostat that helps you controls the Heating, Cooling, and Ventilation System (HVAC System) of your house without you having to move from your place. Most smart thermostats feature a mobile application that gives you remote access to the device.

Some of the features that a Smart Thermostat gives you are programmable or automatic temperature changes, the ability to set daily schedules, and check the weather conditions to set the schedule.

Other units even include geofencing and other advanced features that automatically turn the unit on/off based on your location. Some can learn your daily schedules and act accordingly when you are not home.

Who should buy smart thermostats?

In my opinion, everyone should buy a smart thermostat. If the above section did not make it clear, let me say it again; a Smart Thermostat gives you the most of your heating and cooling system without being too costly. Furthermore, it makes life a lot more trouble-free and chore-free than it is if you are using a manual thermostat.

It offers you convenience as you have never experienced it before. So, if you do not like standing up and walking to the thermostat two or three times a day to set the temperature and you are tired of coming back to a cold home, then buying a Smart Thermostat is one of the best decisions you will make.

Factors to consider before buying Smart Thermostats:

1. Compatibility

Always check the compatibility of a thermostat with your existing HVAC system. Some units might work only if you have a system with a c-wire while some come with installation kits that let you install one if the HVAC does not have one.

Another thing to evaluate is the type of systems it works with. Many devices will work with heat pumps, furnaces, and other advanced systems. However, you will also find thermostats that only work with central heating systems.

2. Design and User-Interface

The device you are planning to buy should be easy to use. It should not have a complex interface that takes ages to understand or work through. If you are buying from a retail store, try to check if the buttons or the touch screen of the device works promptly. If you are shopping online, the best way to conclude this is by reading through the reviews.

3. The Ease of Remote Accessibility

Different thermostats are compatible with different types of smartphones and virtual assistants. So while shopping, you must check if the mobile application is workable with your smartphone or laptop model or not. Though most thermostat’s smart applications are available on android and apple play store it is better to be safe than sorry.

4. Installation Process

You should always buy a unit that you know you can install yourself so that even if it runs into a problem way after you have installed it, you can easily fix it up yourself. One of the things that personally help me judge if the installation process is easy or not is if the unit has labeled wires or a user manual that explains each step in detail.

Trane XL624 Control Smart Thermostat and it’s Alternative

Trane XL624 is a small, programmable smart thermostat that adorns a 4.3-inch LCD touch screen. The screen works promptly and displays all of the important data in large, visible digits. Whether it’s setting schedules or controlling the temperature of your place, the screen picks up your fingerprints instantly and gets to work.

The unit is compatible with NexiaTM which is a smart home automation system that lets you manage all of your smart home devices using a single application. So, you do not have to download various applications on your laptop or mobile to operate the devices, just download Nexia and simply your daily chores!

The Trane XL624 automatically increases or reduces the heating and cooling energy usage so that your home is always at a comfortable temperature. The device also possesses various features like a humidity sensor and reminder alerts which make using it as easy as a piece of cake.

It also uses Z-Wave technology. It is a wireless, and inoperable RF-Based technology that is engineered to enhance the functionality of different smart devices. Gives you control and lets you monitor and read the status of the appliances even when you are away. With this technology integrated into the Trane XL624, you can manage the thermostat even if you are on the other side of the world.

This specific thermostat owns a combination of four heating stages and two cold stages. However, if you are not happy with this combo, you need to start looking for alternatives. Some of the different alternatives that give Trane XL624 a run for their companies are the following four.

1. Honeywell’s RTH9580WF Thermostat

Honeywell’s RTH980WF Thermostat gives you remote access to every control and feature of the unit. You can manage it using your smartphone, tablet, or laptop.

It has a white body which goes well with any type of décor. Although, if you do not like the standard display of the device then no worries! You can customize the display color to any color to match your décor.

The display shows the temperature and the indoor humidity level and functions via touchscreen. Also, the screen is password protected so only authorized users can access and change their settings. Lastly, it also features an energy-saving mode that helps to save you reasonable bucks off the electricity bill.

2. Ecobee’s SmartThermostat

Ecobee’s Smart Thermostat has a sleek glass finish, a robust quad-core process, a far-field voice, and a bright touch screen. It also features smart sensors that make sure that each room in your house has the perfect temperature all around the clock.

With an uncomplicated mobile application and built-in Alexa, you can manage the device using your smartphone, computer, tablet, your voice, or Alexa. It also works with other smart home systems like Samsung SmartThings, Apple Home Kit, Google Assistant, and IFTTTT. Furthermore, it claims to save you up to 23 of your annual bill!

3. Emerson’s Sensi ST75 Smart Home Thermostat

Emerson’s Sensi ST75 Smart Home Thermostat is smart home compatible which means that it can work will all o the major virtual assistants in the world. So, you do not even have to get up from your couch to change the settings. Just use your voice or use the smartphone application!

The thermostat can work with all types of HVAC systems given that they have a c-wire. it installs within 30 minutes and has built-in level terminals which help to make the entire process easy.

It possesses geofencing, flexible scheduling, and remote accessibility to make using a thermostat as easy as possible. Moreover, the unit claims to save up to 23% off your HVAC system.

4. Vine’s TJ-610E Programmable Smart Home Thermostat

Vine’s TJ-610E is a small, elegant smart thermostat with improved network connections thanks to the high-end chip. It allows remote access and you can easily control it via Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa without any problem.

Furthermore, it also features a mobile application that further helps you manage the device ideally from anywhere around the world. With an ability to save 20% off your HVAC bills, Vine’s TJ-601E is ideal for anyone who wants an efficient yet eco-friendly device for their place.


  • Owns a 4.3-inches LCD touch screen
  • Lets you adjust the temperature remotely
  • Has a dehumidification setting
  • Features One Button Energy Savings Mode (ESM)
  • Lets you schedule 4 schedules per week
  • Automatically adjusts the temperature
  • Has reminder alerts for humidifier, filter, and maintenance
  • Offers screen and guest lockout
  • The software can be upgraded easily
  • Easy to reprogram


  • Cannot run on batteries
  • Requires 24-volt power line from the HVAC system
  • Z-wave works only with the Nexia system
  • You might have to reset the schedule after a power outage


1. 7 -day programmable Schedules

Trane XL624 Control Smart Thermostat lets you set four different heating or cooling schedules per day for an entire week. These schedules will work even if you are miles away you’re your house. Besides, with the accessibility of the Nexia application, you can monitor the temperature and easily change the schedules whenever you want.

Though some people complained that if you lose power, you might have to enter the schedules again. However, they also included that it is relatively easy to reprogram and takes only a few minutes.

2. Digital touch screen

The smart thermostat has a large digital touch screen with a white backlight and black digits which are conveniently noticeable to naked eyes. The screen is bright and you can see the digits in bright light as well as other types of bad lighting.

The interface is simple and is easy to understand. It displays the current time, date, and temperature at all times. It features a menu button and function control buttons that help you to navigate through the menu. Further, it also has a system, fan, and schedule mode button.

3. Automatically switches between heating and cooling

One of the most impressive features of Trane XL624 is that it can automatically switch to the most ideal temperature so that your house is always comfortable. So, you will never have to worry about coming back to a very hot (or freezing cold) home, it will always be at the perfect temperature, thanks to Trane XL624 Control Smart Thermostat.

4. Z-Wave Technology

As discussed above, this technology is ideal if you are looking for a device that you can control even when you are not home. So, if you are someone who travels a lot or loves to come to a cozy home then this particular smart thermostat is ideal for you.

You can communicate all of the commands wirelessly. Home temperature, fan control, variable speed, and reminder alerts are some of the features that you can control and manage due to Z-Wave technology.

5. Reminder Alerts

One of the most convenient features that this particular smart thermostat has is frequent alerts about the humidifier, filter, and maintenance. This makes using the unit much easier as you will never have to worry about the unit.

The thermostat will alert you instantly when something is wrong so all you have to do is install the unit and relax.

6. Energy Saving

Since you have control of the unit and can manage it remotely, Trane XL624 can help you save as much as 10 to 15 percent off your energy bill! So, if you are looking for a well-performing device that works efficiently, then this is the one.

What do users think of the Trane XL624 Control Smart Thermostat?

If you are like me and you rely heavily on various views before making a final decision for a particular type of product, then you will find this section useful. While I was on my escapade to find Trane XL624, I read through hundreds of reviews to evaluate if this specific thermostat was worth buying or not. If you are in doubt too, then read the précis below.

Most people liked the Z-Wave technology and appreciated its wide touch screen, the extensive capability to personalize, and remote accessibility. They are also very impressed by how easy it is to install the unit.

Some users complained that you might need a 24v line from your HVAC to set this up so that can be a problem. Another user complained that you would have to reprogram and reset the schedules after a power outage. However, this complaint was registered by only one user.

Some users also mentioned that it was pretty uncomplicated to reprogram and they didn’t find any problem in doing so. Though it had many positive reviews, I couldn’t ignore the negatives. One of the most common disappointments was the fact that the thermostat cannot be powered using batteries. So, if you experience a power outage, the unit will turn off.

Final thoughts on the Trane XL624 Control Smart Thermostat

If I were to describe Trane XL624 control smart thermostat using a single word; it would be convenient. It lets you customize almost all of the options. You can easily adjust the humidifier and temperature level even if you are vacationing millions of miles away from home.

Furthermore, it is easy to install, use, and maintain. You get frequent alerts for the filter and other features so you know when it is time to service it. On the other hand, the unit does have a few downfalls. It does not run on battery, is compatible mostly with Nexia, and might need reprogramming after a power blackout.

Thus, if these disadvantages weigh more than the advantages for you, choose one of the four alternatives that I mentioned above. Hope this article proved fruitful for you!

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