Trane Air Conditioner Reviews Why Trane Is The Best Brand You Can Get

Trane Air Conditioner Reviews: Why Trane Is The Best Brand You Can Get

You have a few options if you’re in the market for a new air conditioner. There are lots of different brands and models out there. It can be somewhat overwhelming trying to narrow them all down and figure out which one is the best option for you. Luckily, if you’re looking for a Trane air conditioner, you will have no problem finding one. 

In fact, there are many reasons why so many customers choose the Trane as their brand of choice when buying an air conditioner. Let’s look at some of the most prominent reasons why Trane is the ideal brand and the leading dealer for anyone looking for a good investment in an AC unit.

What Is Trane?

In 1885, James Trane and his son began manufacturing low-pressure heating systems. The company entered the air-conditioning business in 1931. Trane is a global leader in HVAC technology, producing air conditioners, heat pumps, furnaces, air handlers, packaged systems, smart thermostats, whole-house air purifiers, and more. Since American Standard bought Trane in 1984, the companies have continued manufacturing HVAC system under their brands. Both Ingersoll and companies maintain the same quality standards and are subject to rigorous testing.

Trane Review

Trane requires that only certified technicians install and maintain its equipment for the warranty to be valid. The XV series is Trane’s most energy-efficient line, while the XR series gives the most excellent value, according to the corporation. Despite being less costly than the XL series, some reviewers do not recommend purchasing these base models, as you can acquire them for less elsewhere. 

Even though Trane is one of the more expensive brands on the market, reviewers say that they experience the XV and XR series are worthwhile investments. The Spine Fin Coil, present on some of their central air conditioners and heat pumps, is a particularly appealing aspect, they say. While providing quicker cooling, this coil is corrosion-resistant due to its aluminum content. 

Due to its quality assurance, only Trane-certified technicians can install and service this unit. If you don’t register your system within 60 days of purchasing it, the standard 10-year warranty on parts and the extended 12-year warranty on compressors revert to only 5 years. Warranty limitations are among the biggest complaints from a high number of consumers, according to reviewers. Consumers are generally pleased with their Trane HVAC systems, according to reviewers. 

Many reviewers are satisfied with the life expectancy of the company’s HVAC systems, despite their lower Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio (SEER) ratings and higher noise levels. The company designs its HVAC systems to endure many years beyond the typical 10- to 15-year lifespan of many HVAC brands, with proper care.

Trane Products

Trane is a leading manufacturer of indoor air quality solutions and services. That’s why their reputation is very high. Trane indoor air solutions are available for residential, commercial, and industrial buildings. They offer a variety of products, including humidifiers, air cleaners, air purifiers, gas furnace filters, and ultraviolet germicidal lights. Additionally, Trane offers a range of accessories and parts to support this product. The following is a list of some of their most popular products:

Air conditioners

While not the most tranquil or economical air conditioners, Trane units are some of the hardiest on the market. Trane tests its heating and cooling systems thoroughly to maintain high quality, and its models either come with an all-weather top cover or can have it as an option.

In addition to its nine air conditioners, Trane offers a ductless air conditioner mounted on the wall. Some models of Trane air conditioners come with a SEER rating of up to 22, sound levels as low as 57 decibels, durable all-aluminum coils, and all-weather covers as standard.

Heat Pumps

In addition to standard 10-pipe heat pumps, Trane sells ductless wall-, floor-, and ceiling-mounted units. While Trane air conditioners provide only average savings in energy consumption and may be noisy, their heat pumps are thoroughly tested. They regard themselves as some of the finest in the industry. Trane’s heat pumps have SEER ratings ranging from 14 to 20 and feature whisper-quiet 43-decibel sound levels on the quietest model, all-aluminum coils, and all-weather covers.


Trane manufactures 12 gas furnace models and two oil furnace models. Six of Trane’s models, including the S9X1, which the company describes as its preferred choice, have an AFUE of 96%, meeting the Environmental Protection Agency’s highest standards for energy efficiency. Even the S9X1 has an AFUE of 96%. The company’s furnaces meet California emission standards, including fixed-, multi-, and variable-speed blowers and models that emit less pollution. Trane’s furnaces have an AFUE rating of 85% for oil furnaces.

Other products

Trane offers a range of HVAC products, including air conditioners, heat pumps, and furnaces. Air handlers, ductless systems, smart and conventional thermostats, and other HVAC products are available. Indoor air quality equipment, including whole-house air cleaners and humidifiers, is also available from Trane.

Tran AC Models

Each type has unique benefits that may make it more ideal than another, depending on your specific needs. Let’s explore them further:

XV20i and XV18: Trane Variable-capacity Air Conditioners

These units use Trane TruComfort variable compressors. They adjust in .1% steps from 30% to 100% by Trane. The compressors switch on and off with the minimum quantity of air conditioning required to keep the temperature down. When the weather is not excessively hot or stable, the air conditioner runs at 30% to 50% of its capacity. It produces quieter, steadier cooling while saving energy. If the outside temperature rises or you lower the thermostat, the temperature in the room will increase to meet the air conditioner demand. 

As a result, these units are suggested for extremely hot and humid environments and for anyone who wants to optimize efficiency and indoor climate control. They guarantee the compressors for 12 years and the parts for 10 years.

XL18i and XR17: Trane Two-stage Air Conditioners

Trane equips these split systems with Climatuff two-stage compressors. The compressors are switched on when the machines operate at 70% capacity. Because of their 10-year parts warranty, clients can ensure that their units will operate as expected. These split systems are perfect for people who live in hot countries and want better climate control than a single-stage system can provide but don’t want to spend as much as they would on a variable-capacity AC.

XL16i, XR16, XR14, and XR13: Trane Single-stage Air Conditioners

Trane offers several Energy Star qualified air conditioners, including the XL16i, a unit with a 10-year parts warranty. It consumes less energy than others air conditioners in warmer climates. The XR13 is ideal for installations where the air conditioning load is light.

Trane vs. the Competition

With so many options available to consumers today, it’s essential to understand how Trane’s HVAC systems compared to their competitors in various features. We’ll explore some of the key differences between Trane and its competition in several areas:

American Standard

The Trane and American Standard air conditioners and heat pumps are produced on the same line by the same employees, except for the color of the paint and the logos. Because Trane provides more alternatives to gas furnaces and heat pumps, American Standard doesn’t. Although American Standard has 14 gas furnaces compared to Trane’s 12, American Standard does not offer any oil furnaces. Choose an HVAC contractor over the brand if you decide between the two. 


Goodman air conditioners and heat pumps, manufactured in the same plant as American Standard HVAC appliances, are produced on the same line as Amana devices. Goodman’s top furnaces come with a lifetime warranty on the exchanger and higher energy efficiency and dependability. The Trane has more options in all three areas. For example, Goodman provides six central air conditioner models, while Trane offers nine. 

Because Trane’s all-aluminum coils are corrosion-resistant, reviewers believe they are superior to the copper coils in Goodman furnaces. Trane furnaces additionally have a better warranty and are usually less expensive. If you live in a coastal area or would like more durable coils, Trane is a better choice than Goodman.

Trane Air Conditioner Unique Features and Pros

Trane air conditioning units save money on your monthly bill by being energy-efficient. But beyond that, the Trane has some unique features and pros that you won’t find in other brands of central air conditioning systems.

Climatuff Compressors

The compressor is as reliable as Copeland’s Ultra-Tech model. You can find the other side of the story in the Cons Section.

ComfortLink II Communicating Technology

All large manufacturers have a kind of communication technology. ComfortLink II is unique in that it is the only system that uses wi-fi thermostats and matching Trane AC and gas furnaces. The system requires a thermostat to communicate via wi-fi with the Trane AC and gas furnace. You must wire the components to enable two-way communication with the thermostat. 

Non-communicating systems have thermostats that control the operation of the equipment by telling the components what to do. In communicating systems, the components may send performance and condition information to the thermostat, which allows for precise temperature and humidity control.

Nexia Smart Home

Using a free basic Nexia subscription, Nexia’s bridge and the app can control the Trane ComfortLink thermostat. You require paid packages ranging from $4.99 to $9.99 per month for more comprehensive smart home applications-lighting, locks, cameras, and other Z-wave devices.

Trane Air Conditioner Cons

You probably know the Trane name if you’re familiar with homes HVAC system. The company has been around for over a century and is one of the leaders in the residential heating, venting, and air conditioning market. Here is what you need to know about Trane air conditioners:

Equipment Cost

Although Trane air conditioners command the highest prices in the premium category, Lennox and Carrier are slightly more affordable, especially for the premium mode. Because of the reliability they provide, you may spend up to 25% more on a premium brand like Trane than you might on Heil, Rheem, Armstrong, and Goodman. ComfortLink II is the highest-priced communication thermostat. Prices range from $400 to $700. It’s a demanding piece of equipment. 

It’s risky because communication equipment is known to be quirky and risky. When component communication stops, the system will stop working as well. In times of this, it will be difficult for technicians to identify and remedy the problem.

Repairs Cost

A Trane electrical capacitor or another minor component failure won’t result in a higher repair bill. However, if you use universal components, a Climatuff compressor failure will result in a 35% higher repair bill. Furthermore, Climatuff compressors are occasionally out of stock.

Maintenance Costs

Spine fin coils are challenging to clean. They get clogged with debris and are delicate, making it difficult to brush the radiator fins. Spines are susceptible to being damaged, so cleaning them takes longer. Maintenance might cost more as a result. Here is the bottom line on cost: 

  • If you are on a tight budget, you should not purchase a Trane AC. Long-term savings: Although you may live in your house forever, lifetime cost is essential. 
  • Trane is one of the leading companies in this sector. With regular maintenance, a Trane air conditioner will last longer and require less maintenance than most other brands over the next 20 years. All HVAC companies maintain their air conditioners in the same way. 

How Much Does Trane Cost?

Trane, unlike many HVAC businesses, provides its prices on its website. You should realize that the price you see on the company’s website is just a guideline, as the scale of your house, the place you reside, and other factors will impact the final price. According to reviewers, if you have the money, one of the best heating and cooling systems you can buy is a Trane. According to the company’s website, you can purchase a Trane furnace for as low as $3,400. 

Trane furnaces are among the most expensive AC brands, although the air conditioners and heat pumps are priced at least $5,800. Heat pumps, in comparison, cost up to $12,800, while air conditioners and furnaces cost up to $14,000 to install. Using the Trane pricing calculator on the company’s website, you can get an accurate estimate for a heating system, air conditioner, or heat pump in your area by entering your ZIP code, the size of your home, and your HVAC requirements.

Trane provides financing and often has promotions such as zero interest rates. Contact your local Trane HVAC contractor to see if there are any current specials. In addition to lowering the purchase cost by claiming federal, state, and local tax credits, contractors can also assist you with claiming them.

Trane Fees

Trane’s website includes installation pricing, but some contractors may charge extra for their services. Make sure that you know whether the price you see provides installation. Furthermore, you should not hire an unqualified technician to install your system, as this will invalidate your warranty. In addition to the installation fee, you will have to pay for necessary ductwork and local fees.

Trane Optional Services

During the year, Trane HVAC firms provide preventative maintenance tune-ups and HVAC service contracts. These preventive services typically cost around $100, depending on where you live. 

Trane Air Conditioning Unit Installers

AC manufacturers always emphasize the importance of having a quality installation from a well-known company in your state. The truth is that investing a little extra in a superior installation process will pay off in the future if you run into any issues down the line. Trane’s ‘Comfort Specialists’ will take care of you, and you should refer to them. According to their website, these specialists are Trane’s ‘qualified engineers’ and offer routine maintenance, emergency assistance, and excellent customer service.

Trane Air Conditioning Units Review Range

The Trane air conditioner range has three tiers: XV, XR, and XL, all of which are accessible. No portable air conditioners are available from Trane (opens in new tab), so do not anticipate seeing any here. Trane’s finest air conditioners are the XV20i TruComfort Variable Speed air conditioner.

It has a sound level as low as 55 decibels, making it quieter than the typical conversation noise level, in addition to a SEER of 22 and a variable speed compressor. This compressor has 750-speed grades so that you can customize the cooling levels effectively. 

You can enhance the XV20i model’s efficiency with a Spine Fin Coil made from all-aluminum material. This compress has been produced to be more corrosion resistant than a copper alternative. The coil is made from aluminum, making it more resistant to decay. The ComfortLink II is a higher-end thermostat from the XV series that includes a touch-screen display, a smartphone app connection, Nexia bridge zone heating and cooling control, and a remote house command. 

The Trane XR14 is a less expensive option that maintains an Energy Star rating. It has a high noise level of 72 dB. It has a SEER of 16, which is average.

Trane Warranty

Concerning the compressor, some XL and XV units are covered for an additional twelve years with a basic 10-year limited warranty, in addition to the standard warranty, which covers specified part. You may also buy an optional extended warranty covering parts and labor in 5, 10, or 12-year increments. According to Trane air conditioner reviews, Trane air conditioners are very strict regarding enforcing their warranties. 

To benefit from Trane products’ warranties, you must register your unit within 60 days and maintain it serviced by certified Trane technicians. The warranty will be limited to five years if you don’t register within the allotted time. Although the warranty will not be automatically limited if you do not have it routinely serviced, it might be limited.


It seems that Trane air conditioner parts are a concern for many homeowners, and we are looking at what needs to be done. Regarding replacing Trane central air conditioner parts,  we advise you to contact experts and let them handle it. The truth is that these things require special tools, skills, and know-how. If you don’t know how to deal with it, leave it to the pros who specialize in this area.


How long does a Trane AC unit last?

A Trane AC unit typically lasts about 15-20 years. However, proper maintenance is key to making your unit last as long as possible.

How much does it cost to replace a Trane compressor?

An AC compressor replacement can cost between $600 and $1,200 if your unit is still under warranty. Otherwise, you may have to pay as much as $1,300 to $2,500.

Who manufactures Trane?

In 1991, Trane was purchased by American Standard Companies and became its largest subsidiary, controlling Air Conditioning Systems and Services, Vehicle Control Systems (WABCO), and Bath and Kitchen equipment.