Smart Thermostat for Bryant Evolution

Choosing the Best Smart Thermostat for Bryant Evolution Systems (2021)

It is a hot summer day and your neighbor invites you over. You are immediately swept off your feet with the temperature of the house.

They lead you down the hallway and you see a brightly lit thermostat on their wall. Technology your home is lacking and you cannot have your neighbor one-up you. 

Bryant Evolution is leading home automation with their lines of thermostats and we want to show you which we think is the perfect upgrade.

Quick Recommendations

Ecobee Pro With Voice Control

Best Overall Option

Ecobee Pro With Voice Control

Ecobee Pro With Voice Control

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Ecobee is an EnergyStar certified thermostat that will adapt to your needs. Completely outfitted with Wifi and is Alexa compatible.

Bryant Evolution Connex Contro

Upgrade Option

Bryant Evolution Connex Contro

Bryant Evolution Connex Contro

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Evolution Connex Control is described as more than a thermostat. Completely programmable and comes with extra perks like weather forecast and compatibility with 8 zones.

Ecobee 3 Lite Pro

Alternative Option

Ecobee 3 Lite Pro

Ecobee 3 Lite Pro

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This alternative option is an easier install than our best overall option. This model is compatible with voice recognition and Alexa but it is not built in.

Why are smart thermostats all the rage?

It really boils down to having complete control over an extremely user-friendly system. Heating and cooling is directly controlled by how accurate your thermostat is and as time goes on, we lose this attribute. 

On top of that, we all want more accessibility, whether its voice/Wifi control, or a nice well lit touch screen for communicating with your HVAC system. Lets explore some of the most common questions consumers have and the thermostats we think would make great upgrades.

Which smart thermostat is the best?

The better question is “Which is the best suited for my needs?”. Some of these newer models have programming that allows extra controls over temperature in the home. 

For some, these features will not be needed and will only drive your price up in the end. That is why it is important to do a personal inventory on what exactly your needs are. 

One main appeal of this newer technology is that it comes with wi fi capability. We will delve into savings in the upcoming sections but to have control of your system, despite where you may be geographically, is pivotal in that sense.

How hard is it to install a new thermostat?

This usually can cause some headaches. DIY is the new trend and reviews online are full of people who want to try and wire their unit themselves. 

This can be very complicated and dangerous to both you and your home if you do not know what you are doing. For systems like these we recommend contacting the manufacturer about install if there is any part of the process you are not comfortable with.

We should also touch on what a “C-wire” is and whether or not you will need one. Wi fi service requires a constant power source. 

Think about it, your system cannot be battery powered because you run the risk of losing connection in the event of a power down. The C-wire supplies a constant energy source. 

Most products will need a C-wire installed for everything to work properly but one product we included does not!

Will I save any money by switching?

We would hope that anyone’s upfront cost on a thermostat will be paid off over time in lower bills but this may not always be the case. Studies have shown that programmable thermostats save people money is some conditions and in others it actually raised their cost. 

Take into consideration that many things can and will affect your energy bills. Another thing to keep in mind is if there are any rebates being offered for switching. 

Bryant Evolution offers rebates in certain areas depending on their criteria. Google claims their Nest series will save you enough money in the first year to pay off the thermostat but also stated there are variables that can affect this.

Does the unit control heat and air?

Most smart thermostats for RV control both heat and air. However, some cheap models will control only heat. Carefully check the device specifications before buying to ensure that it offers both hear and air conditioning control.

Again, there are digital thermostats that are not programmable but come with a horde of features and buttons to confuse buyers. Check that your unit can be programmed.

Top Smart Thermostat for Bryant Evolution

The first feature you will see upon visiting the website for this model is the energy savings. Refer back to our previous section and keep that information in mind while reading. 

The Ecobee Pro makes the top of our list for the bundled innovation available without breaking the bank. Outfitted with wi fi and humidity control, this Bryant Evolution system is also zoning panel compatible. 

A zoning panel means the system can control the temperature of different spaces through utilization of dampers. Perfect for your standard heating cooling setup. 

This equipment is home automation compatible meaning it works with different mediums like Amazon’s Alexa or Google Assistant, along with others. Touted as an extremely user-friendly system by consumer reviews, even people who look at technology as hieroglyphics have been able to use it.



Bryant Evolution included all the bells and whistles with this new model. It is even equipped to upload a 5-day local weather forecast. 

This system comes with everything our best overall option had plus some. The Bryant Evolution Connex provides an even larger touch screen and is available in black or white. 

Wifi provides complete remote control over the four levels of fan speed along with heating and cooling. This intuitive system even offers pop-up reminders for things such as air filters or humidity levels. 

Their trademarked technology helps to minimize temperature fluctuations and save you money 24-7. The manufacturer says this is more than a thermostat and can be linked up with any of their products in the home.



This option comes with most of the same features as our overall best option minus the voice control. The reason this makes it to the alternative option is because no C-wire in necessary. 

The unit comes with a power extender kit for homes without a C-wire. This would be the perfect option for someone who wants to install themselves without having to worry about getting too technical.




The time to switch to a thermostat with advanced technology is here. You want the new system to have years of life with a much more variable menu. 

Read the reviews on these items and double verify that your needs will be met. Bryant Evolution Connex is hands down the single best way to achieve a higher level of comfort but there may be features that you wont utilize so keep that in mind. 

Get good access from any of these models because they are all stellar products but different products meet different needs.