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How Do I Set Up A Honeywell Smart Thermostat?

So you’ve taken the next step in making your home a smart home with a Honeywell smart thermostat. Offering you peak efficiency with your heating and cooling system and comfort tailored to your needs, a Honeywell wi-fi thermostat can save you time and money, but first, you need to set it up.

There are two different phases to installing your new Honeywell thermostat, the first thing you have to do is mount and wire your new thermostat. After it is mounted you have to register your new device online and connect it to your wi-fi in order to enable all of the smart features.

Remove Old Thermostat

Out with the old, in with the new, but first out with the old. Before you can remove it you want to gather the necessary items. With your new thermostat, there should be a sheet of stickers with different letters on them – this makes the wiring process much easier down the road. You will also need a screwdriver for removing the thermostat and disconnecting the wires.

Before you mess with wiring you should always take proper precautions and power off your furnace, at either the furnace itself or more preferably at the breaker box.

  • Remove the front of the old thermostat by pulling it away to the mounting plate.
  • Disconnect one wire at a time making sure to take note of the terminal they are connected to.
  • Put a corresponding sticker from the sheet so you will know which terminal to reconnect them to.
  • Unscrew and remove the old thermostat.

Installing New Thermostat

Installing your new thermostat is fairly straightforward just make sure that you read the installation manual that comes with the thermostat for model-specific information. The manual covers everything that you will need to know for installing your thermostat – below I go over each one of the individual steps that you will need to take to install your new thermostat.

Mounting and Wiring

  • Line the mounting bracket up on the wall. You may want to check it with a level – when satisfied with the placement mark the hole placement on your wall with an ink pen or screw.
  • Drill out the holes and insert the wall anchors that came with your thermostat.
  • If the hole placement on the new thermostat lines up with the holes from the last one you can skip the last two steps and just screw it into the same holes.
  • Pull the wires through the back of the plate and screw it to the wall.
  • Wire the thermostat up utilizing the terminal indicating stickers.
  • Snap the thermostat into place and turn your furnace or circuit breaker back on.

Registering Your Thermostat

Your thermostat is now on the home screen and ready to use but to get maximum control and efficiency you need to register and connect your thermostat.

  • Once your thermostat is on it will prompt you on the screen with the basic setup questions. The answers will be unique to your home’s HVAC system.
  • Connect your thermostat to your wi-fi network. This can be done in the settings on your thermostat.
  • Create a My Total Connect Comfort Account and register your new thermostat. (This website does use cookies.)
  • Download the mobile app and sign in to your account to remotely access your thermostat’s temperature and its settings.


Installing and setting up your new Honeywell smart thermostat can be done confidently if you follow the steps above. If you have further questions I recommend you reference the installation manual that came with your specific thermostat.