How To Override Recovery Mode On Honeywell Thermostat

To bypass recovery mode you need to open the settings on your thermostat, go to the energy-saving settings, and disable the recovery mode setting.

There have been many innovations in the heating and air conditioning field in the last couple of decades, and one of the biggest has been that of Recovery Mode.

Recovery mode comes standard on most new thermostats and despite its energy and money-saving intentions many homeowners either don’t know what it is at all, or they think it means that something is wrong with their Honeywell thermostats.

What Is Recovery Mode?

To understand what recovery mode is we first have to understand what energy-saving mode is, and how it works. Energy-saving mode is a programmable setting that tells your heating or cooling unit to shut off for certain times throughout the day – like for example when you are at work.

The thermostat will start heating or cooling the house a couple of hours before anybody plans on being back to ensure the optimal comfort level. This period of time after the energy-saving mode turns off is called recovery mode.

Recovery mode is the feature that kicks on an hour or two before you are going to be back home, and it allows the heating or air conditioning unit to gradually adjust the temperature until your desired temperature is reached.

These two features together allow the homeowner to operate their HVAC system at peak efficiency, all while maintaining a set temperature level for when they return home. This is considered a luxury to most because long has been the tradition that you can’t have one without sacrificing the other.

How To Override Recovery Mode?

If you don’t like recovery mode, or maybe you get home early and want your system to cool down faster than what recovery mode will allow – then you can override it in the settings.

In order to override the recovery mode setting on your thermostat, you need to go to the energy-saving settings. Then you should see recovery mode, click recovery mode and select disable.

Once you have disabled recovery mode your system will run at full power and heat up or cool down much faster than what recovery mode would have allowed. If your thermostat is still going into recovery mode after you have it disabled then there may be some underlying issue with your HVAC system causing this.

Can’t Disable Recovery Mode?

If your system is still entering recovery mode after you have disabled it then there might be a more serious issue with your heat and air system. If this is the case, and the issue persists, I recommend consulting with a licensed HVAC technician who will be able to further diagnose and troubleshoot the issue.


Recovery mode gives the homeowner the chance to optimize both the energy efficiency in their home and its comfort level with a completely programmable thermostat. If you find yourself in a situation where you need to override the recovery mode setting this can be done in the energy-saving settings within your thermostats menu.