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Lennox Furnace Reviews: What You Need to Know Before Buying Your Next Furnace

A furnace is an essential appliance in most homes. It’s also one of those things that you don’t think about until something goes wrong.  When you start looking for a new furnace, or even just do some research online to figure out your options, you might notice that there are a lot of different furnace brands and models available. And while it can be tempting to just go with whatever is the most affordable option, it’s essential to consider all of your options when buying a new furnace. 

It’s not just about the upfront cost but also how well the appliance will serve you over several years of use. Keep reading to learn the li information you need about Lennox furnaces. 

What Is Lennox?

Lennox is a leading provider of climate-control solutions. The company offers a wide range of products, including furnaces, air conditioners, heat pumps, air quality systems, and installation, repair, and maintenance services.

Lennox Furnace Review

If you’re looking to buy a Lennox furnace, this Lennox brand review will help you decide on the correct one. Although Lennox is a prominent HVAC company, not every Lennox furnace is ideal for everyone. Each brand has advantages and disadvantages, and this article will educate you about everything you should know about Lennox furnaces, so you can make an educated choice. It will assist you in finding a furnace that will suit your household and your heating requirements.

Lennox’s Strengths and Limitations

Let’s take a closer look at what makes Lennox stand out from the crowd and see how his strengths and limitations will impact your decisions when choosing the best dealer of furnaces. 


For over a century, Lennox has manufactured high-quality HVAC system. The Dave Lennox Signature Series includes industry leaders in efficiency, operating at 99 percent AFUE and other models. They’re also manufactured with premium materials, ensuring durability and reliability, even if the furnace is heavily used. Even if you live in a place where the weather is hot or cold, Lennox furnaces will probably have something to suit your needs. 

They have a wide range of high-efficiency furnaces with various design features, including single-stage, two-stage, and modulating furnaces paired with variable-speed blower motors. Lennox’s product line includes furnaces to satisfy virtually any heating needs.

Limitations and Room for Improvement

Lennox furnaces are often considered inferior to competitors, particularly to more economical ones, concerning certain aspects, including warranty coverage. Their furnaces have a 10-year parts guarantee on all models, no unit replacement warranties, and no warranties on any of their furnaces that extend longer than 10 years. Lennox manufactures climate-control solutions for heating, cooling, and indoor air quality. The company offers installation, repair, and maintenance service.

You’ll have to splash out a lot of cash on Lennox heating units since they’re a premium brand and this may be a problem if you are on a tight budget. An entry-level Lennox furnace is reasonably priced, but if you want a mid-range or top-tier model, you’ll have to spend around $7,000.

Lennox Furnace Model Series Overview

If you’re in the market for a new furnace, you’ll want to check out the Lennox Furnace Model Series Overview. This guide provides an overview of the different models or series units available and their key features. You’ll be able to have an idea and compare other models and find the right one for your home.

Merit Series

The gas furnace in the Lennox Merit Series is high-efficiency. They have an AFUE rating of up to 96%, which means they are some of the most efficient furnaces on the market. The gas furnaces in the Lennox Merit Series also feature a two-stage gas valve, a silicon nitride igniter, and a stainless steel heat exchanger. It also comes with a 20-year warranty for the heat exchanger.

This tier includes Lennox’s most affordable Merit models. The blowers are single-stage furnaces with constant torque on the entry-level Merit models, while the two-stage, variable-speed furnaces have an AFUE of 93 or 96 percent. Some of these furnaces are more economical, sophisticated, and efficient than several more costly mid-range Elite models. 

They also have sealed blower compartments to minimize air leakage, secondary heat exchangers to reduce heat loss, Duralok Plus primary heat exchangers, and dual-fuel capability, making them compatible with an electric heat pump, which saves money and energy consumption. If you have one of these furnaces, you may use the Lennox iComfort M30 smart thermostat to increase the range of features and capabilities. These furnaces are built with heavy-duty parts and materials, guaranteeing that they will last a long time.

Elite Series

The mid-range Elite Series furnaces include single- and two-stage furnaces with constant-torque motors and two-stage, variable-speed furnaces with 95 and 96 percent higher energy efficiency ratings. They are all energy-star qualified, and an ultra-low nitrogen oxide emission furnace is available in this class. An LV furnace comes with a higher price tag than its Merit counterpart because it includes a more extended life heat exchanger warranty. 

Duralok Plus primary and secondary heat exchangers, insulated blower compartments, and dual fuel compatibility are all included in these models, as in the M30 model. The iComfort E30 thermostat is much more advanced than the M30 model and has more features.

Dave Lennox Signature Collection

Some of the most superior furnaces ever produced by Lennox are offered in the company’s top tier and are the most economical furnace on the market. The Lennox Signature Collection furnaces include two-stage and modulating models, variable-speed blowers, and 97.5 to 99 percent AFUE ratings. Other Lennox furnaces have the same attractive design characteristics as the NOx-reducing furnace, including the Duralok Plus heat exchanger, condensing operation, ultra-quiet operation, and dual-fuel capability. 

Although the Signature Collection furnaces are among the most costly on the market, they come with the same warranty as other Elite series models. They also do not have any additional technological features aside from the iComfort S30, Lennox’s most sophisticated smart thermostat.

Model Breakdown and Comparison

Dave Lennox Signature Collection SLP99V

The SLP99V (99% AFUE), the most fuel-efficient furnace on the market, was awarded the Energy Star Most Efficient 2021 certificate. It has virtually zero energy waste, as it is the most energy-efficient furnace available and among the quietest and most expensive furnaces available (SLP99V, 2019). Lennox furnaces are among the most peaceful and reliable because of their variable-speed operation, secondary heat exchangers, and other essential design features. 

The SLP99V would keep the home consistently warm, maintain moisture levels balanced, and lower energy bills in any location or any size of home. The SLP99V is a furnace that homeowners with a substantial budget may desire to purchase. It doesn’t have a lot of features or technologies, but it’s quiet, extremely efficient, dependable, and long-lasting.

Lennox Elite EL296V

The EL296V is an outstanding two-stage device that can work at two distinct wattage levels to help maintain your house temperature stability and humidity levels. Even though a two-stage operation is less efficient than the SLP99V, the EL296V is still a very efficient and capable furnace that will not have any difficulty keeping every part of your house warm. Additionally, although this device is less efficient than Lennox’s premium units, it still has excellent design features and a high-efficiency rating that will save you on utility bills. 

People with a high amount of heating demands desire an efficient, quiet facility. This unit is less expensive than Lennox’s premium-class models, but it will still require a significant investment.

Lennox Elite EL195NE

Lennox’s mid-range, high-efficiency furnace, the EL195NE, is one of the most efficient, low-NOx furnaces. The EL195NE’s low-NOx furnaces from Lennox are renowned for reducing NOx emissions by 65 percent, the same as their other furnaces. This furnace has a secondary heat exchanger and other efficiency enhancements and a 95 percent AFUE, a single-stage burner, and a constant torque motor. 

This furnace will maintain moderate-sized homes at comfortable temperatures while lowering heating costs and reducing fuel usage, heating bills, and greenhouse gas emissions, thanks to its high-efficiency performance and ultra-low NOx emissions.

Lennox Merit ML196E

The ML196E is an energy start furnace with a decent AFUE, a great warranty, and excellent design features. It’s also less costly than most other Lennox furnaces since it’s an entry-level, single-stage model. With the iComfort M30, this is still a standard high-efficiency furnace. The Lennox name is beautiful for homeowners who don’t want to spend a fortune. This single-stage model will benefit townhouses, smaller homes, apartments, and areas where the temperature is milder.

Exclusive Features from Lennox

From its humble beginnings as a small cabinetry company to its current position as one of the foremost home appliance manufacturers, Lennox has continued to develop new technologies, materials, and processes to produce efficient HVAC systems with enhanced functionality and aesthetics.

Innovative features of Lennox include:

Power Saver

A constant torque blower motor can reduce utility expenses by using less electricity to heat and cool your home. A blower motor in a furnace pushes air into the ductwork to circulate throughout your house via the blower. A constant torque blower motor has a higher efficiency level than other blower motors. It can adjust the amount of air being blown into your home due to the conditions and your heat settings. 

With a constant torque blower, you’ll receive a better way of humidity management, lower operational noise, and even heat in your house. While single-speed blowers are inferior to continuous torque blowers, they may cut energy expenses and lower operating noise while providing even heating throughout the house. Lennox appears to be phasing out single-speed blowers and shifting towards ones with multiple and variable speeds, suitable for your home comfort and energy bills.

Ultimate Comfort System

The Ultimate Comfort System is superbly tailored to your house to keep your indoor air clean. It consists of a wide range of contemporary technologies that can match with the Dave Lennox Signature Collection from Lennox. iComfort S30 temperature regulators, PureAir S air purification technology, iHarmony zoning technology, and other equipment are combined to improve house comfort and indoor environmental quality. Because the Ultimate Comfort System works to maintain excellent indoor air quality. 

You may improve your indoor air quality by using devices like the iComfort S30, which monitors outdoor air quality and adjusts the fan settings. To accomplish the Ultimate Comfort System, you must acquire numerous additional devices, including the iComfort S30 and PureAir S system. In addition, any air filter system or air purifier could achieve similar results.

Duralok Plus

In addition to being corrosion-resistant, Lennox’s high-efficiency condensing furnaces utilize a heat exchanger with a clamshell design, a condenser coil assembly, and ArmorTuf steel construction. First, the heat exchanger is the furnace’s heart, and due to its design and equipment, the Duralok Plus is unique. The joint structure of clamshell heat exchangers is not welded like conventional models, and the material is proprietary. Although Lennox is the only company to make the Duralok Plus, other manufacturers have their own exclusive heat exchangers. 

The corrosion-resistant finish on ArmorTuf steel makes it a more durable metal than other steel, and as a result, clamshell heat exchangers tend to last longer. In other words, there is a good possibility that a Duralok Plus heat exchanger could last longer than a standard one. While the Duralok Plus design is exclusive to Lennox, other firms also have proprietary heat exchangers.

iComfort Smart Thermostat

These thermostats are adaptable, flexible, and intelligent, saving you money on energy bills. You can save money on energy bills thanks to this thermostat from iComfort. Lennox makes iComfort thermostats in addition to Dave Lennox Signature heating systems and Elite furnaces. Merit and some other non-Lennox furnaces are compatible with the iComfort M30 thermostat. You can control the iComfort remotely via Wi-Fi, and you can even set up heating schedules based on your daily routine. 

Other HVAC companies also manufacture their smart thermostats, including Carrier Armstrong, Heil, KeepRite, Comfortmaker, Tempstar, Rheem, Ruud, Trane, York, Coleman, Luxaire, and Daikin.

One of the reasons why so many HVAC manufacturers make their smart thermostats is that these devices can save a lot of energy. Furthermore, the iComfort smart thermostats offer various cool features unavailable in all HVAC controls. 


Dave Lennox Signature Series and Elite furnaces have a lifetime heat exchanger warranty and a 10-year parts warranty. In contrast, Merit furnaces come with a 10-year parts warranty and a 20-year heat exchanger warranty. If you don’t register your furnace after it’s installed, you won’t get the full warranty. In addition to the 60-day deadline to register, you must also comply with specific conditions if you want to be eligible for the warranty for Elite and Merit furnaces. 

In most instances, HVAC manufacturers require that you register your furnace, although some have unregistered warranty terms and more extended warranty periods for those who register. In addition to having to register your new furnace to receive the full warranty, Lennox also wants to know about all of your other HVAC equipment. To keep the warranty active, you must fulfill several requirements in addition to registering your heater.

While you might be able to install the furnace yourself, a licensed HVAC professional or contractor is required to do it for you, or else you risk voiding the warranty. You are required to maintain your furnace annually to maintain the warranty. Check the owner’s manual or warranty terms if you don’t know what kind of maintenance is needed. Lennox’s warranty terms are comparable to other brands, although they charge more for their furnaces. It is one aspect where Lennox is lacking. 

They do not offer warranty replacement on their models as a standard feature, so you will need to obtain a new unit if the heat exchanger fails. Several economy and mid-range brands now offer this warranty, which means that the manufacturer will replace your furnace with a new one if the heat exchanger fails during the coverage period.

Additionally, most of the high-efficiency furnaces from Lennox, Lennox International’s subsidiary brand, include lifetime heat exchangers in all their entry-level models. Brands that offer this type of protection include Luxaire, Goodman, Daikin, Coleman, American Standard, and Amana (either through unit or heat exchanger replacements). Armstrong Air, owned by the same organization as Lennox, offers a lifetime heat exchanger guarantee on all its high-efficiency models.


There are many factors to consider when purchasing a Lennox furnace. Lennox furnaces are available in various sizes and capacities to suit the needs of any home, just like an air conditioner. There is a Lennox furnace with a wide range of prices to suit any budget. A solid warranty backs Lennox furnaces, built to last. When considering a Lennox furnace, be sure to read the reviews better to understand the pros and cons of each model. For a better understanding of the product, you may also ask questions on their customer hotline and ask if they also have rebates.


How much does a Lennox furnace cost?

A Lennox furnace is a high-quality product with a higher price tag than many other brands. Installation costs will also be higher than average. But the thing is, you can expect your Lennox furnace to last much longer than other furnaces, so the overall price may be lower in the long run. Lennox also offers a wide range of models to choose from to find the perfect fit for your home and your budget. 

The installation cost for a Lennox furnace can range from $3,250 to $11,650. Besides having the widest variety of any significant brand, Lennox furnaces have an average installation cost of around $7,000.

Who makes the Lennox furnace?

Lennox International, based in Marshalltown, IA, manufactures HVAC units and systems for refrigeration markets. The global corporation offers refrigeration, ventilation, and air conditioning services in addition to the Armstrong and Heatcraft Refrigeration brands.

How long will a Lennox furnace last?

A Lennox furnace will last as long as it is properly maintained. Annual tune-ups are essential to keep the furnace running efficiently and prevent costly repairs. With proper maintenance, a Lennox furnace can last 15 to 20 years.