How to Choose a Smart Thermostat with Humidity Control

How to Choose a Smart Thermostat with Humidity Control

In the internet of things, devices are becoming more interconnected that ever, and there’s no reason why your air conditioning, humidification, and heating needs can’t be solved through home hubs and smartphone apps. Let’s look at great options for a smart thermostat with humidity control.

Quick Recommendations

The Cielo Breez Plus lets you connect to the wi-fi, hook up to Google Home or Alexa, and control AC and humidity from a single hub. It connects to smaller AC units like window units and other units that have a remote control. You can set weekly schedules and alter the temperature when an unexpected heatwave or cold storm blows over. Control everything from your phone. It’s super easy to set up!

Undoubtedly the smartest of the smart thermostats on this list. The Mysa is compatible with high voltage systems, and controlled completely from the android or iOS app. The sleek, modern, white design makes it my favorite aesthetic on the list. It gives you the most data–complete energy usage reports and an easy schedule system. Full integration with any smart home device: Alexa, Google Home, HomeKit, and IFTTT.

Voice control the Emerson Sensi with Alexa. I love shouting at it to turn the temperature up and down! The humidity and temperature controls and programmable seven day system allows you to maintain complete control, but change it on the fly with your voice. The thermostat itself also allows you to punch in new information. If you have multiple AC units, a single app can control each of the sensors!

The Sensibo Sky’s infrared hookups allow you to run multiple AC units in the same room without buying multiple setups, and the infrared system means it’s even compatible with a central AC unit that has the right hookup. The versatility of these hookups earns my “alternative option.” If you’ve got a smaller space with multiple AC units, as long as the infrared signatures are different, you only need to buy one unit. Or if you have a central system that has or can install an infrared sensor, the Sensibo Sky can run your whole AC system.

How to Choose a Smart Thermostat with Humidity Controls

Most of these smart thermostats listed are smaller models that easily hook up through infrared or wifi signals. You can also do a more manual installation, but it can be difficult. Find a video on how to hook up to the central heat and air here (source). When finding a smart thermostat that also helps you control humidity, you’ll want to look at price and functionality, humidity control, and temperature triggers.

Smart Hookups

All of the devices here have smart hookups through wifi, apps, and home hubs. Some of them are more compatible with different brands than others, so double check the pros and cons section to see if it is supported. They all support Alexa and Google, but Apple compatibility–unsurprisingly–is a bit more spotty.

Price and Functionality

A good smart thermostat will probably run you about 100 dollars, so the key differentiator in price will be the specs. Some smart thermostats will make you pay 100 dollars to control only a single unit, and others can control the master AC with only one purchase. It will depend on how much power you need.

Mysa is great for high-voltage and baseboard systems, giving you the smartest device and the most temperature control. The Cielo Breez is an economic option if you’re only going to control a single AC unit and control humidity.  The Sensi can hook directly to a humidifier, but it can only hook up to one device at a time, so if you hook it up to your humidifier you’ll have to drop another hundred for the AC as well. If you just need humidity control though, the Sensi may be your best bet.

Finally, the Sensibo is great because it has a range of infrared systems that can control a few units in the same room or a single central AC with infrared. If you need a model for multiple units, the Sensibo is the cheapest way to bootstrap them all at the same time.

Humidity Control

The Sensibo Sky can control almost anything with an infrared sensor, and the Sensi can also hook up to humidifiers. All of these models can read the humidity in a room and make adjustments based on your specifications.

Temperature Triggers

You’ll spend a lot of money on air conditioning and heat if you’re constantly using your devices to bring up and down the temperature whenever it feels too hot or too cold. A smart thermostat, which also controls for humidity, can save you money by making little adjustments as the temperature starts to slide, instead of working overtime to bring up and down the temperature when you start to sweat or shiver.

Top Smart Thermostat with Humidity Control

I love the simple and beautiful interface on the Cielo Breez app. Read the room temperature and humidity from your phone, hook up to your Google Home or Alexa, and control your small AC units. It can be a bit underwhelming if you’re looking for a whole home solution, however, because it only hooks up to one unit (doesn’t replace the central thermostat) and that one unit has to be about 10 feet away for the remote to pick it up.


  • Easy setup, just hook it up to your phone and navigate from there.
  • Wifi connected, smart hookups to your home devices. Just talk to the unit!
  • Set AC triggers that control temperature when humidity or temperature reach certain levels.
  • Works with mini-split system ACs.
  • Reasonably priced for a smart AC unit.


  • Only compatible with smaller AC and heating units, and only hooks up to the units in range at the time. Will not replace a main central thermostat.
  • While it claims to work without wifi using local signals, the compatibility is limited.
  • Needs to be about 10 feet away from the desired unit to run properly.

The most expensive option is also the smartest and coolest. The app has a simple and modern design, and the product has a simple number interface. You get the data you need to monitor your energy consumption and improve your energy bills. Control it with your voice or change the temperature from the app. I can’t stress enough how much I love the design. If you’re looking for the coolest smart thermostat on the market, then the Mysa might be the perfect product for you.


  • Simple app is all the hardware and software you need.
  • Full smart home integration with Alexa, Google, and Apple products. If you have it, the Mysa will connect to it.
  • Incredible heating and cooling power, drops a house to 42 degrees.
  • Compatibility with IFTTT means that you can set the thermostat to trigger when people leave and enter your house.


  • Not compatible with low voltage systems.
  • The major drawback is that it is only compatible with baseboard heating. If you happen to have this type of system, you’re in luck. If not, the Mysa won’t be for you.

The Emerson Senis is the cheapest unit on this list, and can also only hook up to one device at a time. While you can hook it up to a humidifier, if you do so, you can’t also hook it up to AC or heat pumps. Hooks up to Google Home and Amazon Alexa, and controls with a smartphone app.


  • You can probably snag one for under a hundred dollars, making it the cheapest smart thermostat with humidity control on this list.
  • Can hook up to a honeywell humidifier.
  • Lock the thermostat settings to prevent kids or well-meaning friends from changing the temperature!
  • Put the light into a night glow mode and it can function like a night light!


  • A spottier wifi hookup than the other devices on this list, tends to disconnect on its own from time to time.
  • Will also hook up and control a humidifier, but it can only connect to one thing at a time. If you want the Sensi to be your humidity control, it can only be your humidity control.
  • Does not work properly without a strong wifi connection. Without wifi, you have to manually change the temperature and then there is nothing smart about your smart thermostat.

Works with any air conditioning unit that has an infrared remote control (which is most). The smart controls are a bit more limited here, it has Siri shortcuts but nothing for Homekit. Fully Alexa compatible, however, and even works with voice controls! The smartphone app only shows you the current data, but a webpage can be used to track the temperature of your room over time.


  • The system works with a wide variety of ACs, basically anything that has infrared remotes. Even works with a central AC unit if the unit has an infrared installed! Full list of compatibility can be found here.
  • You can control 2 or 3 AC units in a single room with one device, as long as the infrared remote controls are different for each of them.
  • “Schedule” allows you to program events for the future, while “React” mode lets the AC respond to the climate.
  • Switch the mode of the AC through the device.
  • Low maintenance: if you lose power or the wifi goes down, the Sensi automatically reconnects when it can. Don’t reset or lose data!


  • Not compatible with some smart systems, like HomeKit.
  • Only works with Infrared remote controls.
  • No internal battery, so you’ll have to have it connected to an outlet power source.


The four smart thermostats on this list are all so different, so the recommendation will vary based on a few factors. If you have baseboard heating, the Mysa is clearly the best option. It has the most compatibility, and the company looks like it will keep up with smart tech trends and continue to offer you hookups for future products.

But, if you need to hook up the smart thermostat directly to an AC unit or humidifier, then the Emerson Sensi is your best option. It can hook up to a single unit but control humidity and temperature, and it is also the cheapest for your buck. Unfortunately, the functionality can be a bit low because it only hooks up to one unit. So if you happen to have a room full of AC units or humidifiers with different infrared signatures, then the Sensibo Sky gives you the most range of compatibility. Remember that one of the keys to controlling humidity is controlling temperature! Find a unit that
is great for both.