Honeywell Home Vision Pro8000 WiFi Thermostat Review

I am a workaholic. There is no hiding around this fact. My days usually start at 7 AM and they can drag on till 9 PM.

Among all the assignments and workload, there have been many times that I forget to adjust the temperature on my manual thermostat. This lead to many countless incidents where I entered into my igloo-I mean, home and was greeted with bone-chillingly cold air.

Thus, after a couple of these episodes, I finally decided that it was time to look for alternatives. I wanted a device that did not need my assistance to work. So, that’s when I came across smart thermostats.

These small devices tend to memorize your daily schedule and then keep the house warm (or cold during summers) even before you have turned the keys in the lock. They are energy-saving and reduce the use of cooling and heating systems when no one is home.

I found just the right product after a few searches! Want to find out my perfect companion, read below!

Things to Consider Before Buying a Smart Thermostat:

1. Compatibility

One of the most important things to check before invest in a smart thermostat is whether it works well with your heating and cooling system or not. Some of the most used systems include central heating and air ventilation. These can work on electricity, oil, and even gas.

On the other hand, some advanced systems include an electric baseboard, a furnace, a fireplace, and a heat pump.

So always check whether your system is compatible with your system or not.

2. Ease Of installation

Another thing to consider is how easy the set-up process is. While some units do not require a professional to install, others might. So, if you do not want to spend money on a technician, then I will suggest you read through the user’s manual and evaluate how easy or difficult it is to install this unit.

3. Design

Inspect the design of the unit. See whether it is easy to read the display screen. If the unit has a touchpad, then check whether it functions instantly when you touch it. On the contrary, if it has push-buttons, check how rigid or smooth they are.

4. Geofencing

This is one of the most important features to have on your smartphone, especially if you are as forgetful as I am! Geofencing determines your location by detecting your smartphone’s activity and then adjusts the thermostat accordingly.

So, if you are around the corner of your complex, the device will pick up the frequencies from your phone and turn on the thermostat so that you can be welcomed to the perfect indoor temperature.

[amazon link=”B01JGY8EEO” title=”Honeywell Home Vision Pro 8000 WiFi TH83321WF Thermostat” /]

Honeywell Home’s Thermostat is a small, easy-to-use, and compact unit that can be used to keep your house at just the right temperature. The unit can easily be set up using its remote.

Furthermore, the unit can be controlled using a smartphone, a tablet, and a computer! Thus, no matter where you are, you will be able to check as well as change the settings of this tiny gadget.

It includes several features –it has 7-day programmability, geo-fencing, cycles and continuous fan function, and much more! Moreover, it can work with Cortana, IFTTT, and Amazon’s Alexa so you do not even have to take your phone out to manage the settings of this electric appliance!

Who is it for?

It can be used for 2 heat/2 cool systems as well as 3 heat/2 cool heat pumps. So, this gives it the advantage of being a pretty good option especially if you prioritize versatility.

If you are looking for a small device that lets you adjust settings for a week, gives you different speeds, and can work with your virtual assistant then this unit will become your favorite soon enough!


  • Small, compact, and lightweight.
  • A large display makes reading settings easy.
  • Lets you schedule temperature for an entire week.
  • Its mobile application is uncomplicated and fast.


  • Does not have a humidifier panel indicator.
  • Is not line-voltage capable.
  • Might need a professional to set up the unit.

Features & Benefits

Now that I know all the main aspects of Honeywell Home Vision Pro 8000 WiFi TH8321WF, let’s dig in deep and evaluate all the different features it possesses.

1. Quick and instant connection

The unit can easily be connected to any smart device that you use. It has an application called Total Connect Comfort App. This app helps you control and administer all of the settings of the device.

It helps you control ventilation, humidification, and dehumidification. Also, it possesses a ‘Wireless Outdoor Sensor’ that lets you view the humidity and temperature levels outdoors.

Whether you are in Bali or the Sahara desert, you can get accurate updates about the thermostat back at home all the time.

2. Frequent Updates

Using the RedLINK Internet Gateway, you can get email alerts about the device. Moreover, with the application that I discussed in the above point, this gadget will keep everything under control and let you know if it runs into any problem within seconds.

3. Instinctive Programming System

The unit can memorize or anticipate your routine so that it can keep the temperature of the room at the optimal temperature at all times. Moreover, with its ability to customize a full week’s schedule, the unit does a pretty good job functioning accordingly.

4. Adjustable Schedules

This small yet exceptional thermostat gives you the option to schedule different settings for seven days or use the same schedule every day. Furthermore, you can change or tweak up the temperature whenever you want from wherever you are

5. Cost-Efficient

Since the unit can be switched on and off through the app whether you are near the device or far away and you can customize its timings at all times, the device helps you save electricity and hence, allows you to cut down costs.

6. Bright, Readable Touchscreen Display

The device has a visible touchscreen display that is not only easy to read but just as easy to use. Its screen shows different settings and the status of the device. It also provides you with useful information if you want to ask for a service or have any questions.

What do users say about Honeywell Home Vision Pro 8000 WiFi TH83321WF Thermostat?

Whenever I have to buy a new product, I always look at reviews. I scour google, youtube, Facebook, and even Instagram to find out if the product I am after is worth buying or not.

However, searching and reading through tens of reviews is exhausting. It seems boring too. So, if you are dreading searching the entire internet about whether Honeywell Home Vision Pro 8000 WiFi TH8321WF is worth buying or not, then STOP!

I have done that for you! I’ve read through Amazon reviews, Facebook reviews, and watched youtube videos to tell you exactly what customers think about this product!

One of the most common praise that this gadget got was on its easy application and setup. Though some people suggest that you need to get a professional to set it up, you might not need one if you know a bit about electrical connections and wires.

However, one disadvantage is that when you install it yourself, the warranty will be nullified.

Moreover, most people loved the fact that you can control it remotely. One user shared their experience and narrated how they used it with a dual fuel system and it worked miraculously well!

They even suggested other people buy this product if they have a similar system. However, no product is without negative reviews. A few users complained that the unit often forgets the schedule you have set.


The following are some of the diverse opponents that Honeywell Home Vision Pro 8000 WiFi TH8321WF has in the marketplace.

  • Vine’s TJ-225Smart Thermostat
  • Lux Products’ TX9600TS Programmable Thermostat
  • Orbit’s 83521 Programmable Thermostat

[amazon link=”B083JQ49KS” title=”Vine’s TJ-225 Smart Thermostat” /]

It is a programmable thermostat that offers you to set a schedule for 7 days without any restrictions! It is energy-efficient and due to its remote control capability, you can easily monitor its various settings while you are in your office or even abroad.

Moreover, it works smoothly with any virtual assistants like Google Assistant, Amazon’s Alexa, and many others. It comes with a comprehensive user manual and all of the compulsory hardware that you need to set up this device.

To know more about Vine’s TJ-225Smart Thermostat, click [amazon link=”B083JQ49KS” title=”here” /].

[amazon link=”B0044UYVFW” title=”Lux Products’ Programmable Thermostat TX9600TS” /]

It has wide compatibility and works with majority of the cooling and heating systems you might find in North America. However, it cannot work with systems that have 2-cooling stages or work on 120 or 240 volts.

It has a bright touchscreen display that is easy to read as well as use. The best thing about this unit is that it locks out any person that is not authorized to use the device. It also possesses an air filter, a timer, a changeable temperature differential, and temperature override.

Click [amazon link=”B0044UYVFW” title=”here” /] if you are curious about Lux Products’ TX9600TS Programmable Thermostat!

[amazon link=”B01D16HAFW” title=”Orbit’s 83521 Programmable Thermostat” /]

With a sleek design, the Orbit’s Programmable Thermostat gives tough competition to the star of this article –The Honeywell Home Vision Pro 8000 WiFi TH8321WF.

It has a readable and visible display screen that is swift in functionality. ‘Early start mode’ makes sure that your house always has the optimal temperature. It allows you to program schedules for an entire week.

It has different modes like ‘Copy’, ‘Permanent mode’, and ‘Temporary mode’ that makes using this unit extremely easy and trouble-free!

Unfortunately, it cannot work with baseboard heaters, 3-wire hydronic systems, and multi-stage systems.

If you want a more in-depth feature breakdown and reviews of this device, click [amazon link=”B01D16HAFW” title=”here” /]

Final Thoughts on the Honeywell Home Vision Pro 8000 WiFi TH83321WF Thermostat

Thermostats are the literal knight in shining armors.  Whether it’s winters or summers, a smart thermostat can be controlled by only a few taps from your fingers and make your house the coziest place ever.

In this article, we discuss the Honeywell Home Vision Pro 8000 WiFi TH8321WF that I think is perfect for everyone. I loved each and every feature! The geofencing, remote control, and Intelligent Programming System are some of my favorite features of this product.

Honeywell Home Vision Pro 8000 WiFi TH83321WF Thermostat definitely won’t let you down. It has it all.

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