Honeywell Home T10 Pro THX321WFS Review

Smart thermostats are a popular addition to your homes nowadays. Many people have shifted from the traditional dial thermostats to the wifi-enabled ones, and they claim their lives have become integrated.

Smart thermostats’ ability to pair with smart home ecosystems is quite impressive as you can command the system to adjust the temperature without even getting up. Moreover, many models have special features like their learning ability or humidity and motion sensors which allow the thermostat to automatically detect and alter the temperature.

My search for a smart thermostat replacement began once my own started giving me errors frequently. I would have to restart it throughout the day because of the endless errors. 

Thus, I decided to research the pricier ones. One such thermostat that caught my attention was the Honeywell Home T10 Pro. 

It belongs to their recent T-series collection that is known for its wireless sensors for each room in the house. Most of the smart thermostats come with sensors, but they are not always for each room. 

Apart from that, it is compatible with most of the HVAC systems out there.

This review will discuss more of what you need to know about the Honeywell Home T10 Pro before you decide to purchase.




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Things to consider before buying smart thermostats

Smart thermostats aren’t a necessity and your old outdated will do the job well if you only wish to turn the heating on or off when required. However, those that want fancier features and more control over the thermostat should invest in a smart thermostat. 

You can control the devices through your smartphone, your smart assistant, or directly from the device. If you already have an HVAC system installed and want to save up on the energy costs, then a smart thermostat will help you do just that.

While most smart thermostats want constant internet connectivity, some work even when the internet is down. However, you still need wifi so if you have one along with an HVAC system then it is a good fit for you.

Factors to consider before buying Wifi Thermostats:

  • Compatibility: The HVAC system that is installed already should be compatible with the thermostat that you wish to buy. Many brands also offer compatibility checks to make your lives easier. Most systems have 24V power, but there are a few exceptions, so you must check before.

  • Geofencing: Geofencing ensures that the smart thermostat can pick up your phone’s GPS signal. If you go outside the house it will not detect the smartphone within its range and it will save on energy by adjusting the temperature automatically. However, not all smart thermostats come with this feature. So, if you are looking for this function to maximize energy-saving, then you should check whether the thermostat has this feature.

  • Zonal Heating: This is also a feature available only in a select few smart thermostats. It allows the thermostat to have different temperature settings in different rooms within the house. This is especially beneficial for people who prefer having a warmer living room, and colder bedrooms. 

  • Smartphone App: Although almost all smart thermostats come with their smartphone apps, there are still a few exceptions. Moreover, some smartphone apps are harder to navigate than others, so testing it first is also a good idea.

Presenting the product

The Honeywell Home T10 Pro is more advanced than most smart thermostats. These thermostats record humidity in addition to just temperature and it can have different settings for each room of the house. 

Its compatibility with Apple HomeKit is underway, amongst many others like Google Home Assistant and Amazon’s Alexa. It also features “people detection” which makes sure that the temperature in the rooms is suitable for them. Apart from that, it comes with many other basic features of a smart thermostat.

It is true, however, that the thermostat cannot be installed as easily as others in the market. You will need professional installation because of its humidity and ventilation parts. 

In case, that is not something you want to invest in, you can opt for the Nest Learning thermostat, which has automatic scheduling because of its sensors. Plus it’s easy to install. 

However, if these seem pricey then the  Ecobee 3 Lite is a good alternative for a cheaper price. Not only is it compatible with the Apple HomeKit but it also comes with smart sensors.

Another option that you could consider is the Carrier performance thermostat if you want a thermostat with the humidity control option. This model stands out from others in the market because of its ability to have the humidity feature on while the AC is on. 

The Lux/Geo thermostat is another option if you want your thermostat to automatically adjust the temperature as per your preference. It observes your temperature adjustments in the start , for the first week or so, and adjusts the temperature following that schedule.


  • Compatible with Amazon Echo and Google Home Assistant
  • Geofencing
  • Affordable
  • People Detection feature
  • Different temperature settings for different rooms
  • Energy saving


  • Not easy to install
  • Apple HomeKit compatibility not confirmed
  • The smartphone app has connectivity issues

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Features & Benefits

1. Multiple room setting

This feature allows you to prioritize different rooms at different times of the day, for instance, the living room during the day and bedrooms during the night. You can also choose the option where the thermostat adjusts the temperature according to the motion it senses in a room.

2. All-in-one solution

Ventilation, humidification, or dehumidification are controlled from the smartphone app so that you have the perfect combination of all three or as per your needs.

3. Smart Alerts

After the thermostat learns your temperature adjustment patterns, it sends you alerts if the temperature seems too drastic for your usual settings. It also has frost protection for when the pipes can be prone to freezing in winters. Furthermore, it sends alerts for filter change too when a replacement is needed.

4. People Detection

This thermostat is one of the few that has sensors that can tell the difference when you are sitting in the room and when you are simply passing by.

Social Proof

After doing my research on the Honeywell Home T10 Pro I found out that people who had a lot of rooms in their house loved it because of the ability to have different temperatures inside the rooms. People find dehumidifying extremely useful especially if they live in humid regions. If the humidity reaches a certain level the AC turns on itself!

Many users appreciated its price and thought it was worth it because it was the same price as the T9 but with extra features.


The Honeywell Home T10 Pro is a good option to opt for if you prioritize having humidifier and dehumidifier controls in your thermostat. What also gives it an edge over others is different temperature feature. 

It works almost like a different thermostat for each room. However, it does have its shortcomings as the smartphone app encounters connection problems. Also, it is not so easy to install as other smart thermostats. 

In case the cons overweigh the pros for you then you should check out the alternatives discussed in this article.

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