Find Carrier furnace model or serial number

How To Find Carrier Furnaces Model Numbers?

If you have ever needed to service your furnace or pickup parts for it you know how important it can be to know your furnace’s model and serial numbers.

The model and serial numbers can both be found on a data sticker on the inside of your furnace on the top left side or under the burner. You will have to remove the cover of your furnace to access it but this is easily removed and replaced.

Locating The Data Sticker

Once you have located your furnace you are going to want to remove the vented cover plate on the front of the unit. You can either lift it straight off the unit or it may be secured by some sort of screw or another kind of fastener.

Once you have the cover off of your furnace you need to find the data sticker. It helps to have a flashlight with you especially if your furnace is located in a darker than average place. The two most common location for Carrier to place their data stickers is in the top left corner or centered on the bottom of the furnace under the burner.

Once you have the model and serial number of your machine you can either replace the cover to the furnace or leave it removed if you’re expecting to have to open it again.

Reading The Data Sticker

The data sticker tells you more than just the make and serial number. It also tells you the week and year that your furnace was made. Some manufacturers achieve this by using a letter in their model number but Carrier uses a 4 digit numbering system.

The first 4 digits tell you when your furnace was made. The first two numbers from 01-52 tell you the week of the year it was made while the last two numbers tell you the year it was made. An example would be 0508 which means the furnace was made on the fifth week of the year 2008.

Why Would I Need The Model/ Serial Numbers?

There’s a multitude of reasons that one may need to find the model number or serial number on their Carrier furnace. These numbers play a crucial role in the repairs and servicing that will need to be done on your system at some point or another.

The model number lets you know the exact type of furnace you have and this makes it easier to find the right parts for servicing, and helps the technician troubleshoot potential issues should that be the route you take. It also tells you the age of the unit by telling you the year the manufacture made it.

On the other hand, the serial number is specific to your unit and your unit only. Unlike the model number, which is given to every Carrier Furnace of the same make. Serial numbers serve to prove ownership of the furnace, and are crucial in recovering your furnace should anybody ever manage to steal it.

Another thing that is important to remember is that you should never go off of the model number that comes on the cover of your owner’s manual as this is not a full model number, but rather the series number, which just indicates the style of your furnace.

Where Can I Find My Furnace?

If you’re needing to locate your furnace’s model and serial number the first thing that you need to do is locate the actual furnace. It can usually be found with the other HVAC equipment in your home.

If you don’t know where your Carrier Furnace is located you can usually find it in a select few places, those being in the garage, attic, washroom, or basement. Like anything, there may be exceptions to this, but I have never seen a furnace that wasn’t in one of those spots.


Knowing the model and a serial number of your Carrier furnace is crucial when it comes to servicing and repairing your unit. You will need these numbers to order parts or when consulting a technician about repairs.