Emerson Sensi Touch ST75

Emerson Sensi Touch ST75 Review

Smart thermostats are in nowadays because of their low energy consumption. While they are more expensive than the traditional dial one, smart thermostats are more energy-efficient, simple to use, and compatible with other smart devices. 

Your HVAC system needs a thermostat to control the temperature according to your liking.

Some smart thermostats nowadays also have humidifier and dehumidifier controls. The top names for smart thermostats include Emerson Sensei, Lux GEO, Ecobee, Honeywell, and Google Nest.

Smart thermostats often have smartphone apps that allow you to control the temperature without getting up. However, some smartphone apps don’t work as well as others. 

I made the same mistake of buying a smart thermostat that had all the basic features but the smartphone app would glitch a lot. I got fed up from getting up in the middle of the night to adjust the temperature and so began my hunt for a new smart thermostat.

One of the most recommended touch screen thermostats was the Emerson Sensi Touch ST75. It isn’t the most affordable thermostat but comes with reliable features.

This review will tell you all that you need to know about the Emerson Sensi Touch ST75.




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Who should buy smart thermostats?

Smart thermostats are must-haves for people who have a wifi connection. They come with features that not only make controlling the temperature easier but are also compatible with other smart devices. 

You should get a smart thermostat if you already have an HVAC system. The thermostat can learn the temperature patterns and help you save up on costs. 

They’re also useful for people who are handicapped and use the wheelchair to go about. They can simply adjust the temperature with a voice assistant or they can use their smartphone app.

If you already have a smart home system then you will especially benefit from a thermostat if it is compatible with it.

Factors to consider before buying Wifi Thermostats:

  • Type of thermostat: While some smart thermostats are plugged in, some are also powered by batteries or are linked to circuit boards. Whichever thermostat you choose, make sure it is compatible with your HVAC system type. 

  • Privacy: A lot of people are concerned about their privacy especially since voice assistants like Alexa and Siri collect data on its users. If you use voice command then the device can “listen” to the commands given and can collect it as data. IF you are someone who isn’t comfortable with that then you should choose a smart thermostat that does not integrate with your smart home device. 

  • Ease of installation: Some smart thermostats are not easy to install, and often require professional help. Thus, if you plan to get a smart thermostat you should get one that is easy to install and won’t give you distress for installing it yourself.

  • Wifi connectivity: Before purchasing a smart thermostat make sure your wifi is consistently working. The wifi also allows the thermostat to connect with other smart devices and to be able to use the smartphone app. Good wifi is thus a must.

Emerson Sensi Touch ST75 and its Alternatives


The Emerson Sensi Touch ST75 is an upgrade from its previous version. The touchscreen works well and has a better design.

It connects to Alexa, Siri, and Google’s assistant and so these voice agents can be used to control the temperature with the voice feature. It essentially has all the main functions of smart thermostats such as geofencing but does not come with other advanced features like smart learning or motion, humidity, and proximity sensors. Also, it connects with many HVAC systems but requires a C-wire.

Even though the touchscreen is quite reliable, the design still has an outdated touch to it. If you want a sleeker or fancier design then you should go for the Nest Learning thermostat or the  Ecobee 3 Lite

The Nest Learning thermostat is slightly more expensive but it also comes with highly advanced learning capabilities. The Ecobee 3 Lite, however, is in the same price range even though it does not require a C-wire like the Emerson Sensi. 

However, if you think all of these are expensive, then the Honeywell Home T5 is a much cheaper alternative that has the adaptive recovery feature, which lets the thermostat record the time it takes to reach the desired temperature.

While the Emerson Sensi Touch ST75 connects with the most common smart home devices it still isn’t compatible with others. The Honeywell Lyric Round, however, is a better option when it comes to smart home ecosystem integration as it connects with the Samsung SmartThings and IFTTT apart from just the Apple HomeKit and Amazon Echo. 

If you have a higher budget and want more advanced features then the Nest Learning thermostats are a good alternative.


  • Compatible with Amazon Echo, Wink, Google Home Assistant, and Apple HomeKit
  • Responsive touch
  • Budget-friendly
  • Eight different temperature points
  • Optional backlight
  • Energy-star certified


  • Does not show outdoor temperature
  • C-wire required
  • No installation booklet

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Features & Benefits

1. Home Screen Customization

The Emerson Sensi Touch ST75 has a home screen that can have customizable information. You can choose whether you want to see indoor humidity levels, time/day and whether you want the temperature unit to be in Celcius or Fahrenheit. More settings can be found on the smartphone app.

2. Programming

Scheduling the Emerson Sensi Touch ST75 is quite easy. There can be 8 changes to the schedule in a day. You can also customize the time with 15-minute intervals.  You can create daily schedules as well as custom ones.

3. Geofencing

By connecting with your smartphone’s GPS, if it detects the phone to be within 3 miles, then it will apply the temperature that you usually have at home. However, if you are outside of the 3-mile radius then it will alter the temperature for the thermostat to be running more efficiently to help save on costs.

What users think of the Emerson Sensi Touch ST75

Customer feedback is essential to cover once you are purchasing something like a smart thermostat. I too went thoroughly through the reviews that were left by the users of the Emerson Sensi Touch ST75. Most users like the touchscreen display interface and say that it adds a modern touch to their homes. 

It was also commended for its smooth connectivity to smart home systems, which can be a cause for concern when getting a smart thermostat.

Apart from the touch screen many also appreciated how simple and easy it was to install it. The average time taken to set it up as reported by most users was 10 minutes. 

This shows you will not be requiring additional help from a professional to install it. Overall the reviews said it was a budget-friendly and reliable smart thermostat with most features that one requires.

Final thoughts on the Emerson Sensi Touch ST75

The Emerson Sensi Touch ST75 is a good thermostat for anyone that requires the most basic functions that a wifi-enabled thermostat comes with. Whether it is a good fit for you however depends on the existing HVAC system in your home and other smart devices that you have available. 

The touch screen and size set it apart from other competitors, but it has its cons too. Many other smart thermostats now don’t require a C-wire but the Emerson Sensi Touch ST75 cannot operate without one.

It is an upgrade from the classic Emerson Sensi thermostat, but there are still other alternatives in the market that offer far more features than this one. Some of them are mentioned in this review for your ease.

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