How Do I Clean a Window Air Conditioner Without Removing It?

Window air conditioner cleaning has never been easier than it is today. Using evaporating foam aircon cleaners like this [amazon link=”B007I7KZN0″ title=”one” /], you can clean your window air conditioner in minutes all while leaving it inside the window.

For years I avoided cleaning my window air conditioners due to the long arduous nature of the task. Removing it and cleaning it and reinstalling just wasn’t worth the headache for me – so I continued to have professionals come out and do a job I could have been doing myself in half the time, for a fraction of the price.

Cleaning Your Window Air Conditioner

Using a foam aircon coil cleaner makes the once dreaded task a breeze of a chore that seamlessly fits in on any of your cleaning days. You need to clean your window air conditioner regularly using the steps listed below.

Remove Filter

The first thing you need to do is remove the filter and the front panel from the front of your window ac. These should both be cleaned with soap and water before you continue so that they have time to dry before reassembly.

Wipe Excess Dust

Now that the condenser coils are exposed you’re almost ready to douse them with the wonder-foam – but first, you need to take a paper towel or a cloth and wipe all of the excess dirt and grime from the exposed coils and fins.

Spray Coil Cleaner

Once the can has been shaken up, you can attach the spray nozzle and start spraying. The foam expands as soon as it leaves the can – make sure that every visible inner-working part is covered by foam.

You will want to do this same thing to the exposed parts on the outside part of the unit. Once everything is covered in the aircon cleaner you need to let it sit for 15-20 minutes, or until the cleaner has dissolved, before restarting the unit. This gives the cleaner enough time to break down the dirt and grime, which then slides down off the condenser and through the outside drain for the ac unit.


By now the filter and plastic cover for the air conditioner should be dry enough so that you can reassemble the unit. Once everything is snapped back into place you can turn on your freshly cleaned air conditioner unit.

Below I am going to list some of the best foam coil cleaners out there. They can be purchased at your local hardware store, but not having to get out is a plus nowadays.

Aircon Cleaners

1. [amazon link=”B007I7KZN0″ title=”Frost King” /]

This is the best budget option, at only $6 a can you can’t go wrong.

2. [amazon link=”B00CD710NE” title=”QwikClean” /]

This lemon-scented coil cleaner from the reputable QwikClean product line is guaranteed to get the job done.

3. [amazon link=”B07JG3HXN9″ title=”Nu-Calgon” /]

This multi-pack is good for those that want to have extra cans on hand.


No longer is cleaning a window air-conditioner a day-long job. With foaming coil cleaners you can get the job done quickly, with minimal attention, and without ever having to dismantle the air conditioner.