Can I Install a Smart Thermostat in My Apartment?

Can I Install a Smart Thermostat in My Apartment?

The days of old fashioned thermostats are over. With a modern smart thermostat, you don’t have to constantly adjust the temperature, you don’t have to come home to a cold apartment, and you don’t have to worry about wasting energy or racking up a high heat bill. Smart thermostats are designed to be used anywhere – homes, RVs, and apartments.

This post will tell you everything you need to know about smart thermostats and installing one in your own apartment.

What is a smart thermostat, exactly?

A smart thermostat is a modern time of smart home innovation. It installs in your wall, right where your old thermostat went, and can help you to easily control your temperature, set heating and cooling schedules, and improve your home or apartment’s energy efficiency.

What makes it smart? The main factor that sets a smart thermostat apart from older models is its wifi compatibility. Smart thermostats are designed to connect to a compatible smart home app, so that you can operate it through your smartphone or tablet.

They can also be connected to a compatible voice-controlled home device, such as Alexa, Siri or Google Home. That way, you can control the thermostat with just a simple voice command.

Smart thermostats generally do not require and special hardwiring or batteries. They are compatible with most modern heating and air conditioning systems, and can be installed where any old thermostat goes. Not only are they easier and more efficient, they also have a longer average lifespan compared to older thermostats, and they have a much sleeker, modern look.

What are the advantages of installing a smart thermostat?

If you have looked at smart thermostats on the market, you may have noticed that they are a bit more expensive than more traditional models. So why pay the money for a smart thermostat?

There are actually tons of benefits to using a smart thermostat as opposed to a traditional model – and they will actually save you money in the long run. Here are some of the main reasons you may want to install a smart thermostat in your home or apartment.

Energy efficiency

The main reason people choose to install smart thermostats is for the energy saving benefits. Smart thermostats are friendly on the environment and even friendlier on your energy and heating bills.

Whereas older thermostats need to be manually adjusted, or can only be set to a specific schedule, smart thermostats can actually adjust to your home and routine. They can be programmed to keep the house warm at certain times of day and cool in other, and can even sense when no one is in the home, and turn heating or AC systems off.

If you are looking to save money, help the environment or even improve your EPC rating, a smart thermostat could be an awesome addition to your home.


The other huge benefit to installing a smart thermostat is the convenience. With a smart thermostat installed, you can adjust the temperature, change the heating schedule, or check the status of your heat or air conditioner all from your phone.

You can even use an app to connect to your thermostat when you are out of the house – no more worrying if you accidentally left the heat on, or sitting around in the cold waiting for the house to heat up. With a smart thermostat, you have control over your home environment at all times.


A less mentioned advantage of smart thermostats is the security. Smart thermostats can be password protected, to prevent anyone from changing the temperature settings and wasting energy while you aren’t home.

This can be a great feature for someone with small kids, or someone who frequently rents out their home and doesn’t want to drive up the bills. You are in control of your heating and air conditioning at all times.

Long lifespan

On average, a smart thermostat will last longer than an older model. Most thermostats function for 5 – 20 years, depending on how often they are used and cleaned. Older thermostats tend to be on the lower end of that spectrum, while smart thermostats are much closer to the higher end.

Of course, nothing lasts forever. Your smart thermostat will wear down eventually – on average within ten years or more. Still, that is plenty of time to enjoy a comfortable home environment without having to replace your thermostat.

Can I Install a Nest Thermostat in My Apartment?

The short answer – yes! Nest — and all smart thermostats — are designed to be installed anywhere an old thermostat is installed. That said, there are a few considerations that might make installing a smart thermostat trickier in an apartment than it would be in a house.

System compatibility

How easy it will be to install a smart thermostat in your apartment depends on the heating and air conditioning systems in your building. In general, smart thermostats are designed to be compatible with a wide variety of systems – but they are also very new technology, and a lot of apartment buildings have outdated HVAC systems.

Talk to your landlord or building maintenance to find out what kind of heating and air conditioning your building uses. You can get in touch with some of the top smart thermostat producers to make sure that your smart thermostat will be compatible.

Ownership and permission

If you rent your apartment, you can’t just go ripping out the thermostat. Talk with your landlord or the owner of your building first to make sure that you can install a smart thermostat. Chances are there will be no issue – after all, the smart thermostat will save them money in the long run, too.

Your landlord may insist on having an HVAC professional install the smart thermostat for you. Sometimes this can be the best for everyone involved – as you are probably not familiar with all of the heating and AC wiring in your apartment, it may be trickier than you think to install it yourself.


Once a smart thermostat is installed in your apartment, it will be difficult to remove it again. A smart thermostat is a long term investment in a more comfortable, convenient home – if you are planning on moving out of your apartment within a year or so, we don’t recommend installing a smart thermostat. You won’t be able to take it with you when you go.


Perhaps the most important factor you should consider before installing a smart thermostat in your apartment is how functional it will actually be. In a large house that requires a lot of time and energy to heat and cool, the advantages of a smart thermostat are obvious – but that is not always the case in an apartment.

If you do not have air conditioning in your apartment, for example, it may not be worthwhile to install a smart thermostat. Likewise, if you don’t use the heat or AC in your apartment often, the smart thermostat probably will not be worth your money. You will still get the great advantages of security and adjusting the temperature away from home, but the great energy saving benefits won’t apply if you don’t regularly use energy to heat or cool your apartment.

Installing a smart thermostat

With all of those factors considered, if you think a smart thermostat is right for your apartment, there is no reason not to make your purchase and install it right away.

The first thing you will want to do is to compare some of the top smart thermostats on the market right now. It is a relatively new device, but a lot of tech and home innovation companies out there are producing them. Look for a modern, reliable model from a brand you trust.

Make sure that the particular smart thermostat model you are interested will be compatible with the systems in your apartment, and with your smart device – some models are designed to be used with an iPhone system and not an Android, or vice versa. If you have voice controlled software in your apartment, make sure that the thermostat will be compatible with that, too.

We recommend hiring an HVAC professional to install your smart thermostat. Sometimes installation is easy, but it can be really tricky depending on your heating and air conditioning systems. Bringing in professional help takes the headache out of getting your new smart thermostat up and running.

Once your smart thermostat is installed, you should be good to go! Test out its functions by adjusting the heat or air conditioning by 5 degrees to make sure that the system is performing right.


There are so many advantages to using a smart thermostat in your home, there are really very few reasons not to install one. They can save you tons of energy and money, make your home more secure, and allow you to adjust the temperature while you are out.

If you think a smart thermostat is right for your apartment, we encourage you to find the right model for you and install it right away.